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1) Tower Plaza – Tower Watch ::
From the start, head left towards the North Tower but instead of going through the tunnel, head up the stairway to that goes to an overlook. This platforms looks over the main plaza. As soon as you make it up the stairs, go directly to the right. There will be a couple of crates stacked on each-other–the dead ghost is right on top and ready to be revived.
2) Tower North ::
From the start, head to the North Tower through the tunnel to the Speaker’s Chamber. As soon as you walk through you will see a bunch of crazy pigeons flying away; keep going straight. There’s a small walkway to the left, walk up the stairs to the left and the dead ghost will be on the ground also to the left.
3) Tower Plaza – Traveler’s Walk ::
From the start walk directly straight(but not down the steps)and up towards where you pick up new bounties. Go up the next flight of stairs and there will be an area called Traveler’s Walk area. This section is only open when there is an Iron Banner event running. So make sure you get in there and get the ghost when it’s open. There is a big gate that blocks the area off, this will open when the Iron Banner or any other “Event” is running. Go through this area, past Lord Saladin(who is the one you will talk to during the Iron Banner). The far right next to a balcony there will be the dead ghost on the railing.
4) Hall of Guardians ::
From the start walk directly straight and down the stairs. Walk past the two Crucible guardians on the right and left. Go into the Vanguard Strategy room where you would normally purchase armor from your guardian leaders. As soon as you walk into the room, turn to the right. You will see the dead ghost on the table.


The Breach
1) Look Up ::
This is found on the very first level, when your personal ghosts revives you. It can also be found in explore mode if you go back as far as possible. In the level your ghost will light up a giant room and you will see “The fallen” enemies in the distance. Then your ghost will tell you that he found a weapon for you. From when you pick up the weapon, go around the corner to the left. As soon as you turn the corner, look up and to the left. There will be some pipes and an opening where the dead guardian will be sitting.

2) Don’t get wet ::
Still on the first level, in the first truly open room where you fight a substantial amount of enemies you will see a puddle in the middle of the room. From this puddle look the the left. Underneath a cat-walk and around a small pillar you should see the dead ghost in-between some pipes in the wall.

The Divide
3) Follow the signs ::
As soon as you come out of the breath and into The Divide you will see a billboard that reads “POGA”. The ghost is sitting in a ledge on the back side of the billboard. To get up on this, go behind the billboard and you will see a tractor trailer. Jump on the back of this. Then from here jump onto the trailer house to the left. Then jump on the next roof of the next building. From here jump onto the box on the roof that looks like an air-conditioner. Next you want to jump onto the higher roof that is right in front of you(All of this will be ridiculously easier to do once you get a double jump). If you don’t have a double jump yet, try to make the jump from the air-conditioner to the set of lights that resembles stadium lights for a ballpark. Hop to the right and try not to bump into the satellite when you do this jump. If you make it, jump once more to get onto the last roof. From here you can walk to the back of the billboard and revive the dead ghost.

4) Round and round ::
From as soon as you come out of the breach and into The Divide, walk directly straight under the billboard. You will come out into an open area where there will be plenty of enemies and a drop-ship sending in more. Hug the right wall and go the far right. There is an area that looks like you can walk to but as soon as you try the game will tell you to turn back or you will die. So instead of going to this area, turn left and you will see a big round open cylinder sitting on its side. Inside of this cylinder is what looks like a Christmas tree that fell down. Right next to this tree is the dead ghost.

The Steppes

5) Shed your fears ::
Find the downed helicopter used in restoration story mission. From here head towards the small shed on the small hill. This shed is right before a much larger shed that is surrounded by the fallen bad guys. In this small shed under a desk you will find the dead ghost.

6) Hiding in the bushes ::
Head towards The Mothyards from The Steppes. In the valley there is a pathway that wraps around a giant ditch in the ground. The ditch is filled with grass and bushes. Head towards the pipes in the back corner of the ditch. On the right side laying in the brush you will find the dead ghost that needs reviving.

The Mothyards
7) Tip of the wing ::
The Mothyards is a GIANT open area filled with crashed airplanes. As soon as you enter the Mothyards from the Steppes, go towards the cliff-sides on the right. Find the plane that has its wing tilted upwards toward the cliff. Climb up the wing and double-jump (or ramp with your sparrow) off of the tip of the wing onto the ledge on the cliff. There’s a cave that also has two layers because it drops down to a lower level. Don’t drop down, just look to the left side and you should see the dead ghost behind a rock.

