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These appear to be random. I would assume that you need to get at least to 20 and possibly to an even higher Light level to get one to spawn. I got one once I reached Crucible rank 2 (3,500 total rep). [I’ve now gotten 4 Exotic Bounties and Bam has gotten 2. It’s completely 100% random] When you do get the trigger the Bounty Tracker will offer you 3 Gold Bounties with somewhat obscure descriptions. These bounties are for Exotic Weapons and are really quests with multiple parts to receive your reward. As we find and do these we will be creating guides to help you unlock them.


Shattered Memory Fragment – Pocket Infinity – Fusion Rifle
A Dubious Task – Invective – Shotgun
A Light In The Dark – Thorn – Hand Cannon
A Voice In The Wilderness – Super Good Advice – Machine Gun
Toland’s Legacy – Bad Juju – Pulse Rifle


Shattered Memory Fragment – Exotic Weapon Bounty (Pocket Infinity – Fusion Rifle)

Track down Fireteam Tuyet’s last stand.
Destination: Venus – Patrol
Head to the city area from the first few missions on Venus. Just past the large statue is a small building on the left. Enter and on the left will be Dead Ghost you need to scan.

DAMAGED GHOST – Kill a Vex Gate Lord with the Heroic modifier active.
Destination: Venus – Eye of a Gate Lord (Mission)
You need to complete this mission with the Heroic modifier which means you need to do it on level 17 or above. Then simply complete the mission by killing the Vex Gate Lord at the end.

RESTORED GHOST – Bring the Unlocked Ghost to the Speaker in the Tower.
Destination: Tower
Pretty easy step. Just go to the Speaker to continue.

FUSION RIFLE SCHEMATICS – Bring the Fusion Rifle schematics to the Gunsmith.
Destination: Tower
Now just take it to the Gunsmith.

DEPLETED EXOTIC WEAPON CORE – Charge the Core by dismantling 10 Rare or higher quality Fusion Rifles
Destination: Loot Farming
So if you get really really lucky the Gunsmith will be selling Rare Fusion Rifles. I have seen him selling rares but not Fusions Rifles yet so I don’t know if you can buy just one or as many as you want. You can check the website and under Tower select the Gunsmith to see what he is currently selling. It refreshed every 3 hours. Your most expensive option is to buy Fusion Rifles from the Crucible or Vanguard Quartermasters. You need to be Faction 3 and they will cost you 150 Marks. Other than that you will need to get Secondary Weapon Engrams and hope they become Fusion Rifles of Rare or Legendary status. Check out our Farming Guide HERE for locations you can try to farm Rare Engrams and just hope for the best. Of course anything that has a possibility of Engrams will work so you can play Crucible or Strikes or whatever your heart desires as long as you end up Dismantling 10 Fusion Rifles at the end. The Bounty does have a tracker so you can check your progress.

CHARGED EXOTIC WEAPON CORE – Bring the Charged Core to the Gunsmith.
Destination: Tower
Now just take it to the Gunsmith.

UNSTABLE PROTOTYPE FUSION FRAME – Kill enemies in a Weekly Nightfall Strike until the Fusion Rifle stabilizes.
Destination: Weekly Strike Mission
You need to be high level to even be allowed to try Nightfall Strikes and they are level 28. You need to get 200 kills within these Strikes to finish this section. Nightfall is if your party dies you have to start the entire thing over. Take note that you need to use Fusion Rifles for the kills to count. The kills do not start counting until you get into the darkness area. The low level enemies outside of the actual strike area do not count but once you are fighting level 28s all of these kills count. Only your kills count for this one but you’ll want a full team to help out. If you want to bust this out solo I would suggest a LOT of Special Ammo Synthesis. Make sure you just bypass any opening area low level mobs as these don’t count towards your total.

My Summoning Pit Run:
Sparrow until I get past the 3 opening Knights and into the Strike proper. In the first real area you can still respawn. You want to immediately kill the two Thralls that are just sitting there when you get into the area. Then I bum rush the 3 Acolytes and try to one shot them point blank. If I can move on to next then fine, if I die then I bum rush the next. When these 5 enemies are dead I hug the left ledge and rush to the first REAL area. Here set your Ghost and then turn towards the room and jump to the left platform. Thralls will rush you from the door in front of you and this is where you get your kills. When the Knights show up I try to clean up any Thralls left lingering and then let the Knights kill me to restart. Get about 20 a run.

