Super Mario Odyssey – Metro Kingdom – Power Moon Locations

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Metro Kingdom

Power Moons
1 – New Donk City’s Pest Problem

Start off by head over the girders to get to the Spark Pylon. Use that to reach City Outskirts. Head down the street to the left to and onto another set of girders to reach Construction Site. From there continue to the main building and use the stairs on the right and another Spark Pylon to reach the entrance to the building. Enter the building and work your way to the top and exit back to the Heliport. One more Spark Pylon and we’re at the Scourge on the Skyscraper.

First stage of the battle is capturing the Tank and hitting all the sections of the enemy. Then it will warp into the wall and project a beam. This beam is it’s path so simply get out of the way. It will also start to send out glowing orbs to attack you. These come straight at you and can be dodged or destroyed with tank fire. There are only 2 stages to this battle.

2 – Drummer on Board!
3 – Guitarist on Board!
4 – Bassist on Board!
5 – Trumpeter on Board!

Mayor Pauline is standing right in front of New Donk City Hall and wants you to find 4 musicians.

Location: New Donk City Hall Plaza
The Drummer is directly to the right

Location: Main Street Entrance
On the northeast side of the park on a small circle stage with shrubs behind him.

Location: Mayor Pauline Commemorative Park
Take the Spark Pylon from East side of New Donk City Plaza over to Mayor Pauline Commemorative Park and he is in the corner.

Location: New Donk City Hall Plaza
Last guy is on top of the West most triangular building on the South street. The building that is just West of that one has a series of Poles you can capture and fling yourself up to the top and then over to the next building.

6 – Powering Up the Station
35 – Sewer Treasure

Location: New Donk City Hall Plaza
After finishing getting the band together Mayor Pauline will let you know she has a power plant problem. Let’s take care of that for her. Over to the far East side of the Plaza is a giant manhole cover. Capture it to move it out of the way. This will put you in the Underground Power Plant. Use Cappy to move the green platforms. When you get to the large green platform ride it to the top and jump back the way you came to a ledge to find Sewer Treasure. Then continue on and work your way to a final area with 2 large Piranha Plants. Defeat them both to get the Powering Up the Station Power Moon. Afterward get on top of the power station and ground pound to activate it.

7 – A Traditional Festival!
36 – Celebrating in the Streets!

Location: Odyssey
After completing the Power Station, Pauline will ask if you want to participate in a Festival. Say yes and you’ll be warped to the Odyssey. Enter the newly erected Pipe and continue through the 2D puzzles. When you reach the section that is completely upside down with the jumping fireballs jump onto the 4 ? blocks and then jump some more to reveal hidden blocks. Use those to enter the pipe and get the Celebrating in the Streets! Power Moon. Continue on to the Donkey Kong section and hit all the ? Blocks to defeat him, then head into the pipe. You’ll come out by Pauline. Talk to her to get a Multi Moon.

8 – Inside an Iron Girder

Location: Construction Site
There are 4 crates stacked up at the North end of the length of girder for Construction Site. Smash them to be able to enter the girder. Simply follow it to the end to get the Power Moon.

9 – Swaying in the Breeze

Location: Heliport
Right off the heliport is a swaying girder. The Power Moon is at the end of it. Just be careful and jump to get it.

10 – Girder Sandwich

Locations: Location: New Donk City Hall Plaza
Head to the East side where it drops off. Look to the right and you’ll see a small path to some tall wide girders. Simply wall jump your way to the top to get the Power Moon.

11 – Glittering Above the Pool

Location: Helipad
Take the Spark Pylon to the top of New Donk City Hall and then long jump off the West side to the pool below.

12 – Dizzying Heights

Location: Helipad
Take the Spark Pylon to the top of New Donk City Hall and then just climb up to the very very very top.

13 – Secret Girder Tunnel!

Location: Odyssey
The first girders you go over to the right have a hidden Power Moon. Simply jump over the girder and there is a entrance on the North side.

14 – Who Piled Garbage on This?

Location: Construction Site
At the ramp to the Construction Site girders is hidden Spark Pylon on the side of the building. Take the up and then use the pole to fling yourself the last bit. Destroy the garbage bags and ground pound where they were for a Power Moon.

15 – Hidden in the Scrap

Location: Mayor Pauline Commemorative Park
Take the Spark Pylon from East side of New Donk City Plaza over to Mayor Pauline Commemorative Park and do a ground pound on the remains of the boss there.

16 – Left at the Café?

Location: New Donk City Hall Rooftop
Long jump off the West side to the café below. It’s the floor below the pool. Then Ground Pound the middle of the open area to reveal the Power Moon. Your controller will rumble when you are close.

