Fibbage Answers

In order to help people get the Pathogical Liar achievement and answer achieves in Fibbage I have made this table with all the questions I have found so far. Will updates as I find more. This table is fully sortable and searchable to help you find what you need fast!

8~~8-0 is the obscure emoticon that stands for _____.BAD HAIR DAY
107Monroe Isadore, a 107-year-old man from Arkansas, died during a _____.SHOOTOUT
55000Owning 55,000 of them, Ted Turner has the world's largest private collection of _____.BISON
5% MORE MILKA study published in the journal Anthrozoo reported that cows produce 5% more milk when they are given _____.NAMES
AFGHANISTANIn 2002, Bruce Willis sent 12,000 boxes of _____ to U.S. soldiers in Afghanistan.GIRL SCOUT COOKIES
ALFREDThe electric chair was invented by a professional _____ named Alfred Southwick.DENTIST
ARRESTEDA man in L.A. was arrest at a police-sponsored gun buyback when, instead of a gun, he tried to sell the cops a _____.PIPE BOMB
BADCELEBRITY TWEET! 9:43 PM - 1 Oct 13 @MikeTyson tweeted, "I'm a bad ____.:BOWLER
BALLSOnly about 14 games were ever made for the Gizmondo game system including the game "_____ Balls."STICKY
BLOWINGOn November 12, 1970, George Thornton, a highwat engineer in Oregon, had the unusual job of blowing up a _____.DEAD WHALE
BOATSPeople in Damariscotta, Maine hold an annual race where they use _____ as boats.PUMPKINS
BOXINGLeo Granit Kraft is a world champion in an unusual sport that combines boxing and _____.CHESS
BRANSONAndrew Wilson, a man from Branson, Missouri, legally changed his name to simply _____.THEY
BUENOS AIRESAs a young student in Buenos Aires, Pope Francis worked as a _____.BOUNCER
BUTTOCKSDasypygal is an adjective meaning "having _____ buttocks."HAIRY
CALLUSA woman in Muncie, Indiana was hospitalized after trying to remove a callus on her foot with a _____.SHOTGUN
CALVARYSponsored by the Calvary Lutheran Church, people in Fort Worth Texas can now attend the unconventional Church-in-a-_____.PUB
CHARLES BUKOWSKIFamed American poet Charles Bukowski's tombstone is engraved with the words "Don't _____."TRY
CRUISESJacobite Cruises purchased unusual insurance to protect it from damage caused by _____.THE LOCH NESS MONSTER
DEVILEl Colacho is a Spanish festival where people dress up like the devil and jump over _____.BABIES
DIRTYUtah's Lehi City Council approved a request to change the name of _____ Road because it sounded sort of dirty.MORNING GLORY
DRESSESCheap Chic Weddings is an annual contest in which participants make wedding dresses out of _____.TOILET PAPER
DUCKMarcella Hazan is the culinary guru who pioneered the unusual technique of cooking duck with a _____.HAIR DRYER
E.T.The sound of E.T. walking was made by someone squishing _____.JELL-O
EBAYThe first item listed on eBay was a broken _____.LASER POINTER
EINSTEINOddly enough, Albert Einstein's eyeballs can be found in a _____ in New York City.SAFE DEPOSIT BOX
ERECTEDIn 2013, a wealthy Michagan man bought the house next to his ex -wife and erected a giant bronze statue of a _____.MIDDLE FINGER
FACIALFor $180, the Shizuka New York skin care salon offeres the unusual but traditional Japanese facial that is part rice bran and part _____.BIRD POOP
FINAL FIBBAGEThe shape of wombat poop.CUBE
FINAL FIBBAGEWhat the British call the dance that Americans call the "Hokey Pokey."HOKEY COKEY
FINAL FIBBAGEThe band Queen's original name.SMILE
FINAL FIBBAGEThe name of the first chimp sent into space.HAM
FINAL FIBBAGEThe name for a group of porcupines.PRICKLE
FINAL FIBBAGEThe name of the dog that won the 2012 World's Ugliest Dog Competition.MUGLY
FINAL FIBBAGEDr. Suess is credit with coining this common derogatory term in his 1950 book If I Ran the Zoo.NERD
FINAL FIBBAGEHarry Houdini once threatened to shoot all of these people.PSYCHICS
FINAL FIBBAGEThe original name for the search engine that became Google.BACKRUB
FINAL FIBBAGEMiley Cyrus's real first name.DESTINY
FINAL FIBBAGEThe name of the dildo resembling Queen Elizabeth II that's sold by the Company Masturpieces.BUCKINGHAM PHALLUS
FINAL FIBBAGEMichael J. Fox's middle name.ANDREW
FINAL FIBBAGEThe name of the Star Trek starship in creator Gene Roddenberry's original script.YORKTOWN
