Achievement Guide: Flockers

Bleederboards – 25gs – Look at what you’ve hurt.

On the main menu select Leaderboards. Then move over to Leaderboards and click until it shows Sheep Killed. You don’t even need to have scored on the leaderboard yet.

Bespoke Winner – 25gs – Complete any level with a customised sheep.

You get this for finishing any level with one of the Rewards active. The quickest is Designer Hat which you get as soon as you finish the first level. Just go into Rewards, activate it, then finish any level.

Just The Start – 25gs – Complete the first 3 levels.

Quick and easy. Just finish the first three levels with any score.

Four Friends – 25gs – Get 4 sheep into the exit at once within 1 second.
Get In – 50gs – Get 20 sheep into the exit at once within 1 second.

Very easy on level 2 Counting Sheep. When you get to the last section place a 2 high blocking wall on the right. Then place a 2 high stairs just to the left so it locks all the sheep in a small space. Then release the 2 high wall to send a huge concentrated wave into the exit all at once.

Air Burst – 25gs – Explode 2 sheep while they are in the air at the same time.

On level 3 – Flock And Awe – You will need to blow a large wood block after getting jump and super. Hit two sheep with explode in a row right as they are about to jump down to the block of wood. They will hit their timer as they jump up the wood and both will explode in the air.

Woolly Jumper – 50gs – Have 20 sheep jump at the same time.

Level 3 – Flock And Awe – Use a 2 point start to lock all the sheep into the small middle right ledge with the sleeping sheep. Lock them in tight to the right wall. Then when all the sheep are ready (you should have around 30) release them and you will easily get 20 in the air at once.

Dead again – 50gs – Kill 500 zombie sheep.

First you need to unlock Zombie Sheep by killing 5000 other sheep. Then this is cumulative after that.

Ewe go boom – 50gs – Blow up 999 sheep.

Using the bomb counts as 1. But any sheep catch in the blast count also. Same goes for the landmines. There is a landmine in level 3, Flock And Awe.

Caught In A Mosh – 50gs – Get 20 punk sheep moshing together.

To unlock the Punk Sheep you need to impale 20 sheep within 1 second. Best place to do this is level 3 Flock and Awe. At the top section is a three pronged spike. Trap your sheep until the prong is almost to the top and then release to get 20 of them killed at once.
After you get the Punk Sheep (and make sure to select them in the Rewards screen) moshing is get 20 of them crushed at once. I did this in 6 – Lambdroid but anywhere you have a place to lock sheep up and then release them all at once towards a crushing obstacle will net you the achievement.

Fashion Warrior – 50gs – Try out 10 different styles of sheep (blood included).

This is for using 10 different rewards. Both the skins and the blood color mods count. You can check the requirements for various skins and blood colors under the Rewards section on the Home Page.

Halfway To Perfection – 50gs – Collect 30 golden fleeces.
Good As Gold – 50gs – Collect 20 golden fleeces.

There is 1 Golden Fleece per main level. Collecting it gives you a huge boost towards your points and is a requirement for a lot of achievements and for getting 3 stars on the levels.

Soft Landing – 50gs – Save 100 sheep from fall damage by landing on something soft.

You learn about this in level 4 – Sunday Lunch. This involves using a single block as a landing zone for sheep to fall on. I got 10 in this level so you can replay the level 10 times or work on this throughout the rest of the levels.

Cream Of The Flock – 100gs – Three star everything.

Three starring everything is not easy. Some levels require near perfection for a 3 star rating. Check out this playlist on our YouTube channel for 3 star level guides.

Doing Great – 50gs – Three star every level from the first theme.

The first theme is the first 20 levels. The game is broken up into 3 themes of 20 levels each.

Found It – 25gs – Unlock a secret level.
Keep A Secret – 100gs – Find and unlock all the secret bonus levels.

There are six bonus levels.
The first is found in level 4 – Sunday Lunch – and is almost impossible to miss. Allow the platform at the end to go down so you head into the warp behind the exit and you’ll walk through the secret level unlock on the way to the exit.

Winner – 100gs – Complete every level (including bonus levels).

There are 60 main levels and 6 secret side missions to complete.

Boss Slayer – 50gs – Three star 2 boss levels.

There are 6 boss levels and they are every 10 levels, 2 per theme. So you need to get to level 20 to see your second boss to get the achievement.


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