Legend of Zelda: Breath of the Wild – Korok Seeds – Great Plateau


Korok Seeds are collectibles found through the entire. So far it is rumored there are 900 total to be found. These are traded to Hestu, who is right outside Kakariko Village, after completing his short side quest “The Priceless Maracas”. You trade him the Korok Seeds for increased inventory slots. You can increase your Weapon, Bow or Shield inventory. The first slot in each is 1 Seed, then 2, and so on.

#1 [JUMP]

Dive off the ledge below the Old Man’s campfire near the Temple of Time into the ring of lilies in the lake.


Path on the NW corner of behind Hopper Pond. Then use Magnesis to move the single block to fix the broken set.

#3 [FLOWERS[\]

There is a Yellow Flower at the entrance to a large hollowed out log in the Forest of Spirits. Touch it and it will warp farther into the log. Do this about 5 times to get the Koko Seed.

#4 [ROCK]

Pick up the rock on top of the rock pillar in the Forest of Spirits.

#5 [ROCK]

5) Under a large tree’s root system is a pile of leaves. Swing at the leaves and then Pick Up the rock.

#6 [ROCK]

Just pick up the small rock under the two leaning rocks.


Use Magnesis to pull the round small boulder from the water and place it in the tree trunk.


Climb to the top of the Temple of Time and Examine the sparkles. There is a ladder on the side of the Temple to get you most of the way.


Directly east of Ja Baij Shrine go over the ledge and there is a large metal plate to Magnesis. Then pick up the small rock to get the Seed.


On the roof of the Old Man’s Hut southeast of Ja Baij Shrine in the wooded area.

#11 [STASIS]

At the southeastern edge of Mount Hylia over the edge from the ruins there is a large rock you can Stasis hit away. Then under that is a small rock to pick up and get the Seed.

#12 [ROCK]

Head west from Owa Daim Shrine towards Mount Hylia and there is a rock you need to pick up on the side of some ruins near the southern most tip of the Plateau.


At the base of Mount Hylia is a circle of stones with one stone missing. Pick up the missing stone that is nearby and drop it to complete the circle.


South of Keh Namut Shrine there is a metal block over the edge of the ruins. You need to Magnesis this block and round the corner with it. Then place it on top of the 2 blocks.

#15 [FIRE]

There is a large ice rock to the north of Keh Namut Shrine on the edge of the cliff. Destroy it with 4x Fire Arrows or a lit Torch. Then Examine the sparkles.


Down at the bridge over the River of the Damned you need to first Remote Bomb the log on the southern side. Then use Magnesis to pull one of the metal sheets from the North side to cover the now exposed pillars. Then Examine the sparkles under the bridge.



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