FINAL FIBBAGEAt 65% alcohol by volume, Brewmesiter brews the world's strongest beer, which goes by this name.ARMAGEDDOM
FINAL FIBBAGEThe name of the man on the Quaker Oats label.LARRY
FIREDuring a famous fire in 1567, a Norwegian man named Hans Steininger died after tripping over a _____.BEARD
FISHINGThe fishing company E21 makes a very peculiar fishing rod that is composed of 70% _____.CARROTS
FLIGHTThe first reporting on the Wright .rothers' flights appeared not in a newspaper or on radio, but in a small journal dedicated to the topic of _____.BEEKEEPING
FOODThere's a novelty museum in Arlington, Massachusetts that only collects food that has been _____.BURNT
GALLAGHERProp comic Gallagher, known for smashing watermelons with a sledgehammer, earned a college degree in the field of _____.CHEMICAL ENGINEERING
GANGIn 1976 boxing legend Muhammad Ali released an education children's album titled "Ali and His Gang Vs. Mr. _____."TOOTH DECAY
GIFTOn January 13, 2014, U.S. Secretary of State John Kerry presented to Russian Foreign Minister Sergei Lavrow the odd gift of two very large _____.POTATOES
GINIn the 16th century, gin was referred to as the Mother's _____.RUIN
GLASTONBURYDuring th mid to late-nineties, the English town of Glastonbury was on a manhunt for the old house intruder known as "The _____."TICKLER
GROWLERSAccording to the National Oceanic and Atmospheric Association, small icebergs are offically called "growlers." Medium icebergs go by the strange, two-word name "_____."BERGY BITS
HIPSuffering from an extremely rare side effect after getting hip surgery in 2010, a Dutch man has alienated his family because he cannot stop _____.LAUGHING
HOURIt's weird work but Jackie Samuel charges $60 an hour to _____.SNUGGLE
HUGGIESHuggies Brazil developed a phone app that tells you when a baby's diaper is wet. It's called _____.TWEETPEE
ICE CREAMBen and Jerry only started making ice cream because it was too expensive to make _____.BAGELS
ILLINOISA spectator in an Illinois courtroom was sentenced to six months in jail for ______ during a trial.YAWNING
ILLINOISThe sports teams at Freeport High School in Illinois are oddly named after an inanimate object. The teams are called the Freeport _____.PRETZELS
INVENTORThe inventor of the laxative Ex-Lax has the unusual name Max _____.KISS
IOWABritt, Iowa annually crowns a King and Queen _____.HOBO
JAPANTashirojima is an island off of Japan that is complete overrun by _____.CATS
JOHN LARROQUETTEFor his voiceover work in Texas Chainsaw Massacre, John Larroqueet was paid not with money, but with _____.MARIJUANA
JOSHThe fans of musician Josh Groban are called _____.GROBANITES
JOYJim Begelow, Ph.D., wrote a book called The Joy of Un_____!.CIRCUMCISING
JUNOWhile president of the United States, John Adams had a dog named Juno and a dog named _____.SATAN
KICKSTARTERA Kickstarter campaign met its $30,000 goal on April 7, 2012 for its shoes designed fo _____.ATHEISTS
KILLIn 2007, Golden Laurel Entertainment published a violent board game called Kill the _____.HIPPIES
LICKIn 2012, a 26-year-old man from London went on a mission to lick every _____ in the United Kingdom.CATHEDRAL
MARYLANDMaryland's official state sport is _____.JOUSTING
MOROCCOIn 2003, Morocco made the highly unusual offer to send 2,000 _____ to assist the United States' war efforts in Iraq.MONKEYS
MUSSOLINIRomano Mussolini, son of the fascist dictator Benito Mussolini, did not follow in his father's footsteps. Instead, he made his living as a _____.JAZZ MUSICIAN
MUSTACHEPatented in 1890, U.S. Patent US435748 is for a mustache ____.GUARD
NEBRASKAIn 2007, to make a point, Nebraskain State Sen. Ernie Chambers filed a frivolous lawsuit against _____.GOD
NEPALROAD TRIP! When in Nepal, visit the village of Parsawa and Laxmipur, where you can enjoy the slightly off-putting 10 day _____ Festival.CURSING
NEW HAMPSHIREA group known as the "Robin Hooders" in Keene, New Hampshire pay for other people's _____.PARKING METERS
NORWAYIn an effort to push "slow TV," Norway had a 12-hour block of programming in 2013 dedicated to _____.KNITTING
OHBelmont University in Nashville has offered a class called "Oh, Look, a _____."CHICKEN
PACIFICThe area in the Pacific Ocean where great white sharks congregate every spring is called the White Shark _____.