17 – Caught Hopping on a Building!

Location: Rooftop Garden
If you haven’t gotten up to the Rooftop Garden you can start with a series of poles on the building to the North and then Spark Pylon over to the Rooftop Garden. Use the pole to fling yourself over to the grass on the top of the adjacent building. Hit the bunny with your hat and once more with a kick for good luck to get the Power Moon. If you miss it can get quite hard to catch the bunny as be jumps from building to building. If this happens it’s usually best to just look away so the bunny resets and try again. Homing Throw is your friend here.

18 – How Do They Take Out the Trash?

Location: Helipad
Take the Spike all the way to the top of City Hall. The pillar you are looking for is off the Northeast. Long Jump over there and hit the garbage to get the Power Moon.

19 – Metro Kingdom Timer Challenge 1

Location: Rooftop Garden
Down on the street just North of this flag is the first Timer Challenge. You need to use your weight to raise and lower the sides of the 3 platforms to get to the Moon in time.

20 – Metro Kingdom Timer Challenge 2

Location: Helipad
Once again right the Spark all the way to the top of City Hall. This Timer Challenge involves using a Moped to ride a track to the Power Moon. Jump on the Moped and ride it over the P Switch to start the challenge. You need to ride over the key and the Power Moon will appear.

21 – City Gardening: Building Planter
22 – City Gardening: Plaza Planter
23 – City Gardening: Rooftop Planter

Location: Main Street Entrance
All 3 seeds are in the Southeastern corner of the park.
The Build Planter is across the street Westwise. Use the parked Taxi to launch onto the fire escape and head up to the roof for the Planter.

The Plaza Planter is just a few feet away in the corner of all the small trees.

The Rooftop Planter is above the Slots. Your best bet is to use the nearby wooden crates to throw the seed onto the fire escape. Then use the small alleyway to wall jump your way to the roof.
Once planted all 3 of these will take a few minutes to grow.

24 – How You Doin’, Captain Toad?

Location: New Donk City Hall Rooftop
Head to the back (North) side of the building and drop all the way to the one girder is extending out off the map. Captain Toad is waiting down there for you.

25 – Free Parking: Rooftop Hop

Location: Helipad
Ride the Spark to the roof of City Hall. Then jump on the Moped. You want to ride it off the East side to the roof of the second building over. There a man is standing next to a parking spot. Park the moped and get a Power Moon.

26 – Bench Friends

Location: Main Street Entrance
Take a left and go down the street by the store. There will be a man sitting on a bench. Put Mario on the bench with him and with some maneuvering you’ll sit down. Talk to man and hear his story. Afterwards he’ll reward you with a Power Moon.

27 – Shopping in New Donk City

Location: Main Street Entrance
Just head into the standard coin store and buy a Power Moon for 100.

28 – Metro Kingdom Slots

Location: Main Street Entrance
Head into the Metro City Slots. For 10 you can play. You want to get 4 Power Moons. The Power Moon is after the Standard Heart shows up.

29 – Jump-Rope Hero
30 – Jump-Rope Genius

Location: Main Street Entrance
There are two ladies swinging a jump rope in the park. Just jump in the middle. You need 30 for Hero and a whopping 100 for Genius. The speed picks up after every section maxing out speed when the count reaches 50. Try to jump when the lady says, “Hey”.

31 – Remotely Captured Car

Location: Main Street Entrance
Just to the left of the plaza is a man without a hat. Capture to take control of the RC Car and use it to drive into the Power Moon in the cage.

32 – RC Car Pro!

Location: Main Street Entrance
Just past the outdoor RC track is a door to go inside the building. Inside is a larger RC track. You need to get less than 30 seconds on 3 laps to get the Power Moon.

33 – Taking Notes: In The Private Room

Location: Main Street Entrance
As you head down the main street there is a open door on the left in the first set of buildings. Enter and you will do a Taking Notes 2D / 3D Combo puzzle of having to change back and forth to get all the Notes.

34 – City Hall Lost & Found

Location: Helipad
Enter the City Hall building from the Helipad and work your way to the pole climbing section. At the pole that is to the far back corner you need to wall jump off of that one to one that is higher. From there go pole to pole until you get to the Treasure Chest.

37 – Pushing Through The Crowd
38 – High Over the Crowd

Location: Outdoor Café
Head into the door to the North and capture the switch to start the challenge. Run over the tops of the crowd using dive jumps to get to the Power Moon before time runs out. Before you leave jump to the awning to the side and use that to propel you to platform on the other side. Then one more awning and a series of poles and you’ll be at the High Over the Crowed Power Moon.

