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The Gone Dark missions are small side missions that take place completely in the SMI map interface. A orange icon will show up and you will have 24 hours to complete it. You start by reading a description and then from that description try to locate the next spot on the map. Continue until the last part and you will have a choice to make. Pick the correct option (which costs you money to select) and you will get an extra .5 to your modifier which is HUGE. (The modifier is applied to your earnings at the end of a mission.) After the break you can check all the Gone Dark missions we have found so far. If you know of one we missed please comment so we can add it to the list.

If you prefer we have all of these missions in HD on YouTube:

We are finally starting to repeat. There are a few we missed when the SMI was down so I will still be updating to get a complete list. If you see one that is not here COMMENT below so I am sure to see that I missed one. Thanks! (9/20/13)

Birthday Party
Black Site
Blood Coltan
Blown Cover
Border Dispute
Brain Dump
Bright Water
Catching Big Fish
Chile Gone Dark
Crude Methods
Dead Files
Double Agent
Drone Down
Eye In The Sky
False Flag
Finding Terrorists
Flip The Spy
Gun Runner
Hunting a Monster
Jam Session
JBA Terror Legacy
Malaysian Threat
Monkey Doom
No Yellowcake
Power Source
Prison Break
Sniper Hunt
Strictly Business
Sub Hack
Ticking Time Bomb
With Big Dogs


Birthday Party


Pearl Harbor, HI
Report 122
We've got a line on a former Darah Dan Doa operative who's back in his old stomping grounds, using Engineer money to put the band back together. Langley's worried he's going to try to recreate the group's most famous op, so they want us on hand, just in case.

Birthday Party: Location 2

Dili, East Timor
What do you know, the CIA was right. The DDD guys did hit the embassy again. We cleared them out, but it looks like they got away with something - a file from the ambassador's office marked ACHEEN BIN HIR. I'd ask the ambassador, but he's still in the hospital, and time's a-wasting.

Birthday Party: Location 3

Aceh, Indonesia
Bin Hir's a local terrorist strongman in Aceh, having split off from GAM a few years ago. He's got a camp southeast of Kuta Alam, and we dropped a man in as a "recruit" to monitor their commo. He says all he's picking up is chatter about a birthday party in the city of our affections. Sounds like...a party?

Birthday Party: Location 4

Manila, Philippines
"Birthday party" is standard code for an attack. Our "friend" from the Darah Dan Doa just got popped by police in Manila after a bar fight, but he's not talking, and the locals aren't taking our warnings seriously. We could grab the guy and interrogate him ourselves, or wait, and see if Bin Hir's people show themselves. What's the play?

CORRECT: Grab - $25,000 cost


Black Site


Udon Thani, Thaland
Report 18
We've got a report on a possible prisoner escape from a CIA black site in Thailand. It looks like Engineer work - half the base records now say he was never there in the first place. Guards remember him, though, and his cell has tons of graffiti about "diamond mountains" and "the rock of 10000 forms". At the time, they thought he was crazy.

Black Site: Location 2

Mt. Kumgang, North Korea
We've got confirmation our target passed through the DPRK. One of his known identities was activated, and we got a good match on facial from hacking a surveillance cam at a small airport. He boarded a plane that took off bearing 47 degrees NE, and it looked like it was fueled for a long trip.

Black Site: Location 3

Rybachiy Base, Kamchatka
Rybachiy's where the Russians test new gear on their sub fleet. Last night, our Engineer hit Ivan's boats and stole an experimental targeting system. Locals caught one of the crew last night. He's Russian, gives his name as "Ostyn", and won't say anything else.

Black Site: Location 4

Moscow, Russia
Ostyn' is Moscow street slang. We can't find our target in the city but we've spotted the FSB operatives hunting him. The question is, do we get out of their way, or do we follow them to the target and step in at the last minute? Could be risky, but the payoff would be big.

CORRECT: Intercept - $15,000 cost


Blood Coltan


Anchorage, AK
Report 26
Some experimental upgrades to the SMI crashed out on us. Turns out the reason wasn't the design. It was the composition. Components were made with deliberately contaminated coltan. And if our supply chain's being hit, other key ones are being hit, too.

Blood Coltan: Location 2

Murrua, Mozambique
Somebody got cute with their sourcing. We're not supposed to be using unsourced coltan, but this came from unlicensed sites in Mozambique. We've also confirmed contamination at 4 other sites, all of which show up in the mining company's records as being "on the fruit supply chain". Coltan's not fruit, so what this means is beyond me.

Blood Coltan: Location 3

Port Banana, DRC
The export chain runs cross-country to a place called Port Banana, where the controller for the port's been suborned, probably by Engineers. Charlie says his email's full of pics of his kid holding the day's newspaper, so it's a hostage situation. Looks like the paper's not in English though - it's all a variant of Creole.

Blood Coltan: Location 4

St. Denis, Reunion
SMI had enough to chew on with the background images in those shots that we could identify where they were taken. We set up the UAV to observe and sure enough, we got the kidnappers and the kid. The boy's fine but the kidnappers aren't talking. Their cell phone are, though - lost of checking the price of one item on the NGM.

Blood Coltan: Location 5

Stockholm, Sweden
It looks like the Engineers were trying to force-crash the stock of a Swedish tech firm in order to scoop it up and use their technologies. That gives us some interesting options, like letting them do it so we can drop tracers into their tech, or just scooping up the Engineer-affiliated investors to get some of the hostile money offline.

CORRECT: Bug - $22,500 cost


Blown Cover


Lagos, Nigeria
Report 24
We've got an SOS from one of our people on the ground on Lagos. He says he's been ID'ed and he needs to run to the triangular city where he's got cover. He's been posing as a Sudanese telecom broker, so how his cover got blown we don't know.

