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Oh the Horror! – 30gs – Survive Horror Night.
Overachiever – 10gs – You earned an achievement.

You’ll get these two achievement upon finishing the opening sequence.

Grind Kills – 5gs – Kill 100 enemies while grinding.

Easy. Just find some power rails and go back and forth while killing enemies.

Dusk Til Dawn – 30gs – Survive one night at your Fort.

Your second mission will be Amptastic! from Floyd. Which has you defending the Vat to get Amps. Complete the mission by grind the top area and shooting all the OD until time runs out and the achievement is yours.

Buck National – 20gs – Become a reality TV star.

This is for completing a story mission for getting a processor from Buck National.

Plan B – 35gs – Survive the glider crash and look for another way out of Sunset City.

Another story mission. Continue the game to unlock.

That Balloon – 20gs – You killed a balloon.

More Story. Next one that will unlock in the series.

Scout’s Honor – 35gs – Become an honorary Troop Member by finding Bryllcream and defeating Norton.

Story. Get this after the Troop series of quests.

Ultra Mega Kill – 20gs – That was a lot of pigeons.

Mission for the Fargarthians.

Save Everyone – 35gs – Save Sunset City from Fizzco’s second-most powerful robot.

Story related.

Excalibro – 20gs – You forged the mythical Excalamune.

Keep playing.

This is My City Now – 50gs – You beat the final Fizzco corporate machine.

This is for beating the main story and the final boss.

Appreciation – 5gs – Watch the credits all the way through.

As soon as you can get to the Hero Menu you can go to Options, then Gameplay and click View Credits. Watch the whole things and the achievement is yours.

The Floor is Lava – 10gs – Chain together 100 traversal moves without stopping or touching the ground.

As soon as you get the ability to earn Style you can work on this. And you learn about Style in mission 1. To the side of Floyd in the opening Fort is a series of 4 fans. To keep the counter going you need to change fans but each of the 4 in a set count as 1 so just do some slight movement from side to side to keep your counter going. Once you hit 100 land on the ground and the achievement will unlock.

Badge – 20gs – Earn a badge.
Overdrive – 20gs – Unlock an Overdrive.
More Overdrive – 30gs – Unlock at least one Rank 4 Overdrive.

As you get kills and grind you earn badges. As soon as you get your first badge you will use it to unlock your first Overdrive. Two for one! Then keep remembering to go back in and upgrade your Overdrives.

Amped Up – 10gs – Equip five AMPs on your character at the same time.

After the processor mission you will have a second AMP mission. This will give you enough AMPs to have all 5 positions equipped at once. Just make sure to go into the Hero menu and equip them.

Trap Kills – 5gs – Kill 500 enemies with traps.
Flung to Safety – 5gs – Kill 100 enemies by flinging them into danger using the Springboard Trap.

Once you get traps you can place them in the world. Your best bets are the Night missions with the vats. Place a damaged trap like the Blades near the barricades and then use the Springboard toward the trap. You’ll see a dashed white line to show that it will fling them towards the damage.

Favorite – 10gs – Upgrade one of your guns to Level 5.
Many Favorites – 30gs – Upgrade 10 guns to Level 5.
I Like Them All – 30gs – Upgrade 20 guns to Level 5.

You can check the progress of your guns in the Hero menu and moving over the Character tab. Hover over a gun and on the right side you will see what level the gun in. Some require more experience than others.

Vat Pack Rat – 20gs – Upgrade the Overcharge vats at every Fort.

There are 4 Forts. Floyd will unlock them as you go through the story mode. Each fort will have a mission to update the vats there. Just complete these 4 sides missions to unlock the achievement.

Orange Soda – 15gs – 5,000 OD’d Massacred.
Orange Soda II – 15gs – 15,000 OD’d massacred.
Bounce Kills – 5gs – Kill 100 enemies while bouncing or while in the air.
Grind Melee – 5gs – Melee 50 enemies while grinding.
Stylish Kills – 5gs – Kill 500 enemies while at Style Level 3.
Let Me Count the Ways – 5gs – Burn, Shock, Freeze, or Enrage 1000 enemies.