39 – Rewiring the Neighborhood
40 – Off the Beaten Wire

Location: Outdoor Café
First you need to buy the fuller builder outfit from the store for 15 Metro Coins. Then talk to the man in front of the locked door near the Café. Take the right path to the large building and jump out of the spark at the top. Off the Beaten Wire in just over the side on the roof of the next building. Then continue on and get all the shards so that Rewiring the Neighborhood appears at the exit.

41 – Moon Shards Under Siege
42 – Sharpshooting Under Siege

Location: Main Street Entrance
Down Cranky Street, the main street, there is a taxi with a orange light on the top parked to the left just waiting to be captured. Do this and drive off to be teleported to a secret area. You need to possess a Sherm and get 5 shards. You can use the Sherm to shoot the shards instead of having to run them over.
One is right up the first ramp and to the right.

Second is behind a car on the next ground level to the back right.

Third is slightly to the left and you have to shoot out some rocks to make a ramp.

Four is behind you at that same point. Look to the opposite side of the area and slightly up and shoot it.

And the final one is at the very top section.

Before you leave. Look to the upper areas of the buildings and you’ll find a rock section way up there. Shoot it out to reveal a Power Moon. Get out of the Sherm and use cappy to reveal a hidden pathway. Grab Sharpshooting Under Siege and then drop down to get your reward from getting all 5 shards, Moon Shards Under Siege.

43 – Inside the Rotating Maze
44 – Outside the Rotating Maze

Location: Main Street Entrance
Go to the end of Dixie Street and capture the small manhole cover and jump in. Before entering the maze Backflip onto the roof and grab the Outside the Rotating Maze Power Moon off the back. Then enter the maze. Use Cappy to hit the yellow rotating sections to move. Work your way through the easy maze finding all 5 shards and then exit to claim Inside the Rotating Maze.

45 – Hanging from a High-Rise
46 – Vaulting Up a High-Rise

Location: Outdoor Café
The easiest way to reach this area is to go through the open door at the café. The pipe at the end of the hall with all the people leads right here. Take the rocket to the actual area.
Work your way through the jumps until you reach the next ground area and there is a guy saying, “What an athlete.” Instead of moving on jump up and back and wall jump to another pole. Continue working your way up here to get to Vaulting Up a High-Rise. After getting this continue on and complete the course for Hanging from a High-Rise.

47 – Bullet Billding
48 – One Man’s Trash…

Location: Main Street Entrance
Head down the main street and take a right at the first alley and into the door. Climb the poles to the first platform. Then capture a Bullet Bill and fly over to the lone platform for One Man’s Trash… Complete the level and get Bullet Billding.

49 – Motor Scooter: Escape!
50 – Big Jump: Escape!

Location: Outdoor Café
This door is in the Southeast corner of the area. Jump on the Moped and go go go. The first Power Moon will appear on the left side of the screen. There will be a large series of crates on the right, followed by a large series on the left. The left ones you need to jump on and then jump again to get the Power Moon. Now just complete the rest of the course for the other Power Moon.

Super Mario Odyssey – Cascade Kingdom – 100% Power Moons and Coins

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Cascade Kingdom

Power Moons

1 – Our First Power Moon

LOCATION: Waterfall Basin
Capture the Chain Chomp and then ram him into the glowing rock to unlock the first Power Moon.

2 – Multi Moon Atop The Falls

LOCATION: Fossil Falls Heights
The Boss and final main mission of Cascade Kingdom. You need to throw Cappy at the Chain Chomp once to remove it’s hat and then Capture it. Keep away from boss as she tries to take a swing at you. Then pull away when she is tugging at the chain and let go to hit her. Repeat 2 more times.

3 – Chomp Through the Rocks

LOCATION: Stone Bridge
Use the far left Chain Chomp near the main area’s T Rex to smash the small stone near the left side wall to reveal a Power Moon.

4 – Behind the Waterfall

LOCATION: Stone Bridge
As you climb the first 2D puzzle you’ll be able to jump off to the left side near the top to get a hidden area with some coins and the Power Moon.

5 – On Top of the Rubble

LOCATION: Waterfall Basin
Out in the open on the right side of the opening area.

6 – Treasure of the Waterfall Basin

LOCATION: Waterfall Basin
At the back right of the water area there is a treasure chest. Open it to reveal the Power Moon.

7 – Above a High Cliff

LOCATION: Top of the Big Stump
Right out in the open. Use the Chain Chomp near the odyssey to break the rock and reveal the pipe to get up there.