STABILIZED PROTOTYPE – Return the Prototype to the Gunsmith
Destination: Tower
Turn this in to the Gunsmith and you get your Pocket Infinity!



A Dubious Task – Exotic Weapon Bounty (Invective – Shotgun)

A Dubious Task is the Exotic Weapon Bounty that will allow you to unlock the Exotic Shotgun, the “Invective”. This is my personal first exotic bounty(This is Bam BTW) so I’m gonna show you step by step how I unlocked it and what you need to do. As I was turning in some bounties to Xander 99-40 I was thrilled when I saw that I had luckily got a chance to do an Exotic Weapon Bounty. It’s all luck really, just keep turning in bounties and eventually hopefully you’ll get one.

Talk to Ikora Rey.
Destination: Tower
For our first step we simply need to go to Ikora Rey to get PART I of our bounty. She is the Warlock Vanguard, found in the Hall of Guardians in the Tower. Simply talk to her and accept first part of the bounty.

A REQUEST FROM IKORA PART I – Complete a total of 5 Strikes without dying.
Destination: Earth (Strike Mission Devil’s Lair)
This seems like it would difficult, but it’s not hard at all, just time consuming. Go to Earth and select the strike mission, Devil’s Lair. Beat it five times without dying to complete this step. This does not have to be consecutive.
There are three different section of the strike. One tasks you with defeating waves of enemies, the next asks you to beat a giant robot spider and last you need to beat Sepris Prime, who is a giant purple mechanical eyeball. The main thing you have to do is not get cocky. Don’t attack everything and everyone with reckless abandon. Take your time, watch your health, and just get it done. The picture below will show you three very important spots to stay safe and not get killed.

For the first section, stay up on the catwalk and stay to the far right. For the second section, stay all the way back behind this tractor trailer and stand on the hood. For the last section, stay back and to the left by the stairway.

For the first section, stay up on the catwalk and stay to the far right — For the second section, stay all the way back behind this tractor trailer and stand on the hood — For the last section, stay back and to the left by the stairway

A REQUEST FROM IKORA – COMPLETED – Bring the completed request to Ikora
Destination: Tower

A REQUEST FROM IKORA PART II – Earn a Kills\Death spread of 25 in the Crucible
Destination: Crucible
Now you must head back to Ikora in the Hall of Guardians to turn on PART I and get PART II. The next part of the bounty asks you to get a 25 KD spread in Crucible! That’s some Cruci-bull-shit!!!! Now at first I thought, as well as a lot of the internet, that you needed to get 25 kills and 0 or 1 death. Thankfully this is not the case. It’s not a 25 kill death ratio, it’s a 25 kill death spread. Meaning you need to get 25 more kills than deaths. So that could mean going 40 kills and 15 deaths or 50 and 25 or even if it took you forever you could go 500 and 475. It’s over as many games as it takes. For me it took just two matches. After the first game, that I joined late, I was at 6 out of the 25. Then I played the next match and I kept checking the bounty to see that it was moving up and up until I got the 25. As soon as you obtain the 25 kill death spread you are done. It will tell you in game and even on the kill feed so anyone and everyone can see that you finished that step. After you get the 25 kill death spread you can even die a bunch and it still won’t change anything. When you get it you get it. Once your match is done head back to the tower and talk to Ikora again.

A REQUEST FROM IKORA – COMPLETED – Bring the completed request to Ikora
Destination: Tower

A REQUEST FROM IKORA – PART II – Complete a Weekly Challenge Acivity
Destination: The Standard Weekly or Nightfall Strike Mission
Once you talk to Ikora again you will be tasked with completing one of the weekly challenges, strikes. Each week Bungie resets the weekly strike mission for all of us to do. For me, this weekly challenge was the Strike on the moon. Just pick the easiest level possible, it usually starts at 22. You can go it along, but it’s probably smarter to take a fire team with you. As soon as you’ve beaten it you will see that you’ve finished that step in the bounty, your bounty now also looks completely with a purple orb as the icon. Now you need to head back to Ikora again.

