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We have a separate post for the main lvl 33 walkthrough as it is so long: CLICK HERE

The Sunsphere – 750,000c, Req: Lvl 5, Complete the “myPad” quest; Improves Vanity, 3 day build, 6×6 base, +7500xp
New Jobs:
Nelson, Bart, Martin, Milhouse: Celebrate the ‘WOD FIR’ – 16h, 500c, 125xp

Springfield Wax Museum – 276000c, Req: Lvl 33; 10×7 base, +30000xp
Job: Listening to Pins Drop – 12h, 200c, 20xp
NO Quests, NO Animation, NO Character Jobs = BORING

Little Lady Justice – 75d, 7.75% bonus
K9 Officer – 45d, Tap the doggy to make him bark
S.W.A.T. Van – lvl 33, Lou & Eddie, 225,000c, instant, 3×4 base

Arnie Pye – lvl 23, Complete the “Western Civilzation 101” quest. (Channel 6), C-List Celebrities, 85d
Channel 6 – NEW BROADCAST – Broadcasting Arnie Pye – 2d, 7500c, 2100xp

Do a Sky Harness Interview110525YNone
Take over as News Anchor426070NChannel 6 News
Walk Newshound8420105YNone
Do Traffic Report12600150YNone
Do an Investigative Report241000225YNone

Lou –

Trip to Lard Lad0.12155NLard Lad Donuts
Study Evidence17017NPolice Station
Pursue Criminals417545YNone
Drink at Moe's827570NMoe's Tavern
Interview Suspects12420100YNone
Stake Out in the S.W.A.T. Van24600150NS.W.A.T. Van

Eddie –

Trip to Lard Lad0.12155NLard Lad Donuts
Target Practice17017NPolice Station
Track Down Criminals417545YNone
Drink at Moe's827570NMoe's Tavern
Time for Action12420100NTraining Wall
Set Baton to Twirl24600150YNone


Nelson –

Here Comes The Sunsphere
Make Bart Climb the Sunsphere – 0/1 – 12h, 420c, 100xp
Make Milhouse Climb the Sunsphere – 0/1 – 0/1 – 12h, 420c, 100xp
Make Martin Climb the Sunsphere – 0/1 – 0/1 – 12h, 420c, 100xp
Make Nelson Climb the Sunsphere – 0/1 – 0/1 – 12h, 420c, 100xp



Arnie – Finally! How can you have Springfield without Arnie Pye!
Homer – My thoughts exactly. Who’s Arnie Pye?
AP – I am. You know, “Arnie Pye, with Arnie in the Sky” … where “Pye in the Sky” would be better… that’s the joke.
H – Oh, right — Duffman.
AP – No! I do the traffic report on Channel 6. Now you’ll have to get out of my helicopter – it’s not rated to lift your load.

Arnie Pye in the Sky Pt. 1
Make Arnie Pye Do a Traffic Report – 0/1 – 12h, 600c, 150xp

Arnie Pye – Hey, it’s the Channel 6 mascot dog, Newshound! You all alone out here, buddy?
AP – Sort of forgotten and unappreciated by the Channel 6 powers-that-be. Just like your pal Arnie Pye.
AP – Let’s go for a walk. Maybe we’ll give Kent Brockman’s house a nice long visit and you can break a story on his lawn.

Arnie Pye in the Sky Pt. 2
Make Arnie Pye Walk Newshound – 0/1 – 8h, 420c, 105xp

Arnie Pye – This is Arnie Pye with your in-depth, rush hour traffic. Everything looks fine. Surprisingly, there is not a car on the street!
Kent Brockman – Yes, it is surprising that you can’t place cars on the street.
KB – But Arnie, we need more excitement. How about you do your report hanging out of the helicopter in a sky harness?
AP – That sounds incredibly dangerous. Why don’t you hang out of a sky harness, Kent?
KB – I could never afford to have my thick hair messed up by that kind of wind. You, however, well… just put a lot of sunscreen on your scalp.

Arnie Pye in the Sky Pt. 3
Make Arnie Pye Do a Sky Harness Interview – 0/1 – 60m, 105c, 26xp

Arnie Pye – What made you think that would be a good idea, Brockman!? The new copter went out of control and I was dangling helplessly underneath the entire time!
Kent Brockman – Yes, it was hilarious! We’re going to run footage of it for a story tonight at eleven.

Comic Book Guy – This local-news-helicopter-fail footage is internet viral gold.
CBG – I must be the first to post it. But it will take four hours to upload. I’ll use that time to do something productive.
CBG – Like ride my “large man scooter” to Gulp ‘N’ Blow!

Arnie Pye in the Sky Pt. 4
Make Comic Book Guy Eat at Gulp ‘N’ Blow – 0/1 – 60m, 70c, 17xp

Kent Brockman – Pye?! You’re not allowed to sit in my anchor chair! It requires that you look Anderson Cooper-distinguished or better.
Arnie Pye – Oh, Kent, I’m so sorry – you didn’t hear? My internet clip went viral. It had more viewers that your show has had in twenty years.
KB – But that would mean… twenty-five thousand people?
AP – Try twenty-five million people. I’m a sensation. Bobby Moynihan played me in a sketch on SNL! Who’s played you on SNL, Kent?
KB – Nobody yet. But I’ve always thought Alec Baldwin has the right mixture of gravitas and looks to lampoon me properly.
AP – Pfft, he’s not even a regular! So there’s no way your parody could be a recurring character. That dream’s as dead as your anchor job.

Arnie Pye in the Sky Pt. 5
Make Arnie Pye Take Over as News Anchor – 0/1 – 4h, 260c, 70xp

Comic Book Guy – When he’s not hilariously dangling from a helicopter, Arnie Pye is as boring as the drill in the movie “Armaggedon.”
CBG – Actually, that drill bored into the asteroid quite effectively. Which was preposterous!
CBG – Besides, Arnie Pye’s viral video is three days old now… which by internet standard means it’s over. Dead.
CBG – As dead as Bruce Willis in “Armageddon”. Spoiler alert. Oh please, you were never going to see it.

Arnie Pye – What?! I’m being replaced as anchor?
Kent Brockman – Too bad, Pye. It turns old people only like you when you’re making an idiot out of yourself.
KB – But the good news is… there’s a giraffe loose on the Ogdenville Highway. Time to rev those rotors!
AP – (Sigh)

Arnie Pye in the Sky Pt. 6
Make Brockman Record Eye on Springfield – 0/1 – 12h, 400c, 100xp
Make Arnie Pye Do a Traffic Report – 0/1 – 12h, 600c, 150xp


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