8 – Across the Floating Isles

LOCATION: Fossil Falls Heights
There is a series of 3 small platforms off the back of the area with Across the Floating Isles on it. Technically 4 platforms as there is a side platform with some Kingdom Coins on it.

9 – Cascade Kingdom Timer Challenge 1

LOCATION: Waterfall Basin
To the left of the bridge is a mannequin. Throw Cappy at it to start the timed challenge. Get to all the platforms to get the Power Moon.

10 – Cascade Kingdom Timer Challenge 2

LOCATION: Fossil Falls Heights
Up at Fossile Falls Heights where the boss battle happened, there will now be a Cascade Kingdom Timer Challenge 2 to teach you how to do the Triple Jump.

11 – Good Morning, Captain Toad!

LOCATION: Fossil Falls Heights
Then head to the T-Rex side where you will see a metal box. Can’t do anything with that now but you can drop down to a small platform below it (that is directly over the 3 Chain Chomps) and here Captain Todd will give you Good Morning, Captain Toad!.

12 – Dinosaur Nest: Big Cleanup!
13 – Dinosaur Nest: Running Wild!

Location: Top of the Big Stump
Behind the Top of the Big Stump is a door down on a ledge leading to a cave with the T Rex in it. This moon is acquired by hitting all the small hedgehog enemies in the top area. You have to Capture the T Rex for this one. Grab him and guide him over the back ledge and use him to smash the rocks. The closest to the wall and the bounce pad contains the Power Moon.

14 – Nice Shot with The Chain Chomp!
15 – Very Nice Shot with the Chain Chomp!

LOCATION: Stone Bridge
Head to the small path to the left of the Chain Chomps and into the pipe. It’s a series of 3 puzzles where you need to use the large Chain Chomp to hit the smaller ones into the circular target. Before you leave come towards the camera and there is a small ledge on the left side to go to one more puzzle. Aim for the right side of the next Chomp with half the arrow off to the side.

16 – Past the Chasm Lifts
17 – Hidden Chasm Passage

LOCATION: Stone Bridge
At the Stone Bridge checkpoint. Off to the right of the bridge is a path. One path goes up to some Kingdom Coins while the other goes down to a door. Enter the door. Work through the 2D/3D platformer until you reach 2 up/down platforms with Coin Rings between them. Before entering the Pipe fall down to the small ledge below and enter that Pipe. You need to use the Koopa shell to break the bottom right brick and then you can run behind the area to get to Hidden Chasm Passage. The head back and continue on to get Past the Chasm Lifts.

19 – Rolling Rock by the Falls

LOCATION: Waterfall Basin
Then head to where the Odyssey was originally parked and there will be a couple boulders. Kick one around for quite some time until it breaks and reveals Rolling Rock by the Falls.

24 – Shopping in Fossil Falls

LOCATION: Waterfall Basin
Once you’ve gone to the Sand Kingdom when you return to Cascade the Odyssey will now be parked down by Waterfall Basin. The Store will be open and you can buy Shopping in Fossil Falls for 100 Coins from the left merchant.

Cascade Coins

1-3 Cascade Coins

LOCATION: Waterfall Basin
Right behind you at the start behind a few rocks.

4-6 Cascade Coins

LOCATION: Waterfall Basin
To the left of the 4 standard coins that are on a rock column, just on a lower ledge.

7-9 Cascade Coins

LOCATION: Waterfall Basin
Past the 3 hedgehogs off the right side on a small ledge.

10-12 Cascade Coins

LOCATION: Waterfall Basin
Under the bridge in the water.

13-15 Cascade Coins

LOCATION: Waterfall Basin
Head towards the waterfall and there will be a alcove with a painting.

16-19 Cascade Coins

LOCATION: Top of the Big Stump
Use the Chomp Chomp to break the rock to reveal the pipe. The 4 Purple Coins are off the back on a ledge.

20-22 Cascade Coins

LOCATION: Top of the Big Stump
To the left of the flagpole where the parrot sits.

23-25 Cascade Coins

LOCATION: Top of the Big Stump
On some rocks opposite the T Rex.

26-28 Cascade Coins

LOCATION: Top of the Big Stump
Under the front of the T-Rex’s hill.

29-31 Cascade Coins

LOCATION: Stone Bridge
Head around the back left side of the Chain Chomp area and go past the pipe for now. Throw Cappy to get the 3 Purple Coins.

32-34 Cascade Coins

LOCATION: Stone Bridge
To the left of Stone Bridge is a series of rock outcroppings use these and Cappy Clouds to get to the Coins.