Blown Cover: Location 2

Khartoum, Sudan
We set a rendezvous with our guy in Khartown, but we're not the only ones. He'd been tailed from Lagos, and when we tried to make the pickup they opened fire. We got our guy out and dropped most of the hostiles. Charlie ran the serial numbers on their guns and found they were African Union pieces that went missing in action in March, 2008.

Blown Cover: Location 3

Anjouan, Comoros
Those weapons were "lost" on a support op in Comoros and sold to a merc group based in the islands. Cross-referencing the casualties in Khartown with their known associates back home, the SMI flagged a few names. Most of them just left the country on what they told their wives was the "Pula" tour. But they took their guns.

Blown Cover: Location 4

Gaborone, Botsawana
The Comorians showed up in Botsawana and tried to instigate a coup. They're buying manpower, it looks like, or this thing would have been over already. So they're getting bankrolled, and according to one call we intercepted, they're trading "barking deer" for guns.

Blown Cover: Location 5

Shah Alam, Malaysia
"Barking Deer" is the animal on the Malaysian bullion coin. The Engineers are funneling gold through an expat financier named Giroux to the mercs. If we cut that connection, the fighting in Botswana dries up and civilians stop getting shot. If we leave the pipeline in place and tap their comms, we can get a line on the other ops the gold might be backrolling.

CORRECT: Stop - $15,000 cost


Border Dispute


Moscow, Russia
Report 27
Moscow Station says that one of our people got caught in the middle when there was a flare-up over some disputed territory between the Kyrgyz and the Tajiks. She was apparently following a lead on a terrorist training camp and got a bad case of wrong place, wrong time.

Border Dispute: Location 2

Isfara Valley, Tajikistan
Our agent was definitely onto something. There's a training site in the Isfara, burned out and probably scrubbed by the Engineers. No sign of our operative, but we've been able to use the SMI to pull data off a few hard drives they didn't completely melt. The rally point's reading as Tseilnograd, so we're dealing with an old Soviet.

Border Dispute: Location 3

Astana, Kazakhstan
They're in Kazakhstan and they have our operative with them. Tangos though she was CIA, so Langely got an offer to trade her for some Stingers. We're picking that up, and we're rigging the Stingers, but the handoff's still going to happen at Bin Qasim.

Border Dispute: Location 4

Karachi, Pakistan
We got our agent back, and she claims she overheard intel about an attack on inbound American air traffic, it could be chicken feed - but if it's real, that could torpedo US-Pakistani relations. So we can self-destruct the Stingers now and probably take out civilians, or we could time it to the attack, and make sure we nailed only targets.

CORRECT: Act Precisely - $20,000 cost


Brain Drain


Minneapolis, MN
Report 20
We've got a Twin Cities fire that's a little too interesting for my liking. The owner, Leo Dundas was one of the SMI's architects, and he was home when the house went up. They IDed the corpse. That would be that, except someone logged in to one of Dundas' accounts from a network called Tenochtitlan - two days after he supposedly died.

Brain Drain - Location 2

Mexico City, Mexico
It's looking like Dundas was kidnapped, not killed. I'm guessing the Engineers want to interrogate him to learn about the SMI architecture. We put a team on the ground to scour the area around that login, and we found a USB key. Charlie plugged it it, and the SMI suddenly starting spouting Easter eggs that say INVITE TO PTY PARTY.

Brain Drain - Location 3

Panama City, Panama
I had the SMI pull the surveillance footage from Tocumen International. No visuals on Dundas, but audio, that's a different story. He's leaving a trail for us to follow. Unfortunately, all we can reliably confirm he's saying is "Que a la tumba seras de los libres", then someone kicks the crate he's being carried in and we lose sound.

Brain Drain - Location 4

Santiago, Chile
If I didn't know better, I'd swear Dundas was having fun with this. The national anthem of Chile? Really? In any case, we picked up the tag on the crate at air cargo, and were able to follow it to the Venezuelan embassy. By the tie we got floor plans, he'd shipped out again - a diplomatic flight back "home".

Brain Drain - Location 5

Caracas, Venezuela
The Engineers have friends in Venezuela, which is where they want to do their in-depth interrogation. We beat the plane carrying Dundas to Caracas, but any kind of op here would be tricky. We can hit the convoy carrying him from the airport, but that's risky as hell. Or we could just take the plane out and make sure no one learns what Dundas knows....

CORRECT: Eliminate - $30,000 cost


Bright Water


Monrovia, Liberia
Report 28
Washington wants us to look at an insurance claim. Before you say anything, there's a good reason - it's for a missing cargo container on a ship bound for the biggest port on the West Coast, where it sat, we're picking up trace radiation. But the captain swears they never stopped and were never boarded.

Bright Water - Location 2

Vancouver, BC
Here's the deal: Somebody hacked into the cargo structuring software and put the missing container in an unbalanced position. Easy to knock overboard whenever they wanted to. Now, the captain did say they got a love tap from a fishing trawler called the Diablo Rojo as it came up the coast. Think there's something there?

Bright Water - Location 3

Baja California, Mexico
Diablo Rojo's what Mexican fisherman call Humboldt squid. That says our container got knocked off in Mexican waters, which jibes with the fact that Diablo Rojo was seen leading a salvage ship earlier in the week. But whatever the salvage ship brought up, it was transferred to another ship and, according to radiation sensors, sent due west.

Bright Water - Location 4

Port of Yokohama, Japan
There's only one ship that matches the plotted course for the vessel that picked up the radioactive container, and it's headed to Yokohama. Thing is, it looks like its loading software's been hacked, too. do we let it dock, then seize the cargo, or stop it dead in the water and let the seizure happen away from port?

