Grand Theft Auto V – 100% Completion Guide

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69 missions, 42 (of 59) hobbies and pastimes, 20 (of 58) strangers and freaks, 14 (of 57) random events, & 16 miscellaneous. You can got to to track your progress. For the 100% you only need to complete the ones with the bar on the side of the pic.

Shooting Range: Hand Guns (win 3 medals)
Shooting Range: Submachine Guns (win 3 medals)
Shooting Range: Assault Rifles (win 3 medals)
Shooting Range: Shotguns (win 3 medals)
Shooting Range: Light Machine Guns (win 3 medals)
Shooting Range: Heavy (win 3 medals)
Street Race: South Los Santos (win a medal)
Street Race: City Circuit (win a medal)
Street Race: Airport (win a medal)
Street Race: Freeway (win a medal)
Street Race: Vespucci Canals (win a medal)
Win at Tennis
Play 9 holes of Golf & finish even or below par
Win at Darts
Get a private dance at the Strip Club
Triathlon 1: Vespucci Canals (win a medal)
Triathlon 2: Alamo Sea (win a medal)
Triathlon 3: Coyote Cross (win a medal)
Offroad Race 1: Canyon Cliffs (win a medal)
Offroad Race 2: Ridge Run (win a medal)
Offroad Race 3: Mineward (win a medal)
Offroad Race 4: Valley Trail (win a medal)
Offroad Race 5: Lakeside (win a medal)
Offroad Race 6: Eco Friendly (win a medal)
Flight School: Training Take Off (win a medal)
Flight School: Runway Landing (win a medal)
Flight School: Inverted Flying (win a medal)
Flight School: Knife Flight (win a medal)
Flight School: Flat Hatting (win a medal)
Flight School: Touch Down (win a medal)
Flight School: Loop the loop (win a medal)
Flight School: Helicopter Course (win a medal)
Flight School: Helicopter Speed Run (win a medal)
Flight School: Skydiving (win a medal)
Flight School: Drop Zone (win a medal)
Flight School: Earn Your Wings (win a medal)
Sea Race: East Coast (win a medal)
Sea Race: North East Coast (win a medal)
Sea Race: Raton Canyon (win a medal)
Sea Race: Los Santos (win a medal)
Parachuting: Complete all Base Jumps
Parachuting: Complete all Heli Jumps

Tonya via Franklin
Pulling Favors
Pulling Another Favor
Pulling Favors Again
Still Pulling Favors
Pulling One Last Favor

Shift Work

Beverly via Franklin
Paparazzo – The Sex Tape
Paparazzo – The Partnership
Paparazzo – Reality Check

Dreyfuss via Franklin (Letter Scraps Collectible Quest)
A Starlet in Vinewood

Grass Roots – Franklin
Grass Roots – The Smoke-In
Exercising Demons – Franklin

Omega via Franklin (Starship Parts Collectible Quest)
Far Out
The Final Frontier

Risk Assessment
Liquidity Risk
Targeted Risk
Uncalculated Risk

Purchase any 5 Properties
Purchase a Vehicle from a website
Collect 50 Spaceship Parts (See our guide HERE.)
Collect 50 Letter Scraps (See our guide HERE.)
Walk and play fetch with Chop
Complete a Booty Call (You need to get a stripper at the Strip Club to 100% favor. Then she will ask you back to her place.)

Receive a Prostitute service (Honk your horn at a whore and she will get in your car. Then drive to a alleyway and she will offer you her services.)

Hold Up a Store (walk into any gas station or store that has a interior and simply point your gun at the clerk for them to hand over the money.)
Complete 25 x Under The Bridge
Complete 8 x Knife Flights
Complete 25 x Stunt Jumps
Visit the Cinema
Friend Activity: Visit a Bar
Friend Activity: Visit the Cinema
Friend Activity: Visit the Strip Club
Friend Activity: Play Darts

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