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Lake Kingdom
Location: Lake Kingdom Main Missions
1 – Broodals Over the Lake

Needed: Nothing
Go straight from the start over the water to the bounce flower. Possess the Zipper to open the drop to the new area. Swim through, taking a left at the fork, and get to the main water area. Possess a Cheep Cheep (fish) and take to the top window of the underwater palace. Head around the back of the central elevator and ground pound the P Switch to open the elevator. Swim up to the top and follow the path to the Broodals.

Location: Odyssey
6 – On The Lakeshore
13 – Taking Notes: Dive and Swim
27 – Found with Lake Kingdom Art
8 – Treasure in the Spiky Waterway

Needed: Complete Broodals Over the Lake
Right to the left on the beach is a small section of sand with small shells on it that is glowing. Ground pound it for the On The Lakeshore. Then dive into the water and right in front is a large musical note. Grab it to start an easy row of smaller notes to grab. Get them all in time and you’ll get the Taking Notes: Dive and Swim Power Moon. Head up the stairs towards the Courtyard section and look at the picture. It will show a scene in Cascade Kingdom right at Waterfall Basin. Get into the Odyssey and travel to Cascade. When you get there ground pound the ground the end of the dinosaur ribs that are closest to Hint Toad and you’ll get Found with Lake Kingdom Art. Even though you got it in Cascade it counts for Lake Kingdom. Head back to Lake Kingdom and go to the zipper on top of the first temple and drop into the spikey passageway. This time go to the right to a treasure chest that contains “Treasure in the Spiky Waterway”.

Location: Underwater Entrance
3 – Cheep Cheep Crossing
10 – Lake Kingdom Timer Challenge 1
7 – From the Broken Pillar
16 – I Met a Lake Cheep Cheep!
14 – Taking Notes: In the Cliffside
12 – Moon Shards in the Lake
2 – Dorrie-Back Rider
20 – A Successful Repair Job

Needed: Complete Broodals Over the Lake
As you exit from the Spikey Passageway into the Underwater Entrance right above you is Cheep Cheep Crossing in the middle top row of six recessed areas. From there head to the surface to do Lake Kingdom Timer Challenge 1. This challenge is simply getting to the third section and ground pounding your way to the water floor for the Power Moon. Next up on the left side of the actual Plaza complex area is a standing up broken pillar. Ground Pound the top to reveal From the Broken Pillar. Next capture a Cheep Cheep and take it to the surface. There is a small donut shaped island with a native. Jump the Cheep Cheep into the middle of the island to get I Met a Lake Cheep Cheep!. Now use the bounce flower right near here to get to the pipe. Once inside use the moving platform to get all the notes to get Taking Notes: In the Cliffside. Now we need to collect 5 shards. From where you are drop into the side building as there is a shard on the roof. #2 is down by the Broken Pillar in a stone box. #3 is right by the entrance from the spiky passageway. #4 is tucked into the rock right under the boss platform. And finally #5 is behind some boxes in the north wall. That nets you Moon Shards in the Lake. Now an easy one, just grap the Power Moon on the back of Dorrie who is swimming around the water for Dorrie-Back Rider. And the last one is inside the door where we got the first shard. The small building in the air pocket on the South side. You need to capture the block and go Down, Right, Right, Up, Right, Down, Left, Left, Left, Up, Right, Up. A Successful Repair Job.

Location: Water Plaza Entrance / Water Plaza Display Window
18 – Let’s Go Swimming, Captain Toad!
17 – Our Secret Little Room
21 – I Feel Underdressed
19 – Shopping in Lake Lamode
23 – Super-Secret Zipper
22 – Unzip the Chasm
5 – What’s in the Box?
25 – Jump, Grab, and Climb Some More
24 – Jump, Grab, Cling, and Climb
9 – Lake Gardening: Spiky Passage Seed

Needed: Complete Broodals Over the Lake
First off we need to start way back in the Spiky Passageway. There is a nut at the bottom right where you start. You need to grab this and take it all the way to Water Plaza at the ground floor. On the left is a planter. Put the seed in and then go about the rest of your business as it take a while to grow. Capture a Cheep Cheep and flop him into the bottom level of the Water Plaza and into the water with the coins all around it. Dive down about a 1000 miles and you’ll run into good old Captain Toad. Let’s Go Swimming, Captain Toad! There a series of open space in the back wall of the ground floor. Head into the one to the right of the one with the ? Switch and just take a left at the back into a secret room. Talk to the person there to get Our Secret Little Room. Now head to the second floor market and buy both pieces of the local currency costume and put them on (Swim Goggles & Swimwear – Total 15 Coins). Then head to the opposite side of the floor and talk to the person there so they open the door. Head into the room and throw Cappy at the mannequin by HOLDING Y so it stays there. Out will pop I Feel Underdressed. Head back to the store and buy the Power Moon from the standard coin merchant for 100 coins. Shopping in Lake Lamode. Head back out into the water from this side and there is a zipper on the North wall. Unzip and enter the room. Work the room until you get to unzipping the giant T. Head to the top of the unzipped T and throw Cappy to reveal a hidden path. Follow that until you get to Super-Secret Zipper. Now finish up the room to get Unzip the Chasm. Now head to the top of Water Plaza. Hit the P Switch to drop the columns and jump over and destroy the boxes. Go get the What’s in the Box? Power Moon where it lands. Drop down a level to the next bounce flower and use that to reach the high door. Work this room until you get to the section where the whole wall rises. Get off the wall and then wait for it to go back down, then get on the top of the wall and ride it up to a bounce flower. Use that to get to the chest to get Jump, Grab, and Climb Some More. Then finish the area for Jump, Grab, Cling, and Climb. Now head all the way back to the ground floor plant to get Lake Gardening: Spiky Passage Seed Power Stone.

Location: Courtyard
15 – Lake Fishing
4 – End of the Hidden Passage

Needed: Complete Broodals Over the Lake
Capture Lakitu and put the line down near the larger of the fish outlines. Let the big fish bump into the line and then raise the line for Lake Fishing Power Moon. Then use the jump flower to reach the side area and zipper the wall down. Grab all the coins as you run down and head into the closed area to get the End of the Hidden Passage.

Location: Water Plaza Terrace
11 – Lake Kingdom Timer Challenge 2

Needed: Complete Broodals Over the Lake
Up on the platform where you fought the Broodals in Lake Kingdom is another Timer Challenge. This one is based on backwards jumping.


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