CORRECT: Seize - $27,500 cost


Catching Big Fish


Ft. Benning, GA
Report 5
The SMI pulled a picture off the web that's a good match for a missing former 3rd Echelon agent. The picture shows him cage-diving with a great white shark, and the captain reads "Hai!" The agent's name is Timothy Gose. He was one of Tom Reed's people, working Southeast Asia. I don't think we want him running around loose.

Catching Big Fish: Location 2

Cape Town, South Africa
Gose got word we were coming and ran. Someone's feeding him intel, which means he's part of something bigger. The good news is, one of his old passports got a hit last night; the bad news is that someone scrubbed the hit from the system before we could get a complete record. Al we have are three letters: YXY.

Catching Big Fish: Location 3

Whitehorse, Yukon
Whitehorse was almost wild goose chase. SMI used the RFID tracker in the passport to hunt it down, but the guy holding it was a drug mule. Said his boss bought it from a guy matching Gose's description in Cape Town, but that the guy insisted on being paid cash in BND. Got any idea what that is?

Catching Big Fish: Location 4

Begawan, Brunei
Surveillance cams in Bandar Seri picked up Gose with a couple of unknowns. SMI turned the unknowns in knowns - they're ex-UTO. Gose must have been working for them, maybe trading them intel for cash and protection. Now that we're on his tail, he's running to them for cover. This could be a chance to smoke him out.

Catching Big Fish: Location 5

Dushanbe, Tajikistan
State Department just passed along word that Gose is applying for asylum in Tajikistan. He's holed up in a SCNS building under heavy guard. We're got two plays here: go in and dig him out, or pass along an ofer that beats the Tajiks'. One risks a bloodbath, the other risks losing him. What's the plan?

CORRECT: Bribe - $10,000 cost


Chile Gone Dark

This mission was renamed: Flip The Spy. Please go to the new descriptions.


Crude Methods


Athabasca, AB
Report 10
Sam, we're picking up all kinds of chatter about some kind of oil based Engineer op. That might jibe with "American Fuel", so we're keeping a close eye on it. One of the things the SMI is red-flagging is an SOS call from the crew of an oil tanker at 69 W, 12 N. The tanker's unlicensed and the call just cut off.

Crude Methods: Location 2

Willemstad, Curacao
The tanker was found adrift off Curacao with full tanks. The oil they were holding had nitrogen and asphaltene levels consistent with shale oil not liquid crude. What's more interesting is where it came from. This ship's a ghost, but someone paid for and loaded it, and we need the who and the why.

Crude Methods: Location 3

Irati, Brazil
Charlie fed the SMI refinery records, and it pinpointed the dispatcher most likely behind the oil smuggling. Went on site and talked to him for 5 minutes and he spilled his guts, but nothing he said was useful. But I grabbed his phone, and that's a little more useful. Half the calls went to numbers labeled "Vizcatan", and the SMI can work with that.

Crude Methods: Location 4

Ayacucgo, Peru
Those burner phones are the gift that keeps on giving. The guy who sold the entire shipment to a runner for a paramilitary group? His boss, Victor Betancourt, want to destabilize Peru, and messing with the oil industry's step one. The question is - now that we know it's not Engineer-related do we let him do it? Or do we take him out?

CORRECT: Stop Him - $15,000 cost


Dead Files


Report 12
Sam, I've been going through the surviving files from the rollback on 3rd Echelon, and I think I've located where Tom Reed was keeping his backup files. He called them "Project Hamilton", and was keeping them in an offshore bank. I think we need to make this a priority.

Dead Files: Location 2

Hamilton, Bermuda
Someone beat us to the files. Reed was keeping them in a safe deposit box, and the bank manager was nice enough to let me take a look. No prints there, but there was one weird thing - traces of dwarf bearclaw poppy pollen. At least, that's what the SMI tells me it was.

Dead Files: Location 3

The poppy's only native to a small corner of Utah. You know what else is out there? A militia compound. We sent in a squad to search the place for files, but they're been moved off-site. What they did find was that the compound's run by one of Reed's old operatives, and he's headed to a meeting with a guy named "Felix Arellano" on his own turf.

Dead Files: Location 4

Tijuana, Mexico
Arellano Felix is a cartel, not a dude, and they were supposed to trade drugs for the guns Reed's guy was bringing. We put a UAV over the meeting and what do you know, they double crossed him. Now Reed's guy is, and I quote here, "off to sup Caipirinhas with the boss on Sugarloaf" to get him to turn over the intel.

Dead Files: Location 5

Rio De Janeiro, Brazil
We found the cartel operatives in Rio delivering their package to a mid-level Megiddo player. His place is shielded, but we got enough COMINT to know he's going to torture the location of Reed's files out of the guy. Now, we can plant a bug inside the house, let him cough up the intel, and grab it ourselves, or we can pull an extraction and avoid the risk of Megiddo ever getting it. What's the play?

CORRECT: Extract - $30,000 cost


Double Agent


Sydney Austraulia

CORRECT: Let Him Dangle - $xx,000 cost


Drone Down


Winnipeg, Manitoba
Report 29
I was monitoring telemetry on an experimental Arctic UAV flight and, to make a long story short, it went down around 75 North, 99 West. Ordinarily, no big deal to get it, but there's been sightings of a Russian sub poking into the Northwest Passages, so maybe we'd better get up there just in case.

Drone Down: Location 2

Bathurst Island, Nunavut
The sub ran when we got close, but there's something weird in the flight recorder on the downed drone. It got taken down by an outside signal, relayed by the sub and broadcasting at 19.1 kHz.

