Titanfall Daily Challenges

With the addition of title update 5 Titanfall has added 3 new daily challenges to give XP, Black Market currency and possibly some burn cards. You can have up to 9 active at any time. We will try to keep this list updated so that you can look for things you might want to jump in and work on. The game will only give you new challenges if you have space for them. Meaning if you start a day with 8 challenges, you will only get 1 new one when you log in.

Grunt Killer – RE-45 Autopistol – Kill 15 Grunts

, Burn Card: Amped RE-45
Assassin – Spitfire LMG – Kill 20 enemies with the Spitfire LMG

, Burn Card: Amped LMG
Takin’ You With Me – Kill an enemy Titan while you’re in doomed state 2 times

Guilt Trip – Kill 4 Marvins

, Burn Card: Double Agent
Pilot Killer – XO-16 Chaingun – Kill 10 Pilots with the XO-16 Chaingun

, Burn Card: Most Wanted List
Pilot Killer – Satchel Charge – Kill 5 Pilots with Satchel Charges

, Burn Card: Surplus Charges
Standing Tall – Win 2 matches of Last Titan Standing

, Burn Cards: Fast Learner & Rematch
Marksman – XO-16 Chaingun – Get 15 critical hits with the XO-16 Chaingun

Drop A Titan On It – Get 3 kills by dropping your titan on the enemy

Play To Win – Win 2 matches

Assassin – Plasma Railgun – Kill 30 enemies with the Plasma Railgun

Serial Killer – Get a killing spree 2 times

Make It Rain – Drop in a Titan 5 times

, Burn Card: Pull Rank
Oops, My Bad – Run over 10 enemies with your Titan

, Burn Card: Fast Learner
Pilot Killer: Smart Pistol MK5

, Burn Card: Amped Smart Pistol
Denied – Kill 2 evacuation Pilots during the epilogue

Rocket Salvo – Kill 5 Titans with the Rocket Salvo

, Burn Card: Titan Salvage
Grunt Killer: B3 Wingman – Kill 10 Grunts with the B3 Wingman

, Burn Card: Amped Wingman

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