A CLOT OF DARKNESS – Return to Ikori Rey
Destination: Tower

INVECTIVE [UNCHARGED] – Purchase an Invective shotgun component from the Gunsmith
Destination: Tower
Now that we’ve talked to Ikora again it’s time to go to the Gunsmith, Exo. You will see a green arrow above his head, he is right next to the awkward looking tree in the very start of the tower. When you talk to him you will see that he has something purchasable on the top right corner. This is shotgun parts that Ikora needs. Except if you want to get the part [Golden Age Shotgun Magazine] from Exo you will need to trade in 50 Special Ammo Synthesis. You probably have a few already, so to get the rest just buy them right there from the Gunsmith. Each one costs 250 glimmer. So you’ll need a lot saved up. 50 special ammo consumables costs 12,500 glimmer! Once you have 50, which you can see tracked by highlighting the shotgun parts your about to trade in for, get the parts and be on your way.

INVECTIVE [UNCHARGED] – Return Invective to Ikora Rey so she can integrate the component
Destination: Tower
Now that we have the shotgun parts, take them back to Ikora in the Hall of Guardians in the tower. All we need to do now is just select the bounty as soon as we talk to her and BAM we have our brand new sexy exotic shot gun! The Invective!
Hope all of this has helped! Thanks!



A Light In The Dark – Exotic Weapon Bounty (Thorn – Hand Cannon)

Complete “The Summoning Pits” Strike on the Moon.
Destination: Moon
This first part is just to complete “The Summoning Pits” on the Moon which is a standard level 12 Strike.

DEPLETED HAND CANNON – Harvest the energies of Hive on the Moon to activate the weapons
Destination: Moon, The Dark Beyond Mission
You need to kill 500 Hive. The best place is the The Dark Beyond missions. Do it on a level that you can be damaged. Fight your way to the Temple of Crota. Here you want to kill the Hive that rush the door and then die BEFORE killing the Knight. This will respawn the encounter and you can farm kills until you have 500. If you have people with you their kills count towards your 500.

DEPLETED HAND CANNON – Use Void Damage to defeat Guardians in the Crucible. Death will slow your progress.
Destination: Crucible
First you have to have weapons with Void. That’s the Purple Swirl type of damage. You can play any list you want. You will get +5 points for each death due to Void damage and you will lose -2 points for every death you have. You need 500 points to advance to the next stage so if you are perfect this is 100 kills.

CORRUPTED HAND CANNON – Bring the hand cannon to the Speaker.
Destination: Tower

CORRUPTED HAND CANNON – Cleanse yourself and the weapon with an infusion of Light.
Destination: Tower
You need to buy this from the Speaker for 1 Mote of Light.

CORRUPTED HAND CANNON – Bring the weapon to Ikora Rey.
Destination: Tower
Ikora Rey is the Warlock Vanguard.

CORRUPTED THORN – Kill Xyor, the Unwed
Destination: Moon – Special The Summoning Pits Strike
This is a level 26 strike. You need to fight your way through to the final boss area with Phogoth. Now keep killing the Knights and Acolytes and all the other mobs but leave Phogoth alive. Xyor, the Unwed will spawn from the third drop ship that arrives at the bottom area. You can stay in the second room right before Phogoth and work enemies from there. Don’t stay in the room right outside as a Shrieker will spawn in this room. You then need to kill Xyor who is a high level Wizard. You can finish the Strike or leave once the bounty updates.

UNBOUND THORN – Return to the Speaker
Destination: Tower
Go to the Speaker and he will give you Thorn. Congrats you have a Exotic Hand Cannon.



A Voice In The Wilderness – Exotic Weapon Bounty (Super Good Advice – Machine Gun)

This is by far the easiest of all the Exotic weapon bounties. The only tricky part is that you have to wait til Xur shows up during the weekends. Other than that this will take you about an hour, if that.

A VOICE IN THE WILDERNESS – Search loot caches on Mars for clues.
Destination: Mars
You will randomly find the item you are looking for from loot chests. Just keep working standard farming loops through the city and caves until you get the item. It could be in the first or it could take you 20 or more chests. Just search through one area until you’ve looked at all the spots chests are found, if it’s not there move on. You can even look back in old spots where you already searched, a new chest might appear and it might be in there. You only need to find the one fortunate chest. It took me 20 minutes, it can take much shorter or much longer depending on your luck.