Kill kill and then kill some more. You probably won’t even be anywhere near 5,000 at the end of the story. But you’ll still have a ton of collectibles to find and the online to do. Most of this will comes with playing depending our your style. AMPs that help with Fire and the like help with the Let Me Count the Ways.

Not So Secret Ingredient – 25gs – Get to the bottom of Fizzco’s corporate secrets.

This is a series of 3 side quests you get from phone booths where you are collecting evidence and the doing a dead drop.

Can’t Commit – 5gs – Equip one piece of clothing from each Faction at the same time.
Equal Opportunity – 15gs – Complete a quest from every faction.

There are 4 factions. The Oxfords, the Troops, the Fargarthians and Las Catrinas. You need to do 1 quest per to unlock the achievements. These are outside of the missions you have to do for the story. For the clothes, when you go to Calista you have the option of seeing Outfits. This will show what items go with which factions.

Roleplay While Roleplaying – 10gs – Reach Level 99 in Ignatius’ epic RPG campaign.
Intel – 10gs – Collect all 40 Smartphones.
Explorer – 10gs – Find all 20 secret sightseeing locations in Sunset City.
Big Brother – 10gs – Destroy all 150 Fizzco security cameras.
Wire Tapping – 10gs – Eavesdrop on nine conversations by hacking into satellites.
It’s Art, Ok? – 10gs – Deface 40 billboards with graffiti.
Shoe Closet – 10gs – Collect all 150 shoes hanging from wires.
What’s Your Sign? – 10gs – Collect all 150 Overcharge hologram signs.
Hot Air – 10gs – Collect all 150 Fizzie balloons.
Litter – 10gs – Collect all 150 scraps of toilet paper.

Two Hat Jack will sell you maps for all of these if you have the Overdrive to spare. It isn’t cheap though. You can either go one collectible at a time or by district, either way there is a LOT of stuff to find.

Over-Amped – 5gs – Earn an Amp upgrade in Chaos Squad.
Chaos in the Old Factory – 25gs – Survive Chaos Squad in the Old Factory District with at least 150 Chaos.
Chaos in Little Tokyo – 25gs – Survive Chaos Squad in Little Tokyo District with at least 325 Chaos.
Chaos in the Harbor District – 25gs – Survive Chaos Squad in the Harbor District with at least 750 Chaos.
Chaos in Downtown – 25gs – Survive Chaos Squad in Downtown District with at least 1625 Chaos.
Perfection – 10gs – Complete an optional Night Defense without losing any of your Overcharge.
Who is Sending These? – 10gs – Loot 25 emergency supply drops.
The 0.1% – 10gs – Spend at least 25,000 Overcharge.
Ultimate Collection – 20gs – Liberate all the comic books for the comic book collector.
Defender of the Realm – 20gs – Clear Fargarthia of a hidden evil.
Revolutionary – 20gs – Take back Sunset City for the misfit survivors.
A Challenger Appears – 10gs – Complete 10 challenges with at least a bronze rating.
Second Place – 10gs – Complete 30 challenges with at least a silver rating.
The Champion – 10gs – Complete 50 challenges with a gold rating.
Out of Stock – 10gs – Destroy 250 Overcharge XT vending machines.
Crash Landing – 10gs – Destroy 25 Fizzco Blimps just because you can.
Going to Need a Bigger Closet – 10gs – Collect 250 fashion items.
I Should Get Paid for This – 25gs – Beat Insomniac QA’s high score of 534,080 on the Challenge “Buck’s Revenge.”
Replay – 5gs – Replay any Mission and complete it under par.
Not the Boss of Me – 5gs – Replay the final mission and defeat the boss under par.
Mixology 101 – 10gs – Collect 20 Amps from Floyd.


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