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Here is our achievement / trophy guide for Call of Duty: Ghosts. This is mostly a campaign list like always with a few achievements thrown in for the new Zombie-like Extinction Mode. As always there is a intel related collectible to acquire and we’ll point those out because we are such nice people. Enjoy.


Spatial Awareness – 10gs – Kill your first enemy in the Call of Duty® Ghosts campaign.
It would be pretty interesting to try NOT to kill someone in a Call of Duty game. This will be your first campaign achievement / trophy. Here’s your freebie now you can’t get it off your profile no matter what achievement.

Ghost Stories – 5gs – Escape. (Complete “Ghost Stories” on any difficulty.)


Liberty Wall – 10gs – Take down both attack helicopters in Brave New World.
At the end of this level you will see a small scout helicopter. You can shoot this one down but it’s not part of the achievement / trophy. When you fight your way to the wall you’ll be told there are attack helicopters incoming. There are rocket launcher right at the wall to use. Simply fire and guide the rockets to the helicopters. I don’t think you can even complete the mission without destroying them.

Brave New World – 10gs – Rendez-vous in Fort Santa Monica. (Complete “Brave New World” on any difficulty.)


Blimey O’Riley – 10gs – Pounce on 10 enemies whilst controlling Riley.
This is for when you are playing as Riley, not when you are Logan and send Riley to attack someone. There will be several times you are in control and there are more than 10 enemies, but there are 10 on the optimal path. There is no Pounce, you just need to use the LB attack. 1 enemy right at the start 4 enemies in the starting learning section,

No Man’s Land – 10gs – Make it to San Diego. (Complete “No Man’s Land” on any difficulty.)


Waste Not – 10gs – Every shot with the remote sniper kills a person or vehicle.
There 4 sections where you take control of the remote sniper and actually attack people.

Clearing the breach, clearing the RPGs, clearing the landing area, and finally covering your escape.

Just aim for enemies that are standing still and DON’T go for any vehicle shots. They are not required. It will unlock at the end of the level.

Struck Down – 10gs – Find Ajax. (Complete “Struck Down” on any difficulty.)


Go Ugly Early – 10gs – A-10 strafe 50 enemies.
Pretty big no brainer. You’ll be in command of the A-10 drones multiple times and the achievement / trophy popped for me after only the second run. Destroy vehicles first and then just rip through the infantry and it will unlock no problem

Homecoming – 10gs – Defend LA. (Complete “Homecoming” on any difficulty.)


It Came from Below! – 10gs – Kill 6 enemies with the knife while underwater in “Legends Never Die”.
You are NOT going to want to try this on Veteran. This is for knifing people with the big knife after the flood sequence. There are only a few places to work on this and it requires you to get close to the enemies usually without the aid of stealth. I would re-do this level on Recruit. The game resets your count on reloads to match where you were so this is not a achievement of attrition. You need to earn 6 as you play in one go.

Legends Never Die – 10gs – Hunt down Almagro. (Complete “Legends Never Die” on any difficulty.)


Sleeping Beauty – 10gs – Kill sleeping enemy in face down rappel section
After the first rappel sequence you’ll do a second one going down and you’ll come to two guys on a balcony. Right after that go slowly straight down and look into the room and there will be a guy sleeping on a folding chair. Kill him.

Carbon Faceprint – 10gs – Catch the photocopier with your face.
In the NEXT rappel sequence stuff will be falling at you. One of those things will be a photocopier, so just let it hit you in the face. Unlocked!

Federation Day – 10gs – Gather intel on Rorke. (Complete “Federation Day” on any difficulty.)


Burn Baby Burn – 25gs – Destroy 80 fuel containers.
The opening area is you playing as a helicopter pilot. Just keep blowing stuff up and don’t go to the checkpoint until the achievement unlocks.

Birds of Prey – 10gs – Capture Rorke (Complete “Birds of Prey” on any difficulty.)


Jungle Ghosts – 25gs – Finish the mission without breaking stealth.
You can kill. Just can never be seen. This is for the whole mission including when you group back up with your full team. If anyone yells out, they have seen you and you need to restart checkpoint.

The Hunted – 25gs – Make it out alive (Complete “The Hunted” on any difficulty.)


Deep Freeze – 25gs – Drop 8 vehicles into ice holes.
At the end you will be put onto a grenade turret in the vehicle and you need to blow holes in the ice and the cars will wipe out into them. You just need 8.

Clockwork – 25gs – Hack the system (Complete “Clockwork” on any difficulty.)


Piece of cake – 100gs – Storm the common room and kill everyone without taking damage on Veteran.
First this is on Veteran. Just saying. You’ll come to a breach where you have to push Merrick out of the way. Your teammate will get kills so this is really just a section of waiting and flashing and hoping for the best.

Grindin’ – 40gs – Blow the pressure valves on your first attempt.
You’ll come to final section where you you have to use the L stick to keep 3 bars in the green. Not too hard but I don’t know what happens if you screw it up since it was easy enough to do first time.

Atlas Falls – 25gs – Distract the Federation Fleet. (Complete “Atlas Falls” on any difficulty.)


