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Here is Swaggers’ achievement / trophy guide for Splinter Cell: Blacklist. We are adding to this every day until it is complete.

4th Echelon Commendation – 60gs – Completed every single player mission on Realistic difficulty
4th Echelon Officer – 100gs – Completed every single player mission on Perfectionist difficulty
No Kill Option Engaged – 50gs – Completed the single player campaign without killing anyone as Sam Fisher

You can start on Perfectionist. To track No Kill Option Engaged at the end of every mission you will be given a score. It will tell you how many points you get from Panther silent kills and from Engaged Assault kills. You obviously need both of these numbers to be zero. You are free to knock out anyone you want, just be sure not to kill anyone. We have a full Perfectionist, No Kill Option Engaged, all collectibles AND Tactical Style: Ghost walkthrough in video right here on the site. Check it out HERE.

[SECRET] Asset Retrieval – 10gs – Completed Safehouse
[SECRET] Ambush Escaped – 10gs – Completed Insurgent Stronghold
[SECRET] American Consumption Prevented – 10gs – Completed American Consumption
[SECRET] Terrorist Factor Turned – 10gs – Completed Private Estate
[SECRET] Tracker Placed – 10gs – Completed Abandoned Mill
[SECRET] Iranian Intel Retrieved – 10gs – Completed Special Missions HQ
[SECRET] American Freedom Averted – 10gs – Completed Transit Yards
[SECRET] Infiltration/Interrogation – 10gs – Completed Detention Facility
[SECRET] Paladin Restored – 10gs – Survived the attack on Paladin
[SECRET] American Fuel Engaged – 10gs – Completed LNG Terminal

These are all Campaign achievements / trophies. One per level. You will get these on the final score screen of each mission.

4th Echelon Status Confirmed – 30gs – Stopped the Blacklist
Completed the game. Good for you.

Combined Operator – 30gs – Completed all of Isaac Briggs’ 4th Echelon Missions
Extraction Operator – 30gs – Completed all of Charlie Cole’s 4th Echelon Missions
Infiltration Operator – 30gs – Completed all of Anna Grímsdóttir’s 4th Echelon Missions
[SECRET] Hunter Operator – 30gs – Completed all of Andriy Kobin’s 4th Echelon Missions

These are side missions. They can be seen on the SMI in the Paladin and also from talking to the characters directly. Note that Briggs’ missions are Coop ONLY. You have to start with another player. As you finish them the next mission in the series will unlock. These missions have Tactical Style scores like the main campaign missions and also contain collectibles you need to acquire (laptops, HVT, dead drops). Kobin’s missions unlock after finishing the first campaign mission: Safehouse.
KOBIN: 4 missions (Dead Coast, Opium Farm, Fish Market & Blood Diamond Mine) – Kobin’s missions are to take out all the enemies in 2 areas either stealth or assault. Being detected brings in reinforcements you need to deal with.
GRIM: X missions (Hawkins Seafort, Border Crossing, Hackers’ Den) – Grim’s missions are 100% stealth. Either Ghost or Panther is allowed. Being detected by anything is an automatic failure.

Evidence Concealed – 10gs – Hid 5 bodies in containers
In the first mission you will come to a zipline. This is a automatic checkpoint. Take the zip to the other side and knock out the one guard there. Pick up his bottom and hide it in the container to the left. You will get a +50 Hide Body bonus. Now simply reload checkpoint and do it 4 more times for the achievement to unlock.

Combined Op Successful – 10gs – Completed a COOP mission with a teammate
Elite Killing Team – 15gs – Dual Executed a helmeted enemy

This is a coop only achievement. It is a Execute achievement so it can not be done on Perfectionist as Execute is disable at that difficulty. Once one player get’s Execute from killing two enemies you need to Mark a helmeted enemy. When one player is close enough to activate the Execute there will be a “Hold Y” screen prompt to invite the other player to the Execute. Then he accepts and you both headshot the helmeted enemy. (One taking off the helmet and the second getting the actual headshot) There is a helmeted enemy right away in the Hawkins Seafort 4E mission. Simply take out the two guards on the dock to activate your Execute, head up the stairs and the inside in the first door on the right will have a normal and a helmeted enemy.

Upgraded Gear Accessed – 10gs – Fully upgraded one gun
Yes the Crossbow only has 3 upgrades, but it costs $100,000 just to unlock. The easiest gun to upgrade is your starting pistol the PX4 Storm .45. It does have 11 upgrades but you get the Silencer to start and the other 10 will only run you $35,575. You can easily do this after 1 mission.

ShadowNet Online – 5gs – Logged into ShadowNet for the first time
The title is Online but you don’t need to be on Live for this to unlock. In the Paladin simply access the SMI and then hit “Y” to access ShadowNet. The achievement will immediately pop.

Tactical Style: Assault – 25gs – Mastered Assault playstyle
Tactical Style: Ghost – 25gs – Mastered Ghost playstyle
Tactical Style: Panther – 25gs – Mastered Panther playstyle

These achievements are for completing at least 7 missions meeting a score requirement. You can replay mission at the SMI by hitting LB/RB and filtering to “All Missions”. Once a mission is selected hit RB until you get to the scoring page. This will show you the required scores needed to master a level. Some levels do not have Assault options and need to be played with stealth or you fail the mission. We are doing a full playthrough of Blacklist in stealth to get you the Tactical Style: Ghost achievement. Knocking out people is fine for Ghost, it is just not as big a bonus as leaving people untouched. Note you can only ever be one Master per mission. Meaning if I was Ghost master and I retried for Panther, it would clear my Ghost. So make sure to get all 7 of one type before switching to a new Tactical Style. It can be found HERE.