Drone Down: Location 3

Murmansk, Russia
UAV observation on the Murmansk site shows its been built up significantly from just a transmitter. It's also getting some interesting visitors, including a guy we ID'ed as ex-Mahdi Army.

Drone Down: Location 4

Maysan Providence, Iraq
We've got a good map of the Russians' consultant's movements over the last three years, including six months training in Iran right after they brought a US drone down. And before that he ran with SADR's government in exile, though what he was doing for them we don't know.

Drone Down: Location 5

Tindouf, Algeria
HUMINT says our guy was hand-picked and pulled out of SADR by the Engineers, which tells you what a long game they're running. It also means we gain by taking him off the board. We can try to lure him back here with a fake message from his family, or we can see if there's a way to extract him from the Russians. What's the plan?

CORRECT: Lure - $15,000 cost


Eye In The Sky


Madrid, Spain
Report 23
For some reason, Cheyenne Mountain's very interested in a new mapping satelite the Russians are launching next week. They want a closer look at what it really does, not what the Russians are claiming, and they want that look before launch.

Eye In The Sky - Location 2

Baikonur Cosmodrome
I don't know how Briggs got this close to the bird, but I'm glad he did. Never mind the satellite, there's a piggyback component someone added that looks distinctly uncool. I don't know what it does yet, but someone marked it with the legend KOROLEV 9. We know anybody named Korolev?

Eye In The Sky - Location 3

Korolyov Naukograd
Korolev means Korolyov Naukograd, which means VORON. SMI intercepts coming out of there suggest the additional board on the satellite's for piggybacking on the signal from the commo birds. SMI analysis of the specs they translated indicate some similarities to the Agila-2 but I don't know if that's actionable.

Eye In The Sky - Location 4

Makati City, Philippines
The lead designer on the Agila-2 bird disappeared 14 months ago. What are the odds VORON picked him up and put him to work? Thing is, his wife disappeared right after. SMI analysis on her financials says she got wire transfers originiating in Moscow just before hubby went away, then made some noise about opening a "peurta cerrada" and vanished.

Eye In The Sky - Location 5

Cordoba, Argentina
No luck finding the wife until I had the SMI scan foodie sites. Briggs tossed her house while she was at work. Didn't find any of her ex's papers, but that's cause she packed them up to be sold at auction. NK, the Russians - all sorts of people are in; auctioneer's a guy named Albury who specializes in handling the shady clients at tax havens outside of Europe.

Eye In The Sky - Location 6

Abaco, Bahamas
The auctions going down in the Bahamas. Caldwell would probably scream if we bought our way in, but this guy's notes are definitely not for sharing. The alternative is crashing the auction the hard way. Albury's going to have to have the material on site, and that gives us an opportunity.

CORRECT: Steal - $20,000 cost


False Flag


Phoenix, AZ
Report 21
The SMI has identified a likely target for Engineer recruitment. His name is Yonatan Cruz, and he's wanted for attempting to blow up the Fortaleza dal Cerro. We're going to take him off the board and replace him with one of our people.

False Flag - Location 2

Montevideo, Uruguay
So far, so good. The Engineers have contacted our fake Cruz, and they want a demonstration of good faith: They picked a target and he has to hit it. Target is a world heritage site on the equator. More than that, we don't know yet.

False Flag - Location 3

Quito, Ecuador
We helped our double agent fake a terrorist attack with help from the locals. No casualties, and the SMI got a facial match on the observer the Engineers sent. We tailed him, and Charlie dropped a keystroke sniffer into the network at his hotel. Now we've got his password, which is ESMERALDA. Could be a wife or daughter, could be something else.

False Flag - Location 4

Minas Gerais, Brazil
The Engineer observer gave us the slip in Quito, but thanks to his password, we picked him back up in Brazil. He's been in regular email communication with some named BELONGER, and he's been sending large packets of images - images of the "attack" our agent masterminded.

False Flag - Location 5

Cockburn, Turks & Caicos
The observer's setting our double agent up. Those emails are going to a journalist, and they're material for an expose on an American spy agency blowing things up in South America. Now, the article hasn't been posted yet. We can take down the publisher and spike the story, or hack her laptop and hope she didn't do backups.

CORRECT: Spike - $17,500 cost


Finding Terrorists


Regina, SK
Report 9
You're gonna love this one, Sam. Some kids were out looking for Bigfoot up on the Olympic Peninsula. They didn't find him, big surprise, but they did find what looks like a cache of nerve gas buried in the woods. Looks like someone was planning on hitting the nearest big metro area.

Finding Terrorists - Location 2

Seattle, WA
The SMI sorted through thirty thousand hours of surveillance footage of Seattle mass transit and pulled suspicious rider patterns from all that. One of the possibilities is a 72% likely facial match with a former MI6 asset gone rogue, a guy named Gerry Sittler. We tapped his phone, but we're still translating the calls - they were all in Foroyskt.

Finding Terrorists - Location 3

Faroe Islands
It was clever of Sittler's handler to operate in a microregional language like that, but the SMI translation facilities got us a decent picture of what's going down. She's running Sittler through walkthroughs for scouting purposes. The next one's code named "skansi sotur," and that looks like the last.

Finding Terrorists - Location 4

Dulce AFB, New Mexico
The translation's a mess, but we've got Sittler confirmed on a tour of the government bunker site underneath Archuleta Mesa in New Mexico. He' easy pickings once he shows, and we've got a team waiting outside the entrance. Do we want to pull him in before he takes the tour or after, to see what he's interested in?

CORRECT: After - $12,000 cost


Flip The Spy

NOTE: This mission was renamed from Chile Gone Dark.

