LEGO Ninjago Movie Game (Achievement Guide)

Master of Poultry – 10gs – Complete Training Dojo
Master of Missiles – 10gs – Complete Location 1 – Ninjago City North
Master of Regret – 10gs – Complete Location 2 – Ninjago City Beach
Master of Forgiveness – 10gs – Complete Location 3 – Ninjago City Docks
Master of the Fallen – 10gs – Complete Location 4 – The Uncrossable Jungle
Master of Shortcuts – 10gs – Complete Location 5 – The Dark Ravine
Master of Dance – 10gs – Complete Location 6 – The Lost City of Generals
Master of Stairs – 50gs – Complete Location 7 – The Unclimbable Mountain
Master of Beasts – 10gs – Complete Location 8 – Ninjago City Downtown
Master of Ninjago – 50gs – Complete All Story Locations

There are 8 locations / missions in the LEGO Ninjago Movie game.

Master of Destruction – 20gs – Destroy Ninjago City

After beating the game you’ll go to a mini level where you play 2 mega figures and just rampage around the city. Once you hit 100% it will end and you’ll get 3 characters and a Gold Brick.

Master of Subordinates – 10gs – Defeat Dojo Master – General #1
Master of Machines – 10gs – Defeat Dojo Master – General Cryptor
Master of Mystery – 10gs – Defeat Dojo Master – Morro
Master of Serpents – 10gs – Defeat Dojo Master – Pythor P. Chumsworth
Master of Time – 10gs – Defeat Dojo Masters – Acronix and Krux
Master of Noodles – 10gs – Defeat Dojo Master – Master Chen
Master of the Sky – 10gs – Defeat Dojo Master – Nadakhan
Master of Stone – 10gs – Defeat Dojo Master – General Kozu
Master of Challenges – 50gs – Achieve Gold Medal status on each Challenge Dojo
Master of the Elements – 10gs – Master your first Elemental Power

In Uncrossable Forest Cole will earn the Destroy cracked LEGO objects. This is his Spinjitzu ability and unlocks the achievements.

Student of Disguise – 10gs – Collect a Character Token
Master of Disguise – 10gs – Collect all Character Tokens

There are 101 characters to unlock this time. Please note that using any of the promo codes to get characters early appears to void the achievement.

Student of Exploration – 10gs – Complete a Side Quest
Master of Exploration – 10gs – Complete all Side Quests
Student of Creation – 10gs – Complete a Tornado of Creation Build
Master of Creation – 10gs – Complete all Tornado of Creation Builds

Look for the Tornado symbol on the map. There are usually 3 per location and they cost around 100 to 300K each.

Student of the Red Arts – 10gs – Collect an Ancient Scroll
Master of the Red Arts – 50gs – Collect all Ancient Scrolls
Novice of The Golden Art – 10gs – Collect 5 Gold Bricks
Student of The Golden Art – 10gs – Collect 50 Gold Bricks
Apprentice of The Golden Art – 10gs – Collect 100 Gold Bricks
Master of The Golden Art – 50gs – Collect 150 Gold Bricks
Grand Master of The Golden Art – 50gs – Collect 200 Gold Bricks
Master of Completion – 100gs – Achieve 100% Completion
Master of Customization – 10gs – Create a Custom Character

In Ninjago City North you’ll come to the school where you have the help the teacher get the students to go back to school. Run up the right wall and then use the jump bars to get to the far side of the roof. From there push the object to the ground. Build it and have Cole hit it setting off the bell. This will open the school and unlock the Character Creator. Head into the school and use a locker to make a character. Simply Save and Exit to get the achievement.

Novice of Collection – 50gs – Attain True Ninja Rank 1
Student of Collection – 10gs – Attain True Ninja Rank 10
Master of Collection – 10gs – Attain True Ninja Rank 20

In past TT LEGO games there were individual stud goals per level. In LEGO Ninjago Movie Game there are now 20 levels to obtain and studs had to your overall levels. You unlock a Gold Brick and custom character items at each level.

Student of Upgrades – 10gs – Spend a Ninjanuity Token to purchase a Combat Upgrade
Master of Upgrades – 10gs – Collect all Ninjanuity Tokens

Ninjanuity Tokens are earned during the main story missions and are used to unlock upgrades for combat. You’ll get the final token needed in the final mission. This will also reward you a Ancient Scroll.

Master of the Skyward Dragon – 10gs – Use The Art of The Skyward Dragon 20 Times
Master of Triple Digits – 10gs – Reach a x100 Combo chain
Master of the Arena – 50gs – Play your first Ninjago Battle Arena match
Master of Modes – 50gs – Play each game mode in the Ninjago Battle Arenas
Master of Power – 50gs – Use every powerup in the Ninjago Battle Arenas

After beating the 2nd main mission at the Beach the terminals to play Battle Arena will be available. There are 3 modes. Samurai Showdown, Mystic Bounty, and Ultimate Ultimate Weapon. There a total of 5 powerups to find in various game modes. They don’t appear to have names but make sure you use each of them. Fireballs, Giant Kitty, Speed Smoke, Disco and the Lion.

Master of Mirrors – 10gs – Play as any Ninja and their Classic variant in the same party

You’ll get Kai (Classic) as you play through Ninjago City North which is the first main mission. As soon as the mission is done you’ll go into Free Play mode. Open the wheel and go to the Free Play (at the bottom) in the wheel. Characters don’t cost money so just select Kai (Classic) as one of your character and select Kai and the achievement will unlock.

Master of Human Resources – 10gs – Defeat 20 Shark Army goons as Lord Garmadon in one session
Student of Speed – 10gs – Complete a Race
Master of Speed – 10gs – Complete all Races

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