Achievement Guide: Stick It To The Man


A Mind is a Terrible Thing to Waste – 100gs – Read the minds of everyone ever

From Chapter 3 on you have the ability to read minds. Hold LB and then select a available brain using the RB and you will get a little scene of what they are thinking about. You can check your progress by going to Chapter Select in the main menu and at the bottom of the screen in each chapter will show you X/Y completed. During any chapter if you hold down X to see the map anyone still a ? is someone whose mind you need to read. The agents do not count.


Drowned Skeletons – 60gs – Read the minds of the drowned skeletons

At the far right side of Chapter 3 there are 2 mobsters you need to get rid of. They will run off to the right. Follow them to the end of the pier and then hold down LB to find the 2 drowned skeletons under water Read both their minds and the achievement will unlock.


Decoyception – 60gs – Have enemies chasing other enemies chasing you

About mid way through the level you will learn about decoy stickers. Grab the sticker from the lower agent and put it right on him. Immediately drop down and let him see you, then the other guard will see the first and a merry chase will ensue.


Lady in the Sky with Ducky – 60gs – Return a totally sweet alien to the stars

In the bottom middle there is a furnace area where the Fire is. Grab the Ducky here. Climb to the top middle before the main tower and there is a old lady. Give her the ducky and you will get the achievement.

Careful What You Wish For – 60gs – Read the mind of a lonely cat

On the middle roof there is a man who thinks he is cheese. If you read his mind you can grab the Mouse. Take this mouse to the right side to the lady with the cat. Showing up there with the mouse will make the lady drop the mouse. Read the cat’s mind once it is on the ground.

Subconscious Experience – 60gs – Read Harry’s mind while he’s passed out

After a series of required events you will re-unite the ghost girl with the bunny. This sequence will knock out the guard named Harry. Then just read his mind after he is knocked out for the achievement.

Crew of the Dead – 60gs – Read the minds of the ambulance personel

Right after clearing the tunnel head to the right and there will be a large ambulance sticker to pull back. Read the minds of the 2 crew for the achievement.

Tower Offense – 60gs – Climb the asylum tower without alerting any nurses

The tower section is the middle tower above the roof. You can restart it at any time if you get seen by just getting captured and starting from the Mr Copy. Start in the bottom right and pull up to the right. Grab the ZZZs from the middle nurse and put her to sleep. Climb to the right and wait for her to wake up again. Then grab the new set of ZZZs and put the next nurse to sleep. Then simply climb the last section to get the achievement.


The Bird in the Sky – 60gs – Never get noticed by the helicopter

I’d go for this straight away. There are 2 main sections. Best to just watch the video.

Eureka! – 60gs – Give poor Ron the perfect idea for a date

Ron is in a tearaway Police station. You then need to go all the way around the level till you get past the second and last helicopter section get to the helicopter pilot talking to a woman. Tearaway that building and grab the Poster. This is what Ron wants.

Food for Thought – 60gs – Read the mind of an eaten fish

Grab the screaming lips from the opera singer in the upper right. Put those lips on the megaphone of the helicopter screaming at his woman. This will drop the fish and the pelican will comes get it. Head back near the start to the giant billboard and mind read the fish in the bird’s belly.


Out of His Mind – 60gs – Read Ray’s mind

Right at the start use Ted to read Ray’s mind. This is before you grab the first sticker.

Unnatural Talent – 60gs – Read Luigi’s mind while he’s singing

In the bottom left there is a Elvis. Take his guitar. Middle bottom there is another Elvis. Trade Guitar for Singing. Then to the left of that is a chorus of zombies. Give one the mouth and then read his mind afterwards.

Love is Blind – 60gs – Read the minds of an unexpected couple

From the end of Unnatural Talent grab the hair and head up to the Yeti in the cell. Give her the hair and then follow them outside and read the Yeti’s mind.

Conga Line! – 60gs – Get chased by 5 enemies at the same time

On the right is a section with 5 enemies. Simply use the push pins to quickly move around the area until all 5 are chasing you. Achievement popped for me when I cleared the area.

Dangerous Work – 60gs – Mind-read the recently departed

OK. Get the chimney from above the worker right at the start. Give the chimney to Santa in the bottom right to get the Present. Give the present to the zombie near the beginning with the shotgun. After the scene you need to read both the woman’s and the zombie’s mind BEFORE you progress their story. If you use the glass you will need to re-start the chapter.


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