Contest: Rare Replay First To Complete

30 games with 10,000 gs? That screams a First to Complete Contest right.

Even if you don’t think you can top 3 make sure to join as I’ll do some giveaways and contests just for people on this leaderboard!

$100 prize pool to start. $50 to 1st, $30 to 2nd, $20 to 3rd
Can’t earn achievements before official launch
Glitched/Broken achievements will be dealt with as they are discovered

Current launch date: Aug 4th

Just to confirm this race is for the 10k gs only, not all 30 titles since it appears 9 of the titles will just be the 360 versions via backwards compatibility with their original GS.

We are hosting a leaderboard over at Check it out HERE. It’s free to sign up and once the contest has started we’ll keep track of everyone’s progress over here on


I’ve been a pretty hardcore gamer since the Xbox 360 came out. I’m was top 10 on TA for all Xbox ONE games for gamerscore. I created this site to house all my YouTube guide videos and everything else video game related we can come up with.

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