David & Goliath – 20gs – Take down the LCS on the first go.
When you swim into the lighthouse you will take control of a mini torpedo. Just aim for the dark patch and hit it on the left side and end of ship.

Into the Deep – 20gs – Destroy the enemy ship (Complete “Into The Deep” on any difficulty.)


Cog in the machine – 35gs – Kill 5 enemies without being detected before infiltrating Black Zone.
Just listen to your teammates directions and don’t fire until you are given the all clear. This will happen very fast right at the beginning of the level.

End of the Line – 20gs – Storm the factory (Complete “End of the Line” on any difficulty.)


Jack-pot – 20gs – Destroy 21 slot machines.
You will come to a section where you work your way down a large open area. At the bottom will be the first set of slot machines. The only ones you can destroy as the smaller ones. There are 20 in the first area. Then you will go under gate and around a corner to a escalator down. Straight across from the top will be 5 more slots for you to destroy.

Sin City – 20gs – Plan your next move. (Complete “Sin City” on any difficulty.)


End of your rope – 20gs – Cut a grappling hook rope with an enemy on it.
After you have cleared the deck you’ll be hold to head to the North section to stop some enemies from climbing aboard. You will get a RS knife prompt when you are standing over a rope. Make sure someone is climbing up before you cut it for it to count. You are quite a few ropes to try this on.

All or nothing – 20gs – Gather the troops. (Complete “All or Nothing” on any difficulty.)


Fly-by-wire – 20gs – Take out 3 out of 3 helicopters with the remote missile.
After you clear the first wave of tanks and make the turn to the right towards the large satellite dishes 3 helicopters will attack. They can be hard to see as they can get behind the large satellite dishes. You need to use the remote rockets to take out all 3. If you fail or someone else destroys one you can reload checkpoint to try again. The achievement will pop right away to let you know you got it.

Severed Ties – 20gs – Destroy the Federation’s satellite array. (Complete “Severed Ties” on any difficulty.)


They look like ants – 20gs – Destroy all enemy ground targets and kill no allies with the rods.
When you regain control of the Odin-clone you will be tasked with destroying all the ground enemies. You do NOT need to destroy the helicopters. Make sure EVERYTHING is destroyed. The game will allow you to move on if you just leave one or two but for the achievement you need everything. There are 3 sections. You can re-fire up to the last full division. The biggest problem is the game will checkpoint as soon as you meet the minimum so if you miss someone you have to do everything over. In the last flanking section clear out the far two right groups before firing a single shot on the last shot. Then fire all 3 on the last group to make sure you get everyone. The achievement / trophy will pop right after its over.

Loki – 20gs – Commandeer the enemy space station. (Complete “Loki” on any difficulty.)


Tickets please – 20gs – Shoot the grapple guys off the side of the train.
Right after the three scout helicopter attack you need to rush to the left side as 2 enemies are climbing aboard. You need to take out both before they get to the top. You can reload checkpoint if you don’t get both.

The Ghost Killer – 20gs – Confront Rorke (Complete “The Ghost Killer” on any difficulty.)

You’ve earned it – 40gs – Earn the mask. Finish the campaign on Veteran.
Congrats. One of the easier Veterans I would say. The last few missions have a few tough spots mostly due to long checkpoint distances but a great story. Best COD story yet.


Audiophile – 15gs – Collect all 18 Rorke files.
Check out our full guide HERE.


Safeguard – 20gs – Reach round 20 in Safeguard.
This is a 4 player wave attack mode against Bots. It can be played on any map and you receive perks and strike items in crate drops throughout the level. Enemies and your abilities level up the farther you go.


City Dweller – 20gs – Made it to the city.
The city is the second area you get to. First you need to take out 3 Hives, then a helicopter will come in and you need to protect it as it clears a path to the city.

Any Means necessary – 40gs – Get 50 kills with the electric fence and fire traps in a single game.
Electric Fences appear as generators that cost $300 to activate. Firetraps appear as large barrels and also cost $300. They need damage and kill aliens that come into the area. They last for a set period of time and then you can pay to use them again. You can easily train the aliens to these area to get the kills.

Trash Picker – 20gs – Scavenge 40 items in a single game.
There are small trash piles and ammo crates around the game. You hold Y to search through these and they contain attachments for gun, ammo, or SOFLAM laser targeting systems. There is also a cool Hypno Knife that turns any alien you throw it at into an ally.

No Man Left – 20gs – Escape with all four players

Sprinter – 20gs – Reach the exfil chopper with 1 minute and 30 seconds or more remaining on the clock.

Made it Out Alive – 20gs – Escape 1st time.

Completionist – 25gs – Complete all Extinction challenges and escape.
First off you want to have at least 2000 going into each Hive. This is in case they throw a “Kill 15 with a SMG” and you need to go buy one quick. The challenges are random so you just need to be prepared for anything they might throw at you. A list of challenges we’ve seen can be found HERE.

Cabin Fever – 10gs – Make it to the cabin.

Throttled Escape – 10gs – Escape using a relic.
Note that Relics are unlocked once you hit level 30 and prestige your Extinction character. Relics are items that you load before the match to change the settings.

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