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This is a overview of the upgrades you can buy for the Paladin in Blacklist. You need to complete all of these to earn the C&C Optimized Achievement / Trophy. There are a total of 20 points worth of upgrades and you need to purchase the previous levels in order to see what you are going for next. These provide bonuses in the form of faster regen or new weapons or better radar. Each level 1 upgrade is worth 1 point and each level 2 upgrade is worth 2 points. There are a total of 13 upgrades.

The Holding Cell is unlocked after completing the first mission (Safehouse). The Holding Cell upgrades are what the game means when it tells you, you need to find an arms dealer.

You need a total of $1,378,000 to complete the Paladin. Fully upgrading the Paladin is the FIRST thing you should do in Blacklist. The multiplier you get will make money next to worthless since you will be earning an easy 400k+ per mission.

C&C Optimized – 20gs – Paladin fully upgraded

CockpitUnlock A Radar Shown In The HUD11000
CockpitExtend Radar Range & Show Facing Directions2130000
Charlie's WorkshopUnlock Prototype SMG & Shotgun for Purchase1144000
Charlie's WorkshopUnlock Prototype Pistol, Assault & Sniper Rifles for Purchase2180000
Command & ControlReveal Dead Drop Locations in the HUD190000
Command & ControlReveal all Secondary Objectives From Further Away2150000
InfirmaryFaster Regeneration in SP & Coop1120000
InfirmaryEven Faster Regeneration In SP & Coop2140000
Crew QuartersUnlock a Custom Loadout Slot for SP & Coop184000
Crew QuartersUnlock Another Custom Loadout Slot fo SP & Coop2114000
Holding Cell (Unlocks after Safehouse)Unlock 7 Black Market Weapons For Purchase160000
Holding Cell (Unlocks after Safehouse)Unlock 7 More Black Market Weapons for Purchase296000
Cargo BayCustomize Gear in the Field (Except in Perfectionist)178000

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