Achievement Guide: Pure Pool

Cue’d Up – 10gs – Complete the tutorial

Just complete the opening tutorial. Learn the controls and pot all the balls.

8-Balled – 10gs – Win an 8-Ball game
8-Ball Century – 30gs – Win 100 games of 8-Ball
9-Balled – 10gs – Win an 9-Ball game
9-Ball Century – 30gs – Win 100 games of 9-Ball
DNA Sample – 10gs – Download a players DNA

For the top menu select Players. Then pick a player and hit Y to download their DNA. This allows you to play against a AI version of the player.

Amateur 8-Ball Champ – 30gs – Win the amateur 8-Ball career
Pro 8-Ball Champ – 30gs – Win the pro 8-Ball career
Master 8-Ball Champ – 30gs – Win the master 8-Ball career
Amateur 9-Ball Champ – 30gs – Win the amateur 9-Ball career
Pro 9-Ball Champ – 30gs – Win the pro 9-Ball career
Master 9-Ball Champ – 30gs – Win the master 9-Ball career
Stars in Your Eyes – 30gs – Win 100 Stars in career mode

Each games in Career mode offers you 3 stars to earn. Like Win the game, win with no fouls, pot a ball further than 160cm from the cue ball. Earn a total of 100 stars through all your games in career to earn the achievement.The stars only count if you win the match.

Mixed Accolades – 10gs – Gain 10 different accolades
More Mixed Accolades – 10gs – Gain 25 different accolades
The Ultimate Accolade – Gain at least 1 of each accolade
A Chain of Accolades – 10gs – Gain 10 accolades of the same type
Accolade Century – 30gs – Gain 100 accolades of the same type

Accolades are found under My Profile, Accolades. Things like Pot 3 in a row and Pot a ball off the break. Some of these will be quite hard, like Win a game against a Legendary player or to End an opponents 3-game win steak. There are 89 different accolades to unlock.

Challenge Accepted – 10gs – Play 4 different challenges
Pure Pool Talented – 10gs – Reach ‘Talented’ rank
Pure Pool Pro – 20gs – Reach ‘Pro’ rank
Pure Pool Veteran – 30gs – Reach ‘Veteran’ rank
Pure Pool Grand Master – 100gs – Reach ‘Grand Master’ rank

These are not skill based luckily but XP based BUT unluckily the game levels you up very very slowly.

Almost an angel – 20gs – Win 3 consecutive games of 8-ball without fouling
Ricochet – 20gs – Pot 3 or more ball off the break
Did you mean to do that? – 10gs – Win by the opponent potting the black illegally

This is for your opponent to pocket the 8-ball illegally giving you the instant win.

Don’t give up your day job! – 30gs – 8-ball your opponent in a game of 8 Ball
Perfect Indeed! – 20gs – Clear the table in the Perfect Potter challenge
Get out of that one. – 10gs – Put an opponent in a snooker
That the best you’ve got? – 10gs – Get out of a snooker

Putting an opponent in snooker means to trap them behind one of your balls in such a way as they have no direct line on any of their remaining balls. The get out of a snooker is to legally pot one of your balls most likely via a bank shot.

Banked it! – 20gs – Play a bank shot and pot
Bank Rolled! – 30gs – Win a game with a bank shot
Doubled – 20gs – Play a double shot and pot
They’re seeing double! – 30gs – Win a game with a double shot
The bigger they areā€¦ – 20gs – Beat a player with a higher rank

This actually counts in Career against the AI. The first AI player in the Amateur 8-Ball is technically level 14 so beating him in the first game will get you the achievement.

Racking them up – 10gs – Complete a 3 online game win streak
On a Roll – 20gs – Complete a 6 online game win streak
Showing them how it’s done – 30gs – Complete a 9 online game win streak
Putting it Out There – 10gs – Issue a challenge
Whirlwind – 30gs – Clear the table in 8-ball in less than 70 seconds
Can I Have My Ball Back? – 10gs – Knock a ball of the table
Winning the Hard Way – 30gs – Win a game of 9-ball with the 1-Ball still on the table

This means to combo off the 1-Ball and pocket the 9-Ball. So pretty much win on the first shot with a combo.

League of Your Own – 10gs – Create a pool league
In different league – 20gs – Win a pool league

Go to My Games, My League and set your rules. Then invite a friend and win the league.


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