Santiago, Chile
Report 102
A VORON agent in Chile reached out to one of our people, offering to defect and provide intel on VORON operations in South America. SMI gives this a high probability of being on the level. Apparently our walk-in ways he wants to retire and worship the Great Penguin in peace. He...may be a little burned out.

Flip The Spy - Location 2

Parrwater, Alberta
Bad news, Sam. Our man's transponder went offline during the meet with the VORON agent. Police found no sign of our guy and a dead Russian. Forensics did find one interesting thing - the dead man's pants had traces of a mineral called Kostylevite on them.

Flip The Spy - Location 3

Kola Penninsula, Russia
Got some sat pix of the region that kostywhatever is from. Looks like there's a shiny new VORON op center there. I tapped their comms and guess what? They're talking about a high-value prisoner getting moved to a site called NERPA. What the hell's a nerpa?

Flip The Spy - Location 4

Lake Baikal, Russia
Nerpa's the local name for the Lake Baikal seal, so that's where we're looking. We've got a hot candidate here, on the east shore, and the SMI's picking up signal from an OPSAT inside. If you think it's legal, we can go in and extract him, but if this goes bad, we're front page news. Want to risk it?

CORRECT: Hold Off - $30,000 cost


Gun Runner


Karagandy, Kazakhstan
Report 25
So the DoD's been shifting some experimental gear into the field through Turkmenistan, bundled in normal resupply. Some of those packages are going missing en route, but we caught a break - weapon serial numbers matched some of guns taken off dead hostiles near the Durand Line.

Gun Runner: Location 2

Kandahar, Afghanistan
There's so much intel coming out of Kandahar right now I think the SMI just had kittens. We found our guys who moved the stolen gear to Talibans. Briggs hit their office and scanned their records for me, but it's all in weird code. Get this - they say the rest went to the "land of transhumance".

Gun Runner: Location 3

Azawa, Mail
We just walked into a three-sided civil war. The ones who made the buy in Kandahar are dead, and their gear's been lifted. There's been some radio chatter a bout the gear going to the strip in Sope. If that's an airfield, thought, it's a new one to me, and the odds of us getting the gear back are shrinking.

Gun Runner: Location 4

Caprivi Strip, Namibia
Ansar Dine's apparently doing business with a resurgent Caprivi secessionist group, mainly moving guns. They can't reverse engineer the stolen gear themselves, but they can sell it to people who can. We tailed a buyer from Mali back to Namibia and he led us right to the stash, but now comes the tricky part: go in and get the gear, or take out the building it's in and bury it for good?

CORRECT: Retrieve - $15,000 cost


Hunting A Monster


Columbia, MO
Report 8
The manufacturing plant responsible for one of the key OPSAT components burned to the ground last night. It's clearly arson, and probably an inside job. We're running down all possible leads, including this one: a shell company called Vasa Partners Ltd bought into the place two days before the fire, then went out of business. Sounds suspicious to me.

Hunting A Monster: Location 2

Stockholm, Sweden
Vasa was just a shell, but looking up the principals in the company on the SMI gave us something interesting. One's a known terror financier named Arne Sjoberg. He's got about nine homes, but we may have caught a break. A guest at one of his recent parties posted a video, and you can see a montea band playing in the background.

Hunting A Monster: Location 3

I went to Sjoberg's place to put a tap on his comms, and Charlie says we hit the jackpot. Sjoberg's in tough with a suspected Engineer fixer code-named Maria-da-Manta. Sound likes she's about to pull something big, and she was hitting up Sjoberg for operation funds. Sjoberg said the money was coming, but she's moving now.

Hunting A Monster: Location 4

Lisbon, Portugal
Facial recognition on the SMI picked Maria-da-Manta out of the crowd at the US Embassy. She was clearly casing it. We put a tail on her and traced her back to a house north of the city. we can send someone in after her now, or we can wait until that fund transfer comes through, and then hopefully follow the money trail back to the people funding the Engineers. Do we go in?

CORRECT: Watch - $10,000 cost


Jam Session


Seoul, South Korea
Report 11
We got some interesting data off today's North Korean missile test. Right when it passed over the largest population center in Japan, the telemetry started acting odd. It could be coincidence, or it could be something.

Jam Session: Location 2

Tokyo, Japan
There's a lot of electronic chaff over Toyko, but signal analysis spit out something interesting. There's an anomalous broadcast pattern here, right when the missile went over, and we've seen that before. It matches some of our high-altitude atmospheric research projects, specifically one in the northern Pacific.

Jam Session: Location 3

Gakona, AK
Near as I can tell, all they're doing here is frying the Northern Lights. What's funky is the personnel records - there's a guy listed here on a research exchange from the IRGM who disappeared two weeks before the NK thing went down, and took a pile of notes with him. Maybe he got eaten by a polar bear?

Jam Session: Location 4

Yaounde, Cameroon
The guy who vanished from HAARP? An imposter. The real guy's still here at the Institute for Geological & Mining Research. He never went to Alaska. So we've got a phony with possible anti-missile tech. And the SMI's giving us new reports of similar flight telemetry disruptions on trans-polar flight traffic. Looks like they went as far north as they could.

Jam Session: Location 5

Longyearbyen, Norway
We've got a line on the thief. He's got the gear with him and he's setting up an auction, taking down an airliner as a demonstration of what it can do. We can disrupt the auction and bag some buyers - terror groups and rouge state reps - or we can try to build another kit and jam the transmisssion to discredit the guy. It's risky, but...

CORRECT: Raid - $20,000 cost


JBA Terror Legacy


Leavenworth, Kansas
Report 3
Terry Lee, a member of the domestic terror group John Brown's Army, went missing from Leavenworth Prison. His last known address was a militia encampment called Big Sky Freehold but that was years ago.

