Simpsons Tapped Out: Level 33 Guide: General Info

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We have a separate post for the main lvl 33 walkthrough as it is so long: CLICK HERE

The Sunsphere – 750,000c, Req: Lvl 5, Complete the “myPad” quest; Improves Vanity, 3 day build, 6×6 base, +7500xp
New Jobs:
Nelson, Bart, Martin, Milhouse: Celebrate the ‘WOD FIR’ – 16h, 500c, 125xp

Springfield Wax Museum – 276000c, Req: Lvl 33; 10×7 base, +30000xp
Job: Listening to Pins Drop – 12h, 200c, 20xp
NO Quests, NO Animation, NO Character Jobs = BORING

Little Lady Justice – 75d, 7.75% bonus
K9 Officer – 45d, Tap the doggy to make him bark
S.W.A.T. Van – lvl 33, Lou & Eddie, 225,000c, instant, 3×4 base

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