35-38 Cascade Coins

LOCATION: Stone Bridge
Head into the door beneath the previous Coins. Follow the 2D platformer until you get to the area with 3 moving platforms. Ride the left one up and off the screen and then jump right until you reach the ledge way above the pipe. Follow that around for 4 Coins.

39-41 Cascade Coins

LOCATION: Stone Bridge
One another rock column area after you cross Stone Bridge on your left.

42-44 Cascade Coins

LOCATION: Stone Bridge
Just to the left of the entrance to the 2D Puzzle area hiding behind some rocks.

45-47 Cascade Coins

LOCATION: Stone Bridge
You can get here from Stone Bridge or from the Chain Chomp area. It’s a series of rock outcroppings behind the waterfall.

48-50 Cascade Coins

LOCATION: Fossil Falls Heights
Off the back of the boss area is a series of floating rocks. One has coins and another has a Power Moon.

Super Mario Odyssey – Purple Coin Runs

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Cascade Kingdom

This run shows a direct path to all 50 Cascade Kingdom Coins and then the Outfits and Items you can buy at the Cascade Kingdom store.

Sand Kingdom

Managed to grab one Purple Coin on the balcony before starting the run but the other 2 are still there so you see the location. Couple of stupid deaths had to be edited out but the run is intact. I try to run to all new locations to show where they are, I suggest using Warps if you’ve already been places.

Super Mario Odyssey – Lake Kingdom – Moon Locations

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Lake Kingdom
Location: Lake Kingdom Main Missions
1 – Broodals Over the Lake

Needed: Nothing
Go straight from the start over the water to the bounce flower. Possess the Zipper to open the drop to the new area. Swim through, taking a left at the fork, and get to the main water area. Possess a Cheep Cheep (fish) and take to the top window of the underwater palace. Head around the back of the central elevator and ground pound the P Switch to open the elevator. Swim up to the top and follow the path to the Broodals.

Location: Odyssey
6 – On The Lakeshore
13 – Taking Notes: Dive and Swim
27 – Found with Lake Kingdom Art
8 – Treasure in the Spiky Waterway

Needed: Complete Broodals Over the Lake
Right to the left on the beach is a small section of sand with small shells on it that is glowing. Ground pound it for the On The Lakeshore. Then dive into the water and right in front is a large musical note. Grab it to start an easy row of smaller notes to grab. Get them all in time and you’ll get the Taking Notes: Dive and Swim Power Moon. Head up the stairs towards the Courtyard section and look at the picture. It will show a scene in Cascade Kingdom right at Waterfall Basin. Get into the Odyssey and travel to Cascade. When you get there ground pound the ground the end of the dinosaur ribs that are closest to Hint Toad and you’ll get Found with Lake Kingdom Art. Even though you got it in Cascade it counts for Lake Kingdom. Head back to Lake Kingdom and go to the zipper on top of the first temple and drop into the spikey passageway. This time go to the right to a treasure chest that contains “Treasure in the Spiky Waterway”.

Location: Underwater Entrance
3 – Cheep Cheep Crossing
10 – Lake Kingdom Timer Challenge 1
7 – From the Broken Pillar
16 – I Met a Lake Cheep Cheep!
14 – Taking Notes: In the Cliffside
12 – Moon Shards in the Lake
2 – Dorrie-Back Rider
20 – A Successful Repair Job

Needed: Complete Broodals Over the Lake
As you exit from the Spikey Passageway into the Underwater Entrance right above you is Cheep Cheep Crossing in the middle top row of six recessed areas. From there head to the surface to do Lake Kingdom Timer Challenge 1. This challenge is simply getting to the third section and ground pounding your way to the water floor for the Power Moon. Next up on the left side of the actual Plaza complex area is a standing up broken pillar. Ground Pound the top to reveal From the Broken Pillar. Next capture a Cheep Cheep and take it to the surface. There is a small donut shaped island with a native. Jump the Cheep Cheep into the middle of the island to get I Met a Lake Cheep Cheep!. Now use the bounce flower right near here to get to the pipe. Once inside use the moving platform to get all the notes to get Taking Notes: In the Cliffside. Now we need to collect 5 shards. From where you are drop into the side building as there is a shard on the roof. #2 is down by the Broken Pillar in a stone box. #3 is right by the entrance from the spiky passageway. #4 is tucked into the rock right under the boss platform. And finally #5 is behind some boxes in the north wall. That nets you Moon Shards in the Lake. Now an easy one, just grap the Power Moon on the back of Dorrie who is swimming around the water for Dorrie-Back Rider. And the last one is inside the door where we got the first shard. The small building in the air pocket on the South side. You need to capture the block and go Down, Right, Right, Up, Right, Down, Left, Left, Left, Up, Right, Up. A Successful Repair Job.