8) Around the canyon ::
From the Mothyards you can travel through a canyon to go to the Forgotten Shores. Before you get to the shores, there is a waterfall in the canyon. Go passed the waterfall and around the next bend and there is a cave about 15 feet high in the corner. Climb the rocks and inside the cave is the next dead ghost.

Lunar Complex
9) Hiding with the Hive ::
Go to Lunar Complex, can be done on the mission the dark within or in open patrol. There’s a large room that is the first time you ever see “The Hive” species. In this room go to the far right. You should see a electrical box, double jump to get on top and you will see the dead ghost that needs awoken sitting on top.

The Forgotten Shores
10) Captain’s Quarters ::
There are a few ships that are crashed into the shore. Look for the second ship down and look to the left. You should see a piece of the ship, that happens to be the front of the ship. There’s also a wheel by this chunk. Inside is the dead ghost.

11) Death Trap ::
Go to the second crashed ship, which is right on the edge of the water (also right next to the second mission “Warmind”). Inside the room in the from of the ship there are a set of stairs. Go down these stairs a couple levels and you will be inside of a bunker. The enemies here are extremely high level. Either come back when you are level 20 or try to avoid them and find the dead ghost under the stairs.

Terrestrial Complex
12) Next to the gym socks ::
When you enter the Terrestrial Complex from “The Skywatch” area, you should see a set of lockers on the right in a small corridor. The dead ghost is in the middle locker.

13) Under the Heli ::
Look for the helipad that has a few crashed helicopters on it. On the edge of the helipad you can drop down to a ledge. Under the helipad there is a room, there’s a big hole in the wall you can see from the ledge. There’s also a very high level enemy in the room. Either come back at a high level to kill him, or use a friend to lure the enemy out. Quickly run in and find the dead ghost on a desk in the right side of the room.

14) On the roof ::
As soon as you enter the Rocketyard jump onto the roof on the left-hand side. This is also the beginning of the “Devil’s Lair” level. Find the dead ghost on top of the roof.

15) Under the Russian sign ::
When you enter the refinery you should see a small room with a white light above it. There’s also a Russian sign above the room. Go into the room and find the dead ghost in the room.

The Blast
16) Stairway to the bench ::
If you’re playing the level “Devil’s Lair” you should come into a room where you are fighting a giant Tank boss. Go to the left side into a room and up a flight of stairs. At the top of the stairs there is a bench, the dead ghost is sitting here waiting to be revived.

The Grottos
17) Along the shoreline ::
The Grottos has 2 high level enemies. It’s right past the Forgotten Shore. Jump in the sparrow and ride the shoreline past two level 20 bad guys. Keep riding the shoreline without going too far out to the sea or you will be killed. Stay on the shoreline and you will come to a pipe. Just to the left of the pipe is the final dead ghost on earth.


Archer Lane
1) Begin! ::
From the start of patrol on the moon (and many of the missions) go up the hill and head to the left. There’s a big facility to the left side. Before you would go inside and before you go under the building there is a platform that has a few fallen enemies on it. Take them out and head to the far right of this platform. Jump on top of a few boxes and look back towards the original spawn you started from. You should see a dead ghost on the support system. Double jump across and you should be able to get it.

2) Don’t fall ::
From the start of patrol on the moon, head towards the large geodome straight ahead. Behind the dome and to the right is the dead ghost. Go the the right and you will see a huge hole that you can fall to your death in. Go to the edge, but don’t fall. Look down to the right of a huge shadow going upwards and you will see a platform under you. Drop down to it and revive the dead ghost.

Hall of Wisdom
From the Geodome that’s in Archer Lane, go through the dome and down the hill into a Hive hide-out, the Hall of Wisdom. Head through the Hall of Wisdom. Keep going until you go into an open room that has a small bridge and a spawn point of a ship, wizard, and many Hive bad guys. Once you take them out, go to the middle of the bridge and look to the left. You should see the dead ghost across the gap. You can double jump or you can simply walk along the side of the wall and grab it.




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