PANTSReg Mellor is the reigning champion of a sport that just involves keeping a _____ in your pants.FERRET
PEPSIDuring the summer of 2007, Pepsi sold a gree-tinted coal in Japan called Pepsi Ice _____.CUCUMBER
PETERUnder Peter the Great, noblemen had to pay 100 rubles a year for a _____ license.BEARD
PETITIONIn 2000, Australia had its larget ever online petition, which called for an end to rising _____ prices.BEER
PIGSAlthough very unconventional, farmer William von Schneidau feeds his pigs _____.MARIJUANA
PILEWhen Paul Nelson and Andrew Hunter climbed Britain's highest mountain in 2006, they made an unusual discovery hidden behind a pile of stones. It was a _____.PIANO
POLICEAt 2:45 a.m. one day in June 2013, a man in Orlando, Florida was arrested for walking up to a police officer and punching his _____.HORSE
POPE PIUS IIBefore he became pope, Pope Pius II wrote an erotic novel titled The Tale of the _____.TWO LOVERS
PRIZEA 2013 Pakistani game show caused a controversy when their grand prize was a _____.BABY
PROMIn 2013, two teens from Sequoyah High Sxhool near Atlanta, Georgia won $5,0000 schoplarships for wearing _____ to promDUCT TAPE
QUEENSSince 2000, a couple in Queens, New York has been living rent-free in a _____ in exchange for taking care of it.CEMETERY
RATHERFor a story he was reporting on in 1955, Dan Rather tried _____ for the first time.HEROIN
RECKONINGChosen, Shunned and Reckoning are all books in an unusual series about _____ vampires.AMISH
RELEASEIn 2013, a 51-year-old Swedish inmate broke out of prison a day before his scheduled release so he could go see a _____.DENTIST
RIOTThere is a riot police unit in the Russian town of Rostov-na-Donu that is comprised entirely of _____'TWINS
SADDAMIn 1980, Saddam Hussein was named an honorary citizen of _____.DETROIT
SEIZURESA neurology professor at Albany Medical College documented in a 1991 medical journal that one of his patients had seizures when she heard _____.MARY HART'S VOICE
SEXIn 2008, a couple was killed in South Africa while having sex on a _____.RAILROAD TRACK
SIMMONSCELEBRITY TWEET! 2:49 PM - 15 Nov 13 Richard Simmons' Twitter handle @TheWeightSaint tweeted: "At the airport ____ everyone."HUGGING
SMUGGLEIn 2010, Customs officers on the Morway-Sweden border intercepted a truck trying to smuggle 28 tons of _____ from China.GARLIC
STABBEDIn 2012, a teenager from Weslaco, Texas claimed the reason he stabbed his friend was because a _____ made him do it.OUIJA BOARD
STALLONEIn school, Syvester Stallone was voted by his teachers as Most Likely to Go To ______.THE ELECTRIC CHAIR
STONEHENGEROAD TRIP! While in Alliance, Nebraska, you can visit the Stonehenge replica made out of _____.CARS
SWEDISHAs a way to protest Belarus' police state, a Swedish group dropped hundreds of _____ from an airplane.TEDDY BEARS
TARATara Reid once said, "I make Jessica Simpson look like a _____ scientist."ROCK
TECHNOLOGYAdvanced Comfort Technology makes waterbeds for _____.COWS
TELEMARKETERSTo make it extremely difficult for telemarketers to pronounce, Tim Price changed his name in 2012 to Tim _____.PPPPPPPPPPPRICE
TEXT MESSAGEThe first text message was by Neil Papworth in 1992. He texted, "____."MERRY CHRISTMAS
TRANSLATEDThe movie G.I. Janes was translated to ____ Female Soldier in China.SATAN
URINEAccording to the nonfiction book The Man-Eating Tigers of Sundarbans, tiger urine "smells sort of like _____."BUTTERED POPCORN
VENDING MACHINEAt the Meitestu-Nagoya train station in Japan, there's an odd vending machine that sells _____.PORN
VILLAGELocated within the municipal boundaries of Kirkland Lake, Ontario, there lies the controversially name village of _____'SWASTIKA
VILLAGELocated near the town of Stanley, there's a small village in England called No _____.PLACE
VOUCHERThe Lehigh Valley IronPigs, a minor league baseball team, held a contest where the prize was a voucher for a ______.FUNERAL
WEAPONSEvery year residents in Ivrea, Italy reenact a historicalbattle of their region, and instead of replica weapons, they use _____.ORANGES


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