Location: Water Plaza Entrance / Water Plaza Display Window
18 – Let’s Go Swimming, Captain Toad!
17 – Our Secret Little Room
21 – I Feel Underdressed
19 – Shopping in Lake Lamode
23 – Super-Secret Zipper
22 – Unzip the Chasm
5 – What’s in the Box?
25 – Jump, Grab, and Climb Some More
24 – Jump, Grab, Cling, and Climb
9 – Lake Gardening: Spiky Passage Seed

Needed: Complete Broodals Over the Lake
First off we need to start way back in the Spiky Passageway. There is a nut at the bottom right where you start. You need to grab this and take it all the way to Water Plaza at the ground floor. On the left is a planter. Put the seed in and then go about the rest of your business as it take a while to grow. Capture a Cheep Cheep and flop him into the bottom level of the Water Plaza and into the water with the coins all around it. Dive down about a 1000 miles and you’ll run into good old Captain Toad. Let’s Go Swimming, Captain Toad! There a series of open space in the back wall of the ground floor. Head into the one to the right of the one with the ? Switch and just take a left at the back into a secret room. Talk to the person there to get Our Secret Little Room. Now head to the second floor market and buy both pieces of the local currency costume and put them on (Swim Goggles & Swimwear – Total 15 Coins). Then head to the opposite side of the floor and talk to the person there so they open the door. Head into the room and throw Cappy at the mannequin by HOLDING Y so it stays there. Out will pop I Feel Underdressed. Head back to the store and buy the Power Moon from the standard coin merchant for 100 coins. Shopping in Lake Lamode. Head back out into the water from this side and there is a zipper on the North wall. Unzip and enter the room. Work the room until you get to unzipping the giant T. Head to the top of the unzipped T and throw Cappy to reveal a hidden path. Follow that until you get to Super-Secret Zipper. Now finish up the room to get Unzip the Chasm. Now head to the top of Water Plaza. Hit the P Switch to drop the columns and jump over and destroy the boxes. Go get the What’s in the Box? Power Moon where it lands. Drop down a level to the next bounce flower and use that to reach the high door. Work this room until you get to the section where the whole wall rises. Get off the wall and then wait for it to go back down, then get on the top of the wall and ride it up to a bounce flower. Use that to get to the chest to get Jump, Grab, and Climb Some More. Then finish the area for Jump, Grab, Cling, and Climb. Now head all the way back to the ground floor plant to get Lake Gardening: Spiky Passage Seed Power Stone.

Location: Courtyard
15 – Lake Fishing
4 – End of the Hidden Passage

Needed: Complete Broodals Over the Lake
Capture Lakitu and put the line down near the larger of the fish outlines. Let the big fish bump into the line and then raise the line for Lake Fishing Power Moon. Then use the jump flower to reach the side area and zipper the wall down. Grab all the coins as you run down and head into the closed area to get the End of the Hidden Passage.

Location: Water Plaza Terrace
11 – Lake Kingdom Timer Challenge 2

Needed: Complete Broodals Over the Lake
Up on the platform where you fought the Broodals in Lake Kingdom is another Timer Challenge. This one is based on backwards jumping.

Review: Troll and I

Troll and I

I can’t, and won’t, call this a proper review. The fact of the matter is that Troll and I is so so so so so (let’s just call it so to the 9,000th power) bad that I couldn’t even get past 10 minutes of the game. Characters shuttering around as they “walk”. The main character has dreads, dreads that are self contained inside their own ecosystem with wind speeds that seem to be at least a factor of 80 past the rest of the world’s wind.

The first action sequence is a running “game” where fire is chasing you so you have to navigate a pathway with obstacles. Let’s go over the 4 separate glitches I encountered on this one sequence alone.

Number 1. The first time it loaded it actually loaded me into a village area where I was simply running straight through the houses and other building like they weren’t even there.

Number 2. After reloading the first time the game never came back. It just froze at the loading screen.

Number 3. When I finally got running the prompts for the obstacles started happening later and later. It got to the point after only a few jumps that prompts were happening AFTER I passed the obstacle. Lucky for me the design is so terrible that ALL the prompts were B.

Number 4. After getting about halfway through the scene the camera rotated and ran my man directly into the side of the rock wall allowing the fire to overtake me. And I tried to recreate this thinking I just forced him that way but you don’t have the much control over the character.