C&C Optimized – 20gs – Paladin fully upgraded
There are 20 upgrades to do to the Paladin. These are bonuses like faster health regen or making it easier to find collectibles. You access this upgrade menu by talking to Grim on the Paladin. We have a page listing all the upgrades, what they do and how much they costs right HERE.

Distraction Tactician – 10gs – Stealthily took down an enemy who’d been lured by sound
You have the Noisemaker unlocked at the beginning of the game. For this one to count you need to throw the Noisemaker. Then WAIT for the enemy to actually go and investigate, then take them down with a hand to hand action (non- or lethal allowed). The secret is to make sure they actually are engaged in checking the noise. Don’t rush the takedown.

Hostile Shield Secured – 10gs – Snuck up & stole the shield from a Shielded Infantryman
In Kobin’s Opium Farm 4E mission there is a completely stationary shielded enemy in the final area in a opening in a building. Simply sneak around the back left and jump in through the window and take out the enemy from behind. This will drop the shield. Simply pick it up for the achievement. (Thanks to alig200)

Tri-Rotor Functionality – 10gs – Used the Tri-Rotor to disable a security device
First off you need to buy the Tri-Rotor for your loadout for 72k and then pay the money to upgrade it to explosive. Then you can load up Grim’s second 4E mission, Border Cross. Right away launch the Tri-Rotor and the building to your immediate left has a armored camera. Fly right up to the camera and hit “Y” (on Xbox) to explode your Tri-Rotor destroying the camera and getting you the achievement / trophy.

HVTs Secured – 10gs – Captured 20 High-Value Targets
Intel Acquired – 10gs – Collected 24 Dead Drop flash drives
Data Security – 10gs – Hacked 23 Blacklist Laptops

Collectibles. Can’t be a game in the 21st century without collectibles. Collectibles are in every mission. Campaign, Solo 4E, AND Coop 4E. So yes you do need to coop to get these achievements. There are a max of 1 each in every mission. To see what you need to get and what you already got access the mission in the SMI and use RB / LB to navigate to the collectibles page. It will list what is in the mission and what you have already successfully retrieved. Laptops are worth 40,000 and are immediately counted. Dead Drops are worth 10,000 and are immediately counted. HVT are worth 30,000 and you need to finish the mission with the enemy still alive and bagged to get the money and collectible. Our full Perfectionist walkthrough gets all the collectibles and can be found HERE. We will also have a separate page of just collectibles soon.

Personal Kit – 15gs – Unlocked a custom loadout slot for Spy or Merc
Firearm Accessed – 15gs – Unlocked a Merc’s Light Machine Gun

First you need to get to level 5 to 3 unlock tokens. Then simply buy a custom loadout slot in either Merc or Spy for 100k under customize gear. Then under Alternate Weapons in the Merc Tree you need to buy either LMG for 120k.

Officer of the Day – 15gs – Completed a Daily Challenge
Seven Day Duty Shift – 30gs – Completed a Spies vs Mercs Weekly Challenge

Daily challenges are just that. A Challenge that lasts a day. These are for the Single Player and Coop missions. The weekly challenge are for Vs and most can be boosted if that is your thing.

Trusted Agent – 50gs – Achieved Rank 10 in Spies vs Mercs
Lethal Versatility – 100gs – Won a match in every Spies vs Mercs game mode
Support Ops – 15gs – Assisted teammates in 10 Spies vs Mercs objectives
Rated Aggressor – 15gs – Captured a control point in a Spies vs Mercs Uplink Control match
Rated Hacker – 25gs – Hacked a terminal in a Spies vs Mercs SvM Blacklist or SvM Classic match
Rated Intel Courier – 15gs – Carried home the intel in a Spies vs Mercs Extraction match

All multiplayer achieves / trophies can be boosted in Private matches, most of them solo. None of these are very hard though and you should get everything in a day of playing the multiplayer.

Enhanced Lethality Demonstrated – 10gs – Mastered Mark & Execute
Hostages Secured – 10gs – Saved the hostages in the Transit Yards
Lead Interrogator – 10gs – Won the COOP interrogation in VORON Station
Mission Footprint Zero – 10gs – Completed a single player mission undetected


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  1. Hostages Secured – 10gs – Saved the hostages in the Transit Yards
    I did this on Perfectionist by throwing a flashbang and then I shot them head with the SC4000. Easy 😉

  2. Guantanemo Bay is a great place to get Mission Footprint Zero, I got it the first time I beat the mission and I wasn’t even actively trying to get it, just make sure you knock out every single guard you come across and don’t let them get startled.

    For Hostages Secured, just make sure you’re meter is full before you reach the end of the level so you can easily mark and execute the hostage takers at the end.

    to get Lead Interrogator is to just use split-screen mode with two controllers, and have you’re partner let you win the interrogation.

    The Iraq mission is the easiest one to get Enhanced Lethality on, during the section where all the enemies are coming out of the tunnel, quickly mark and execute three, thrown some frag or incendiary grenades quickly to fill up you’re meter, then quickly execute three more and that should do it.

  3. Hostile Shield Secured can easily be done in Kobin’s first mission at the Opium Farm, simply sneak up on the shield guy there and knock him out, then just pick up his shield.

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