Super Mario Odyssey – Cloud Kingdom – Moon Locations

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Cloud Kingdom

01 – Picture Match: Basically a Goomba


1- Pretty much directly in the middle of the Cloud Kingdom island is a green Warp Pipe…

2- Inside is a fun but challenging puzzle game…

3- Pay attention to this image! The picture of the Goomba is going to dissapear once you start, you are going to have to recreate the Goombas face by “capturing” the eyes, eyebrows, etc…

4- The tricky thing is that once you place down something, it will dissapear too. So you can only ever see the outline of the Goomba and whatever body part you are holding…

5- Recreate Goomba’s face as best as you can! You need 60 points to win the Power Moon! Good Luck!

02 – Peach in the Cloud Kingdom


1- Peach is hanging around in the Cloud Kingdom…

2- Talk to her and she’ll give you a Power Moon!

The remaining Power Moons can only be found in the “End Game” portion of Mario Odyssey!

– Now that you’ve beaten the game, these mysterious Moon Rocks can be BUSTED open! In doing so, MORE Power Moons will spread throughout the Kingdom!

– On the northmost side of the Cloud Kingdom is where you can find the Moon Rock!

– Burst open the Moon Rock and 7 shiny brand new Power Moons will be launched into the clouds!

03 – Digging in the…Cloud?


1- As you stand on this hump in the clouds, you should notice your controller/joycons starting to rumble…

2- Ground pound THIS SPOT for the Power Moon!

04 – High, High Above the Clouds

Location- West Corner

1- On the west corner of the island in the sky is a moving platform, hit the cloud question marks to make platforms appear and jump onto the moving platform, it’ll take you high in the air…

2- Once you are high above the clouds, you’ll see more cloud question marks and a Power Moon…

3- Hit the cloud question marks, jump across, and go get that Power Moon!

05 – Crossing the Cloud Sea


1- At the northmost area of the Cloud Kingdom (the same spot you destroyed the Moon Rock), you can see a key off in the distance.

2- Hit the cloud question marks and jump across them…

3- Once you reach the other side and grab the key, the Power Moon will pop up back where the Moon Rock used to be. Go back and get it!

06 – Taking Notes: Up and Down


1- On the side of the Cloud Kingdom you should see a platform in the near distance…

2- Jump out to it and ground pound it…

3- It will launch you upwards where you will see a music note, hit the music note!…

4- It’s nearly impossible to snag all the notes in one movement, so you’ll have to go up and down a couple times. Watch the video to get a good idea of how it’s done!

07 – Picture Match: A Stellar Goomba!

Location- Same as “Picture Match: Basically a Goomba”

1- Just as you did the first time you played the Goomba picture puzzle game, drop dow the warp pipe that is in the middle of the cloud island…

2- This time you’ll need to score 80 points or better… (PS! Use this image here while you’re playing the game to help you out!)

3- There is an additioanl twist this time around though. Now ALL you will see is a black and white outline of the Goomba. So there are less visual references to help you pinpoint the exact spot you want to place down a facial feature…

4- Do you’re best to line them all up good luck!!

08 – King of the Cube!


1- Now that you busted open the Moon Rock, this Moon Rock Warp Pipe will appear…

2- Inside is an awesome 8-bit cube you’ll have to navigate…

3- Collect all 5 moon shards… (shard 1/5 shown)

4- Dodge the Bullet Bills… (shard 2/5 shown)

5- And the Goombas and Koopas… (shard 3/5 shown)

6- This laza area isslightly tricky, don’t fall… (shard 4/5 shown)

7- The last room has a Hammer Bro and you play it upside down! Tripy!… (shard 5/5 shown)

8- Once you get all 5 shards, the Power Moon is yours! Yaaaaay!

09 – The Sixth Face

Location- Same as “King of the Cube”

1- Now that you busted open the Moon Rock, this Moon Rock Warp Pipe will appear…

2- Inside is an awesome 8-bit cube you’ll have to navigate. Normally you’ll need to collect 5 moon shards, but for this Power Moon, there’s a secret area…

3- In the second to last room,, which is filled with lava, there is a pipe in the top right corner…

4- Jump up underneath the pipe to hit some invisible blocks, now you can jump up and go through the pipe…

5- The pipe will take you to a new room where you will find a beautiful 8-bit Power Moon…

6- Don’t fall in the lava, dodge the bad guys, and snatch that Power Moon!!!!!!!!!

2014 Bam Game Awards (BGAs)

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2014 was a good year for gaming. It was the first full year for the Xbox One and PS4; and with it came new exciting experiences but undeniable growing pains as well. The Wii U had it’s second full year in which they threw big-time punches with some big-time games. It’s usually the second or third year in a console’s cycle that we get the best games. And with some awesome stuff on the way, get excited for 2015. But before we do that, let’s look back at 2014. A year with some absolutely phenomenal games and equally bad ones. With great hype comes the possibility of great disappointment, that’s for sure. Some games reached that hype and exceeded it however. There are plenty of categories to cover in the Bam Game Awards (BGAs), so let’s get right to it. I’ll continue to add videos for categories like “Best Sports Game” or “Most Disappointing” or “Best Download Only Game”. I’ll end the 2014 BGAs with “Best Game of 2014”.
Remember these are my own opinions, and I haven’t played EVERYTHING from 2014 so some games may be left out for that reason. But overall I got to play a massive amount of games in 2014 and I have some very strong opinions, I’m looking forward to sharing them.
Stay tuned over the next few weeks, I hope you all enjoy the 2014 BGAs!
– Bam

Best Download Only Game of 2014

Most Disappointing Game of 2014

Best Nintendo Game of 2014

Best Sports/Racing Game of 2014

Sky Adventure – Tips and Tricks

Starting this page as a central location for some tips and tricks I’ve found for Sky Adventure. Please feel free to comment below if you have any yourself to share!

1) If you can afford the Notes, the Workshop is the best Coin farm at 18 coins every 10 minutes. That breaks down to 1.80 per minute. A close second, and only costing 500 coins is the News-stand at 1.72 Coins per minute with a much more lenient schedule of only needing to harvest every hour. The downside is because it’s a Coin item you can only have 5.

2) Starting flights from the World Map and directly clicking a destination starts the flight without having to click to add fuel, passengers, and then launch it. 1 click flights (as long as you have all the needed requirements for the flight)!

Redo of Site

We had a very serious malware infection that destroyed much of the site. I am working to restore the pages and information as quickly as I can but for safety reasons everyone will need to apply for a new username so I can more closely look for security violations in the future.