That was all in just one sequence. Two cutscenes, a boar hunting mission and this run mission was all I could stand.

At least Goat Simulator was only $10 and had the decency to tell you ahead of time what you were getting into. Troll and I is just plain absurd at $50 and frankly Maximum Games should be ashamed of themselves for even releasing it.

1) None

1) Everyting

Catastrophic Failure


Review: Mr. Shifty

Mr Shifty
Release Date
3.6 GB
Play Modes
Pro Controller?
Team Shifty
Available On
Nintendo Switch

If you have ever wondered if a reviewer has actually finished a game before writing a review then Mr Shifty is here. I hope that everyone reviewing Mr. Shifty finished it first. The reason being the whole thing is a paltry 3 hours and 6 minutes. And you can ask out loud, “Swaggers, you must be estimating that!” And I would respond, “No. The game tells you your time for each stage and a total run time and whole thing took 3 hours and 6 minutes.” 

I am now going to go over all the many things that are wrong with Mr. Shifty and then hopefully I can come up with a few good things. 

Chairman Stone has the Mega Plutonium and he’s a bad guy so he definitely should not be allowed to have Mega Plutonium so we’re going to go get that Mega Plutonium from him. And go! That is the story and they work on it a bit in the first few levels and then all of a sudden the plot becomes Chairman Stone yelling at you and telling you that you will surely die this level. Every. Single. Level. “You are going to die now.” Anyone know who the Dread Pirate Roberts is? He said that to Westley every day.

You are left wondering the age old chicken vs egg questions. Which came first: The name Mr. Shifty or the ability to Shift? I believe that all the Council members (You get the fact that you are “employed” by a Council in maybe one line in the middle of a level so if you missed that it’s understandable.) were all gathered in the conference room looking over the final two applicants for taking their experimental shiftonium drug. It had been some kind of secret qualification process so no one knew much about anyone else. Both were extremely qualified. Had all the major markers for someone to go on a dangerous mission. One’s family business of 100s of years was probably ruined by the Chairman Stone’s illegal business practices driving the candidate’s dad to drinking and suicide. The other’s sister was murdered by the Chairman Stone’s entitled son during a night of coked up debauchery and Chairman Stone’s sleazy connections to the police chief got him off with no charges. You know, both typical backstory situations. 

Council Member: “Looking over these two reports you are both extremely qualified for this project. It’s going to be a tough decision. What’s your name son?” 
One: “My name is Jack Teleportation.” 
Council Member: “Ohh. That really works with the project. Clear leader here. And you?” 
Two: “Sam Shifty.” 
Council Member: “Your hired!” 
One: “But Teleportation works too!”  
Council Member: “Teleportation is good but this is really just more of a… shift. It’s like 5 feet tops. Shifty is our man. Welcome to the team Sam Shifty!” 

So there is no story Swaggers. That’s not really a big deal because it’s a speed running type game with timers and all that. A couple things get in the way of this speed style game. First there are no leaderboards. Is my 2:56.948 for Stage 1 any good? I really don’t know as there is no way to check it. (Zero deaths by the way. Yeah, I know, I’m that good.) Team Shifty replied to my question about it on Twitter with a, “Leaderboards are something we wanted to put in but had to leave out of the first release. We’ll try.” So at least they acknowledge the shortcoming but it’s not looking hopeful. I also like the “first release” part. DLC? What else is planned for Mr. Shifty? But as the game stands the only replayability is if you ADD and want to try to beat your own score. Leaderboards would go big towards replayability in Mr. Shifty. 

And during your super speedy run through, whether it’s your first time playing or your 10th (and why would you ever play any of these levels 10 times?) you are stuck in sections having to read through the same story over and over. Sometimes you are sitting waiting at the exit for a conversation to finish so you are being artificially held up for no good reason. 

As far as straight up bugs are concerned I had 2 game ending bugs. On one level the end door would not activate after eliminating all the enemies and on another the game simply froze when trying to leave the level. Now 2 bugs might not seem like a lot but when your whole game is only 3 hours long it’s too many. The biggest problem with stage ending bugs in Mr Shifty is there is no real continue. Continue simply means start the entire stage again no matter the reason you leave whether it was by choice or a bug.

I also experienced a LOT of framerate issues, especially in the final 5 or so levels where the number of enemies really ramps up. Framerate issues to the point of complete and total stoppage in the gameplay for seconds at a time. Team Shifty / Tiny Build say a patch is coming to fix this and I’ll re-visit this review if that every happens. 