JBA Terror Legacy: Location 2

Kalispell, MT
We parked a drone over the compound and spotted Lee picking up a package. He also made a phone call to an international number, most likely in Africa. A partial intercept of the call included the word "Mirabel".That mean anything to you?

JBA Terror Legacy: Location 3

Mirabel Airport, Montreal
Our people grabbed Lee outside Mirabel airport with a canister marked "red mercury". He admitted he was trying to sell it to an old JBA contact flying in from the Congo, part of a terror group called teh Takfiri Mafia. He said they were desperate to get their hands on the stuff.

JBA Terror Legacy: Location 4

Kinshasa, DRC
We've confirmed a plane owned by the head of the Takfiri Mafia terror group was supposed to fly from Kinshasa to Montreal, but was grounded by mechanical problems. Grim wants to send Lee to Kinshasa as bait, but that risks losing the red mercury. What's your call, Sam?

CORRECT: Trap - $15,000 cost


Malaysian Threat


St. Louis, MO
Report 101
Someone's calling the US Embassy in Malaysia and threatening the ambassador's family, particularly his son. The kid's a security risk - likes to part with the local oil elite - but he hasn't done anything to attract this kind of attention.

Malaysian Threat: Location 2

Begawan, Brunei
Get this - I'm inside casino security in Brunei and the ambassador's son is, like, all over this footage. Losing lots of money, too. SMI took a look at his bank and phone records, too - he made a lot of calls starting with 00617.

Malaysian Threat: Location 3

Papeete, Tahiti
We've got a possible lead on those phone numbers. They're all to phones with links to a nightclub in the Fortitude Valley district call "Level 7". The club's owned by a local gangster known as Krait, and if you go in the employee's only area, there's all sorts of stuff about new club, called "Pele".

Malaysian Threat: Location 4

Hilo, HI
Got a late-night look inside Pele - it's in Hilo, and it's named after the local volcano goddess. It'll be nice when it opens, especially with all the off-the-blueprint gun lockers I spotted in the basement. Construction's by a company call City of Destiny - maybe they know more.

Malaysian Threat: Location 5

Tacoma, WA
SMI's telling me that City of Destiny's the go-to builder for criminal groups in Seattle. Yakuza, Triads, and Krait. I'm looking at stills of their other projects and I'm seeing what look like weapon crates marked KL being moved into one of them. I can't read the rest of the writing - it's in Bahasa Malaysia.

Malaysian Threat: Location 6

Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia
Bugging the ambassador's son's apartment in Kuala Lumpur got us a conversation with Krait. Our boy's the one behind the threats, trying to get his dad to help move Krait's guns in-country from Hawaii in exchange for buying off his debts. We've got enough to hit Krait now, or we can wait for the guns and hope for no complications. What's the call?

CORRECT: Move - $25,000 cost


Monkey Doom


Doha, Qatar
Report 113
Normally this is CDC territory, but the SMI keeps saying it's important. A tourist from Topeka just dropped dead at the Pyramids from an unknown disease. Analysis says it's highly virulent and related to Marburg - and the tourist was actually working for a biotech firm. So maybe this thing could be weaponized. Which means we gotta stop it.

Monkey Doom: Location 2

Cairo, Egypt
Locals had already helped themselves to the stuff in the guy's hotel room, but I tracked his laptop down. Funny thing happens if you trace his travel itinerary - you find evidence of this new disease at every stop on the way, and you realize he's backtracking the original infection vector of Zaire Ebolavirus.

Monkey Doom: Location 3

Yambuku, DRC
Did a little recon and the locals in Yambuku remember the weird foreigners who went out into the forest with specimen jars. Everyone who went with them died. Guess how. The best part is, they split up. Our guy went to Egypt to die. The other one kept talking about "the lemur reservoir" and disappeared. And let me tell you, they're glad he's gone.

Monkey Doom: Location 4

So lemurs only live in Madagascar, right? Turn out there's a whole mess of people smuggling them off the island, and the guy from Yambuku wants in. I hacked into his cell phone and activated the mike, and that got us audio of a meet where he's talking about a pickup at "2 45 Northeast". That's some kind of weird time thing, right?

Monkey Doom: Location 5

Mogadisgu, Somalia
2 North, 45 East is the Mog. Great place to sell a bunch of plague-infested animals where no one's gonna ask questions. We have a line on the buyer, a VORON agent with ties to bioweapons programs. We can't let him take this back to Russia. If we disrupt the transfer, it could get noisy. Sabotage the plane, then no one has to know. What's your call?

CORRECT: Sabotage - $25,000 cost


No Yellowcake


Fez, Morocco
Report 19
A source in Fez just checked in with some HUMINT. He picked up some chatter from a contact about a possible illegal uranium buy from someone called "The Wizard of Nim." SMI's working on it, but if it's fissionable, we've got to be involved.

No Yellowcake: Location 2

Niamey, Niger
Looks like that intel was a feed. Our people walked right into an ambush, and the uranium went out days ago. The one thing we did get was an ear on their comms. SMI picked up the signal bouncing through relays from the west, and isolated words in Pulaar and Wolof in the background.

No Yellowcake: Location 3

Nouakchott, Mauritania
No sign of the shipment through legit channels, but a sweep of the city docks picked up trace radiation. The ship the material was loaded on set sail south on a course hugging the coast, but they tried a shortcut crossing the Cameroon line. Guess what? They got hit by pirates.

No Yellowcake: Location 4

Sad Tome
The nearest land for the pirates to put into is Cape Verde, but that freighter's too big to go unnoticed as it is. That's why they repainted it - at least the stuff above the waterline - and sent it out again in a hurry. The pirates were easy enough to find, and they rolled on their employers - The Engineers. Said they got paid in the wrong dollars when the ship sailed off west.

