Review Scale

We at GGC want to make sure everyone understands our reviewing system and how it all works. Swaggers and myself (Bam) work hard to review each game fairly and give it the most accurate score possibly. Each game is different, whether that is because the size of team that makes it or the type of genre it is. There can be a triple A game that is a total failure or a massive success. A small indie game could be a wasted opportunity or a hidden classic. It’s totally possible for a big Assassins’ Creed game to have the same score of something like Peggle.

In each review we give some detailed points as to what went right and what went wrong in the game. Maybe the graphics are top notch but the gameplay is lackluster. Maybe the concept and gameplay is new and unique but the final result is buggy and clunky. Or maybe it all comes together fantastically with a great story, beautiful art style, and smooth fun gameplay. Whatever YOU need to know about what’s good and what’s not with the game, we will do our best to let you know.

We use a 10 point scale to rate video games, 0 being the lowest and 10 being the best of the best. In our scale a 6 means average. So on top of a whole number we also do scores like 6.3 or 6.7. This helps us in two ways. One way is that if the game is slightly above average we’ll give it something like a 6.2. Or maybe the game is a very strong 6 but not quite in the 7 range, if that’s the case we would give it something like 6.8. The second reason is to help us decipher between different games that are around the same score. We can have multiple games that are in the average category, but some are still better or worse than others.

Now let’s move onto our actual scoring system

10: Perfection

These games are the best their console has to offer. In our opinion everyone should experience these games. They have re-defined gaming in multiple ways or maybe just in one insanely awesome way. While perhaps the word “perfection” is slightly misleading, as no game is truly perfect, these games are genuine masterpieces whose slight imperfections don’t detract from the overall experience in any way.

9: Phenomenal

These games are some of the most incredible we have ever played. Nearly flawless, these games either bring us new fresh incredible ideas or perfect old ones. The games are unforgettable and we believe will go down as some of the greatest of its console, generation, and even all time.

8: Excellent

We loved playing these games and will remember them fondly for quite some time. Maybe it gave us something new and fun or maybe it’s solid sequel that improved on old ideas. It does fall short in some categories, but we thoroughly enjoyed it.

7: Good

Some flaws here and there but overall games that fall in this category are fun, crisp, clean experiences that we enjoy and are satisfied with.

6: Average

These games do some things right but overall it’s just an “okay” experience. Maybe there were some design flaws or maybe it’s just more of the same. Is it worth your time and money? Perhaps if it’s a genre you really enjoy or a series you like. But be weary.

5: Dull

Bland and uninspired, these games are probably better off ignored. Maybe it does nothing new or special; maybe it does try new things but simply falls short. Either way these games could have used some more time in development to add additional ideas or fix up boring gameplay.

4: Poor

These games are boring. There could have been something here if they worked on new mechanics or tried something new, but instead these games feel slapped together without any heart.

3: Lousy

Games in this category are awful. Maybe it’s filled with bugs; maybe the gameplay is extremely boring. Either way, stay away!

2: Terrible

In more ways than one these games are a mess. Boring, unimagined, just not fun.

1: Pathetic

These games are tortuous to play. The only way for a 1 to be worse would be if it was unplayable because of bugs and glitches. Or maybe that would make it better since we wouldn’t be able to play it.

0: Catastrophic failure

These games are literally unplayable. Even if it was playable there are zero redeeming qualities to this game.

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