The gameplay itself is interesting. There are really only 2 actions in the entire game. You are either shifting forward a set distance or hitting someone, preferably from behind. And with only these 2 actions I never really got bored playing. Frustrated at framerate and mad at the game ending bugs, but never bored. New mechanics are added as you go in the form of areas you can’t shift to and minor things like that and levels change slightly so it’s doesn’t get super repetitive but almost all of the stages the goal is simply to kill everyone even if that is not the stated goal. Now to be honest some levels you can fly through but it never really makes that clear so I usually just murdered / knocked out everyone to be safe.  

Mr. Shifty has seems to treat Stages 1 to 14 as the tutorial levels. I completed them all in under 10 minutes each with just a couple of deaths, and those mostly from gotcha type situations. Then from 15 to the finale at 18 my times are 20 minutes plus. It’s like the actual game is only 4 levels long. But those 4 levels show what the game could of been. They are long and involve a lot more planning and strategy to complete.

The graphics aren’t going to knock any socks off but they are detailed and from the first time to the last time it was a real joy to knock someone through a glass window and watch them drop into the oblivion below. That probably says something dark and sinister about me as a person.

In all honestly it doesn’t seems like it would take much to make this a better experience. They are already working on improving the framerates and adding leaderboards would at least add a competitive side. The final few levels are a real challenge but end too soon. Overall it’s just too short, too expensive for length and just too broken to be really enjoyable.

1) Final 4 levels are exciting
2) Graphics are simple but detailed

1) Lack of leaderboards
2) Lack of story
3) Serious framerate issues
4) Extremely short game



Snake Pass – Gatekeeper Coins – Cyn-Derr’s Realm

Cyn-Derr’s Realm
9. Flip Flop Foundry

1 – After getting the Double Pyramid Keystone head off the side and a Gatekeeper Coin is off a long pole.

2 – On the edge of a tree at the first spindle.

3 – Across the way on a pillar at the first spindle.

4 – On top of the center piece of the ball track.

5 – Back behind the Cube Keystone.

10. Toasty Trail

1 –

2 –

3 –

4 –

5 –


1 –

2 –

3 –

4 –

5 –


1 –

2 –

3 –

4 –

5 –

Snake Pass – Gatekeeper Coins – Sog-Gee’s Realm

Sog-Gee’s Realm
5. Crooked Canal

1 – Right behind you at the start just below a pole.

2 – In the room with the first lever so that you can get to the Yellow Keystone you need to slither through the stone grate on the side of the room. Outside on a ledge is the Gatekeeper Coin.

3 – At the save point where you push the boulder down the hill there is a pole system with a Gatekeeper Coin at the bottom.

4 – After getting the Pink Keystone you need to underwater and climb some stairs to get the next switch. After the under water part there will be some poles. The Gatekeeper Coin is way off the back below water area.

5 – Under the bridge right before the gate.

6. Lazy Lagoons

1 – At the top of a pillar in the first real water area. Go up to the small stone arch bridge and jump down to get.

2 – After getting the Green Square Keystone you slide down into the water. There is a path at the bottom to a new area and then keep going underwater until you enter a circle cistern with the coin in it.

3 – After rolling the ball and then climbing the new wood poles you can jump over to the previous area and use the high poles to get the coin.

4 – After sliding down the two tube and use the spin gear you need to cross the new platforms and then head back on the tops of them to a pillar with the coin.

5 – Final gatekeeper coin is under the water at the gate.

7. Risky Reservoir

1 – In the first large water area swim to the end and there is a small opening right before the ramp out of the water to an area with a Gatekeeper Coin.

2 – In the water underneath the Green Square Keystone.

3 – After crossing the small broken stone bridge you need to spin the gear on the top of the ledge. It will open a small area that takes you to a large back area with a Coin.

4 – Starting again from the small broken bridge head to the area with a large spike middle. The Gatekeeper Coin is over the edge by two drums.

5 – After filling the spike pit with water, then pulling the lever that is in the pit, you need to swim through the opened area and head left to a Coin just at the end of the stone path.

8. Fumbling Falls

1 – After crossing the spinning stone block there will be a rotating pole to the right with a Coin at the bottom.

2 – From the same starting save point there is a pool to the left. Dive down and through the small hole to find a Gatekeeper Coin at the end.

3 – The Gatekeeper Coin is at the top of a long angled pole you need to work your way up. Head across to the far side and up the moving blocks and back to the coin.

4 – When you get to the block and move up and down the back left block has a path cut out of it. Enter here to get a coin.

5 – Also at the set of blocks moving up and down go over to the small rock fence at the top and on the other side is the coin.