No Yellowcake: Location 5

Paramaribo, Suriname
Paramribo's got a port big enough to handle the freighter, so we'll set up here. The ship's crew's been swapped out for Engineer loyalists, so we can just sink the ship offshore and bury the cargo in the deep ocean. Or, we can wait until they dock and take it - and them - into custody.

CORRECT: Sink - $20,000 cost


Power Source


Chitose, Hokkaido
Report 115
I'm looking into how the Engineers got their people onto Guam, and I'm thinking shipping has the answers. The SMI's working on patterns in the freighters that hit the island, and it look like there's a red flag - over the last 4 months, 60% of ships coming through had Chi-lung-kang on their ports of call. That can't be a coincidence.

Power Source: Location 2

Keelung, Taiwan
All those ships did pass through Taipei, and all of them got crewed by the same factor. I went to talk to the guy but he'd already cut and run. Officially, he's at the home office and out of the country. Prey Nokor Shipping has a lot to answer for.

Power Source: Location 3

Ho Chi Minh City, Vietnam
The good news is, we found that shipping factor guy you were looking for. The bad news is we found him six places across HCMC. But hey, one of the pieces had his phone, and his calendar had a whole mess of calls with a guy call "Cowherd King" I think someone wanted to shut this guy up, bad, before he gave up his buddies.

Power Source: Location 4

Kathmandu, Nepal
Triangulating call locations and some legwork pinpointed our guy in Nepal. This guy's connected; he's tie into the UCPN(M), which means he might be feeding their recruits to the Engineers. The easy thing would be to just tip off the cops, but I'm thinking we can use this guy to plant someone on the inside. Someone else, anyway.

CORRECT: Infiltrate - $10,000 cost


Prison Break


Perth, Australia
Report 30
Someone just mounted a full-on assault on multiple extraordinary rendition sites around the world. It looks like attempts to rescue certain prisoners tied to the Engineers, all of whom got processed through one site in the Indian Ocean.

Prison Break: Location 2

Diego Garcia
SMI analysis of the comms records at Diego Garcia shows unauthorized short burst transmissions after the key prisoners were transferred. The encryption key on the bursts is called DODO, but even Charlie's having a hard time cracking it.

Prison Break: Location 3

Port Louis, Mauritius
Scanning the burst transmission frequency while overflying Mauritius found us the relay station. Grim hired someone to steal the station chief's car while Briggs had a look around inside. Looks like this guy was running the whole break operation, including the meet up afterward at a location listed as "darkness" in Arabic.

Prison Break: Location 4

Muscat, Oman
Muscat's where the Engineers are putting the hard sell on these guys. The operator in Mauritius doesn't know we hit him, so the meet's still on. I've got the site surrounded. I've also got a deep-cover operative prepped and ready to go as a potential recruit. How do we play it?

CORRECT: Infiltrate - $30,000 cost


Sniper Hunt


Belmopan, Belize
Report 4
We're picking up some chatter about a guy trying to buy high-end sniper rifles on the black market in Belmopan. SMI analysis on the guy shows possible Engineer connections, so we hacked his phone and got his calendar. He's gonna be meeting some guy named Sam Lord. Weird, Lord's not active on any of our databases.

Sniper Hunt: Location 2

St. Philip, Barbados
Lord's a pseudonym for a fixer who set up shop in Barbados. His business was introducing bad people to other bad people. I say "was" because he's dead - local PD found his place trashed and his body still warm. Last outgoing email on his account went to a dummy account, but it referenced a meet he'd set up for our guy on Dia de la Tradicion.

Sniper Hunt: Location 3

Buenos Aires, Aregentina
This guy's developing a pattern. Field operatives went in to plant surveillance in the Engineer's hotel room, but they got there too late. The arms dealer our Engineer was supposed to meet was dead, his phone stolen. All that we've got to go on is a broken glass with alcohol residue. The SMI and Briggs both swear it's old-style "pisco".

Sniper Hunt: Location 4

Chimbote, Peru
Our dead gunrunner owned a warehouse in Chimbote that burned to the ground last night. Traffic cam showed a loaded truck leaving the property before the fire broke out. The same truck was spotted dockside, offloading crates to a freighter headed for Newark. We can hit the ship, or we can get on board and tag what's in the crates. What's the play?

CORRECT: Track - $25,000 cost


Strictly Business


Memphis, TN
Report 16
Looks like someone just tried a massive coordinated hack on a bunch of bases up and down the East Coast. I'm tracking it back to the source, but all I've got is that it cane on the Columbus III internet trunk, and the hack didn't come from the US or Europe.

Strictly Business: Location 2

Ponta Delgada, Azores
Thanks to Charlie, we found our hackers: some teenaged kids. The Engineers suckered them into hitting the bases as a prank. I dipped into the discretionary funds and talked them into reversing the hack on their "friends". As soon as they did, we got a message from an agent on Dos Irmoas talking about a sudden blackout he thinks is a cyber-attack.

Strictly Business: Location 3

Rio De Janeiro, Brazil
Our agent-in-place just redeemed himself. As soon as the blackout hit, he observed a convoy headed to a local airport owned by organized crime figures. They took off in a private place bearing 276.7 degreees W, and she ID'd the plane as having a 1500 mile range.

Strictly Business: Location 4

Sucre, Bolivia
Looks like the Engineers are in bed with the cartels, at least a little bit. Our guy ran straight to a walled compound in Sucre and it's going to take an army to dig him out. On the other hand, we could cut a deal with his buddies. Pay them to keep him safe and sound in there, and let us tap his comms. What do you think?

