Legend of Zelda: Breath of the Wild – Korok Seeds – Dueling Peaks


Korok Seeds are collectibles found through the entire. So far it is rumored there are 900 total to be found. These are traded to Hestu, who is right outside Kakariko Village, after completing his short side quest “The Priceless Maracas”. You trade him the Korok Seeds for increased inventory slots. You can increase your Weapon, Bow or Shield inventory. The first slot in each is 1 Seed, then 2, and so on.


Right below the Eastern Abbey (but technically in the Dueling Peaks) is another metal plate that needs to be lifted with Magnesis and then a rock to be picked up.

#2 [ROCK]

There are ruins at the top of Scout’s Hill. Simply pick up the rock up the stairs on the top of the ruins.


On the road between Outpost Ruins and Scout’s Hill there will be a cave to the west as you head south. Inside the cave are 5 groups of Yellow flowers. You need to touch the groups in number order. Touch the single flower first, then the bunch of two flowers and so on.

#4 [ROCK]

Pick up the rock on the tiny (and we mean really tiny) island in the middle of South Nabi Lake.


There is a lone pinwheel on a large rock. Climb up and stand by it. 3 targets will appear and you need to shoot these with arrows or another projectile. Get all 3 and you’ll get the Korok Seed.

#6 [ROCK]

There is a rock to pick up under the far right section of Proxim Bridge on a small sandy area. Make sure to come from the east side to help with the strong current.


On the bank of the Hylia River use Magnesis to move the block from the stack over to the other stack so that the two stacks match each other.


There is another pinwheel and three targets at up on a hill at the Hills of Baumer.


There is a set of rocks on the middle of the Hylia River just south of the Bosh Kala Shrine. Grab a rock from the edge and throw it in the middle of the rocks in the river.


East Post Ruins – Top of the flagpole just north of Bosh Kala Shrine are some sparkles. Takes either a Stanima food item or at least 2 Stanima boosts.


North of Scout’s Hill there is a boulder that you can push down into a small depression. When it reaches the bottom you’ll get the Korok Seed.


Across the river from Scout’s Hill on the top of the hill there is a large tree with a small stone structure. Just crouch inside the stone structure and Examine the sparkles.

#13 [ROCK]

On the shore of the river across from the Bosh Kala Shrine is a lone rock on the beach. Pick it up to get the seed.


There is a giant felled hollow tree in the Hill of Baumer. Follow the spawning yellow flower to the end at the trunk. Watch out for the rolling boulder.

#15 [MATCH]

Three apple trees on the top of the Hills of Baumer. You need to make the 3 trees match. So pick or shoot off apples from the left tree to match the other two.


South of South Nabi Lake by the road you need to push a boulder into the nearby depression.

#17 [ROCK]

Blow open the rocks blocking the cave with Remote Bomb and then pick up the rock inside.


Starts on the south side of the river. Hit the Flower and then follow it on the small rock islands to the north side of the river.

#19 [ROCK]

High up on the first major ledge for the south Dueling Peaks is a rock to pick up.

#20 [APPLE]

Climb to the very top of Dueling Peaks and to the Shee Vaneer Shrine. Then above that there are 2 altars. Place a apple in the empty basket to get the seed.

#21 [ROCK]

On the top of the north side of Dueling Peaks about the Shee Venath Shrine is a rock to pick up.


Top of north side of Dueling Peaks to the east of Shee Venath Shrine are three boulders and a series of shrubs ending in 2 trees. You need to push a boulder down the hill so that it goes between the 2 trees.

#23 [APPLE]

In some trees on Dueling Peaks north side there is a alter with 2 baskets. Put a Apple in the empty basket.



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