Splinter Cell: Blacklist – Perfectionist, All Collectibles, No Kill Option Engaged Guide

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Here is our full walkthrough guide for Splinter Cell: Blacklist. This is a Perfectionist, No Kill Option Engaged, HVTs Secured (20 High-valued targets), Intel Acquired (24 dead drops), Data Security (23 blacklist laptops) video guide. We will also have a separate page for the rest of the achievements. Because we are going for No Kill Option Engaged this will also serve as a Tactical Style: Ghost guide.



Insurgent Stronghold


NOTE: 4E Missions do not count for No Kill Option Engaged.

Grim 01 || Hawkins Seafort

Grim 02 || Border Crossing

Kobin 01 || Dead Coast

Kobin 02 || Opium Farm

Kobin 03 || Fish Market

Kobin 04 || Blood Diamond Mine

Charlie 01 || Pakistani Embassy

NOTE: You do not need to do all 20 levels to be considered to have completed it, if you successfully extract at level 5 you can get the check offs for Undetected & No Kills. You will need to get through level 10 to get enough points for Master: Ghost though.

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  2. Hey hey. I want the achievement for not killing anyone throughout the whole campaign. I killed someone accidentally and then a cut scene prompted so I couldn’t reload my checkpoint. I replayed the mission then, and didn’t kill anyone one the second playthrough. Will I still get the achievement at the end of the game? Thanks.

    • If you do a full run of any level without killing someone it counts. It is possible to check which levels you still need by going to the scoring page for each level and press RB til you find the page telling you. It will show if you have done the level non lethal, undetected and the highest difficulty cleared.

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