CORRECT: Contain - $20,000 cost


Sub Hack


Gibraltar, Spain
Report 17
SMI pulls from USN Servers shows a series of attempts at hacking US subs, and they've been getting bolder. Projections indicate they're going to hit one of the two big sub bases on the East Coast next. We're surveilling the possible targets.

Location: Sub Hack #2

Kings Bay, GA
The attack wasn't on King's Bay, it was on subs that had been through here. I found an exploit they put into the servers, but the attack hit subs all over the North Atlantic. At least we got a source on the signal - Bergen, Alberdeen and the Faroes all show it as being pretty much equidistant.

Location: Sub Hack #3

Lerwick, Shetland Islands
Satellite image of the Shetlands with image enhancement found a bunker with an antenna off on one of the outer islands. Station personnel were gone, but he left in hurry on something called EVAC LITTLE MERMAID. I gues that means they swam away?

Location: Sub Hack #4

Copenhagen, Denmark
We've found our target. Cross-referencing passports shown at LSI with surveillance footage in Copenhagen narrowed it down to a passenger who arrived today. We can scoop him up off the street, or we can give him some rope and see what the larger game is.

CORRECT: Observe - $10,000 cost


Ticking Time Bomb


Cleveland, OH
Report 7
We've got a line on a possible new recruit to the Engineers. His name's Ciaran Maylan, an old-school IRA bombsmith with a bad temper who's still fighting his personal war. Commo intercepts suggest he's going to try to "prove" himself by taking out Aras an Uachtarian.

Ticking Time Bomb: Location 2

Dublin, Ireland
We stopped the bomb, but Moylan skipped town. If we let him run, maybe he'll lead us to the Engineers. In the meantime, analysis on the bomb components show that the timer's a special custom job, made by a place called Donegal RF Timers. Until the SMI feed us something else, this is our best lead.

Ticking Time Bomb: Location 3

Sydney, Australia
Well that is interesting. A credit card linked to one of Moylan's aliases got used at a downtown hotel. SMI got us into the hotel securiy cams, and there he was having drinks with a guy listed as an Engineer contact. The meet went bad, and now Moylan's running - he stole a car, and before he deactivated the GPS it showed him headed northwest.

Ticking Time Bomb: Location 4

Darwin, Australia
Looks like Moylan's hiding out with some IRA sympathizers until they can smuggle him back in Ireland. Nobody wants that, so we've got 2 options. Use the SMI to pinpoint his hiding spot, or spread word that we'll help him get revenge on the Engineers for turning him down if he comes in. It's risky, but the normal approaches aren't working.

CORRECT: Recruit - $20,000 cost


With Big Dogs


Las Vegas, NV
Report 6
hey, Sam - this is a weird one. The SMI is reporting crazy weird betting patterns on the big dogsled race in March. overseas money, huge bets being put down on no-hopers, stuff like that. We know some terror groups are raising cash by gambling on rigged sporting events. Maybe that's what's going on here?

With Big Dogs: Location 2

Anchorage, AK
So, I'm happy to to say the dogsled guys are all clean. Can't say the same for the locals, though. Did a walkthrough on the crowd and SMI gave me a match on one of the spectators. Luis Mata, former Campo de Mayo operative now working as a freelance hitter for terror groups. Nothing in his file about liking dogsleds, in case you were wondering.

With Big Dogs: Location 3

Buenos Aires, Argentina
Mata's private security company's offices need better security. I hacked in easy, and, wow, do these guys have a client list - get this - a front group associated with The Engineers. They hired Mata to sabotage the race, and all the payments look to have originated as balboas. Weird, right?

With Big Dogs: Location 4

Panama City, Panama
We've got positive ID on the front man for the Engineers in Panama. He's got a routine at six of the local banks. We can pull him right off the street and shut down this operation, or we can focus on his commo, and try to follow back up the chain to the big fish. How do you want to handle it?

CORRECT: Capture - $30,000 cost

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  7. False Flag
    Location 1: Phoenix, AZ
    Location 2: Montevideo, Uruguay
    Location 3: Quito, Ecuador
    Location 4: Minas Gerais, Brazil
    Location 5: Cockburn, Turks & Caicos
    Answer: Spike
    Cost: $17,500

  8. Todays GD is “No Yellow Cake”, all the locations are placed around the western coastline of africa, and the correct answer is to sink the freighter.

    Have a nice day ^^

  9. Just finished Black Site

    East coast of Russia( north east of previous)

    Dont know whether to observe or intercept, just gonna wait till someone else does it. Really want full multiplier. 🙂

  10. Did we just run out of Gone Dark missions? That, or the max allowed bonus is 5.0 Multiplier from the missions, I’m not seeing them on the map anymore, completed 10 of them.

  11. Monkey Doom

    I forgot to take notes on exact locations, but this one is focused on africa.

    The “lemur” clue points to madagascar and “2 45 northeast” is mogadishu.

    The correct option in the end is: Sabotage

    Hope someone finds this helpful.

  12. hi i just failed the”jam session” mission

    tokyo japan
    south alaska
    central africa
    norway? somewhere above russia

    anyway pick “raid” to succeed the mission

          • Mission: Bright Water

            1. Starting point-Monrovia, Liberia (Western Africa)
            2. Location 1- Vancouver, British Columbia
            3. Location 2- Baja California, Mexico
            4. Location 3- Port of Yokohama, Japan
            Correct Option-Sieze-$27,500 (If you choose ambush, you will fail)

          • Mission: Birthday Party

            1.Starting Location: Pearl Harbor, HI
            2.Dili, East Timor (Indonesia)
            3.Aceh, Indonesia (near Singapore)
            4.Manila, Philippines
            Correct: Grab -25,000

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