Splinter Cell: Blacklist – Tactical Style Guide (Ghost, Panther, Assault)

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This is a sortable, searchable table that shows you the number of collectibles and the number of points you need to master each style in every mission of Splinter Cell: Blacklist. Note that the Mastery will reset each time you play a mission. Meaning if I was Master Ghost and replayed to get Master Panther my Ghost would clear and Panther would take its place. So make sure to get all 7 in a row if you are going to the achievements and then switch to the next Tactical Style.

SafehouseCamp 01650050004000111
Hawkins Seafort4E Grim 0160001100NONE111
Pakistani Embassy4E Charlie 01120001100010000101
Smuggers Compound3E Briggs 01300030004000111
Insurgent StrongholdCamp 02500035002500111
Opium Farm4E Kobin 01275022003600111
Border Crosing4E Grim 0260001100NONE111
Hackers' Den4E Grim 0360001100NONE111
American ConsumptionCamp 03650040003000111
Swiss Embassy4E Charlie 02120001100010000101
Dead Coast4E Kobin 02262521003600111
Fish Market4E Kobin 03275022003600111
Blood Diamond Mine4E Kobin 04250020003500111
Egyptian Embassy4E Charlie 03120001100010000101
Russian Embassy4E Charlie 04120001100010000101

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  1. Two questions: Where’s the rest of the mission list? We’re on “Private Estate,” but that mission doesn’t seem to even be in the tactical guide at all! Also: Why can’t your points list be updated for higher difficulty levels? Is it a matter of the data simply being unavailable, or is it something technical on your webpage? Thanks!

  2. Is there somewhere I can look to see that chart but reflecting the necessary points to “master” each mission when I am playing “realistic” difficulty, because they are higher. Hopefully theres a chart somewhere!

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