Simpsons Tapped Out: Premium Decoration Bonuses Table

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One of things, well really the only thing, premium decoration do in Simpsons Tapped Out is provide bonuses to your XP and Cash outside of the Comform-o-Meter. This table’s purpose is to help you get the most bang for the buck (meaning Donut). For best overall you want to sort by Per SQ. This calculates how much of a bonus you are getting per 1 grid piece in Tapped Out.

Example: Robby The Automaton is 2×2 which equals 4 total grid squares. It provides an overall bonus of 2%. That equals .5% per grid square. What this helps you figure out is which pieces are packing the most bonus in the smallest package. The Springfield Sign gives out a massive 4.5% bonus. BUT it’s 400 squares making it only .01% per square.

I also have the SQ per Donut calculated. This is kind of a meaningless figure as are really going for the biggest bang per square. If you money is tight you can use this field to find some deals but this does not equal BEST in the same terms that the Per SQ field equals.

Currently the Miniature Nuclear Warhead gives a .75% bonus per square, and at 45 donuts you are paying a pretty fair price for that bonus. Long term you are going to make more money and XP from having her than any other Decoration piece if you can afford the extra premium. Flower Planter at just 10 donuts give a decent return of .25% per square at a much cheaper .025 ratio of Donut to SQ bonus.

Check out the full table after the break. Note this table is fully sortable and searchable so check out all the fields before making a purchasing decision.

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Simpsons Tapped Out: Pre-Halloween, Pre-Season Premiere

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Quick update to get ready for the Halloween event and the new Season Tie-In. 9/23/13.

Homer: Oh no! It’s almost the start of October… which due to the scheduling of baseball games on FOX, is when Halloween comes to Springfield!

Lisa: *sigh* I wish we could have it at the end of the month like normal people.

Homer: I just want it to be over. It’s always so scary, with the aliens and movie parodies and main characters dying. All the rules are off!

Lisa: That’s because it’s non-canonical, Dad. Dying doesn’t count.

Homer: I know, but it still hurts. And this year I want to be prepared. Can you find out what’s going to be happening here this year?

Lisa: Hmm, maybe. Let me check online.

Feeding the Trolls
Make Lisa Read the Tapped Out Forums – 4h, 175c, 45xp

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Simpsons Tapped Out: Season 25 Tie-In

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LIMITED TIME EVENT9/26/13 to 10/1/13

This series ties into the Season 25 Premiere of the Simpsons. My guess is that it will end before the scheduled Halloween event on 10/1 but there is no official word yet. It’s a short quest line so no worries on finishing it in time.

Lisa: Wow, Dad. What are you doing up so early?
Homer: Getting ready for work.
Lisa: But you rarely ever go to work. At least not on time. Or with — what’s that thing on your face — a smile?
Homer: Yep. I’m smiling because for two glorious days and one even more glorious night, work isn’t actually going to work. It’s going to be a convention!
Lisa: What’s so great about that? What happens at a convention?
Homer: Uh… nothing. Just work. It’s really boring.
Homer: Now where’s that inflatable gorilla wearing women’s underwear that I ordered?

Conventional Wisdom Pt. 1
Make Homer Wait for the Mailman – 12h, 420c, 100xp


Lisa: The convention’s in a couple days, Dad. Shouldn’t you be packing?
Homer: Good idea. I’ll start with my convention supplies. Ball-point pens, notepads, business cards…
Lisa: Okay, Dad. I’ll leave you to it.
Homer: Great. See you later, sweetie!
Homer: Now to dump this crap and put in my real conventions supplies. Champagne, animal tranquilizers, superhero costume…

Conventional Wisdom Pt. 2
Make Homer Pack for the Convention – 4h, 175c, 45xp


Homer: Well, I’m all packed up.
Lisa: Four bags?! You’re only away from a night. How much clothing do you need?
Homer: Oh, right … clothing. I should pack some of that as well.

Conventional Wisdom Pt. 3
Make Homer Re-Pack for the Convention – 4h, 175c, 45xp

Homer: Woo-hoo! This is going to be the greatest weekend ever! I’m going to feel like crap on Sunday!

And you will to, if you miss The Simpson’s 25th Season Premiere. This Sunday at 8/7c on FOX.

And to celebrate the premiere, a FREE decoration for your Squidport has been placed in your inventory!

Hi-Glow Waste Barrels
40 donuts, 2.00% Bonus, 3×3 size
Squidport Item
Three-Eyed Sushi
Improves your Gluttony
FREE, 4×4 size

Simpsons Tapped Out: Halloween 2013 Event

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The 2013 Halloween event is HERE! You first have a app update (For Android it was 35.88 MB) followed by the in-game update.
The Event ends on November 7, 2013.
This event also adds more land for Springfield!

First thing to note is a detail from the What’s New on the App Store. It says, “Plus, don’t miss Treehouse of Horror XXIV in FOX, Sunday October 6th, for your chance to unlock a unique outfit for Homer.”

Halloween 2013 Log In Screen

Halloween 2013 Log In Screen

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Simpsons Tapped Out: Halloween 2013 Event – Kang & Kodos

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If missed getting Kang at last year’s Halloween event have no fear as Kang is available this year along with Kodos!

Step 1: Earn 3,000 GOO to unlock the Victorian UFO

Kang Unlocked.

Activate the Beacon0.2267YNONE
Crack the Whip110526YNONE
Read How to Cook Humans426070YNONE
Properly Season Humans635090YNONE
8-Hour Evil Laugh8420105YNONE
Exchange Long Protein Strings1000YVictorian UFO (Req: Kodos)
Deploy the Beacon12600150YNONE
16-Hour Evil Chortle16750200YVictorian UFO
Run from Puny Humans241000225YNONE

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Simpsons Tapped Out: Halloween 2013 Event – Premium Quests

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This page will cover any quests or extra info that comes with the Premium buys for the 2013 Halloween Event.
You can see the quests for the GOO rewards HERE.
Overall great event but kind of disappointing that most of the premium stuff has no quests. Haven’t clicked everyone to see if they added JOBS for Bad Dreams House or the House of Evil.

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