Destination: The Tower
Now what we need to do is go to the tower and visit the Gunsmith. This is extremely simple. Just head to the Gunsmith and he will give you the next step of the bounty, which is going to be checking in on Xur, the agent of the nine.

A MOURNFUL GUN – Acquire a Pristine Golden Age Ammunition Module from Xur, the Agent of the Nine.
Destination: The Tower
Xur is the agent of the nine who sells exotic goods on weekends for strange coins and motes of light. He moves around in many different places throughout the tower each week. For me he was under Future War Cult area in the Tower Hanger. Make sure you have one strange coin, if you don’t have one play the strike of the week and you’ll be rewarded with at least 3. There are other ways to get strange coins as well. Find Xur and you will be given an option to acquire a Pristine Golden Age Ammunition Module for one strange coin. Do that and you’re on to the next step.
(PS… Check out this handy page that tells you all of the goodness that Xur is selling each week!

A PLEASED MACHINE GUN FRAME – Kill enemies with Machine Guns (500).
Destination: Anywhere (Moon: The Dark Beyond recommended)
I recommend buying some Heavy Ammo Synthesis from the gunsmith before you get going. You will get some heavy ammo drops, but it’s easier to buy a few of these instead.
You can kill 500 enemies with Heavy Machine Guns anywhere, but I think the best place is on Moon on the story mission THE DARK BEYOND. At just level 6 you will rip through the bad guys and there’s a part of the mission where you open a huge gate and swarms of Hive come rushing through like cockroaches on steroids. Play the mission up until the cut-scene when you try to revive a dead guardian. Kill all the enemies with your heavy machine gun EXCEPT FOR THE KNIGHT! DO NOT KILL THE KNIGHT! After you take down a bunch of the enemies stop shooting and let the knight kill you. If you allow the knight to kill you it will reset you at the beginning of the gate opening and you can destroy the hive over and over, picking up heavy ammo and using your synthesis when needed. Keep doing this until you get your 500 kills. It should take you less than 10 minutes.

AN ENTHUSIASTIC GUN – Bring the frame to the Gunsmith.
Destination: Tower
Last step is as easy as it gets. Fly back to the Tower and visit the gunsmith again. He will have your brand new shiny new gun smell exotic heavy machine gun waiting for you. The “Super Good Advice” is the name of the gun. It has high fire rate and slightly low impact. It’s got some good abilities to unlock like really fast reload and much higher stability. It’s special features are that it get’s upgraded damage for a period of time with a kill and missed shots have a good chance of returning directly back into the clip.
I hope this helped, good luck and thanks!



Toland’s Legacy – Exotic Weapon Bounty (Bad Juju – Pulse Rifle)

Complete a Weekly Heroic or Nightfall Strike.
Destination: Standard Weekly or Nightfall Strike.
Obviously the weekly will be a lot easier to complete.

TOLAND’S JOURNAL [FRAGMENTED] – Bring the Journal to Ikora Rey, the Warlock Vanguard in the Tower.
Destination: Tower

TOLAND’S JOURNAL [FRAGMENTED] – Track down the fragments of Toland’s Journal by completing Strikes on any Destination
Destination: Strike Playlist
You now need to complete 25 strikes of any kind. You can directly pick from a planet, do Strike Playlist, Weekly, Nightfall whatever just do 25 to completion.

TOLAND’S JOURNAL [ENCRYPTED] – Bring the Journal to Ikora Rey
Destination: Tower
For the millionth time. Ikora Rey is the Warlock Vangaurd.

TOLAND’S JOURNAL [DECRYPTED] – Bring the Journal to the Gunsmith

BLACK MARKET COUPON – Obtain a darkness infused weapon frame from Xur.
Destination: Tower
Xur is only in game from Friday morning to Sunday morning. His location changes week to week. This part will cost you 1 Strange Coin.

DARKNESS-INFUSED WEAPON FRAME – Bring the weapon frame to the Gunsmith

DARKNESS-INFUSED PULSE RIFLE – Defeat Guardians in the Crucible.
Destination: Crucible
10,000 points. No negatives for deaths just grind the kills out.

SATED PULSE RIFLE – Return the weapon to the Gunsmith.
Just go back to the Gunsmith and he will give you your brand new Exotic Bad Juju!



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