Call of Duty: Ghosts – Strike Guide

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Here is the full list of Strikes available in Call of Duty Ghosts and the point requirements required for them all. We’ll be adding some vids showing all of these off real soon. Note this list is completely sortable and searchable so enjoy.

StrikeSat Com3Satellite communications relay enemy movements. Multiple SAT COMs enhace effects
StrikeI.M.S.5The Intelligent Munitions System detected and eliminates enemy combatants
StrikeGuard Dog5Man's best friend watching your back
StrikeSentry Gun7Place an automated Sentry Gun
StrikeTrinty Rocket7Remote-controlled missile system that fires smart drone projectiles
StrikeBattle Hind9Call in an assault helicopter
StrikeVulture9A companion drone that protects your six
StrikeGryphon10Remote-controlled quadrotor that marks targets for detonation
StrikeManiac10Knife expert with advanced armor that gives up guns for high speed
StrikeJuggernaut11Receive advanced assault armor with a Minigun via Care Package
StrikeHelo Pilot12Pilot the AAS-72X into battle
StrikeLoki15Assault the battlefield from the Loki Satellite
SupportSat Com4Satellite communications relay enemy movements. Multiple SAT COMs enhace effects
SupportAmmo Crate6Deploy an Ammo Crate that supplies weapons and ammo to your team
SupportBallistic Vests8Deploy a bag of Ballistic Vests for your team
SupportMAAWS9Free-fire shoulder mounted rocket launcher. Lase and hold on the target to guide missiles
SupportNight Owl10A companion drone that detects enemies based on proximity and protects you from explosives
SupportSupport Squadmate11Get behind the guy with a Riot Shield
SupportGround Jammer12Disable enemy ground communications and electronics
SupportAir Superiority12Call in fighter jets to destroy enemy aircraft
SupportHelo Scout13Provide sniper support from a controllable helictoper
SupportOracle14Uses GPS technology to detect and display enemies
SupportJuggernaut Recon14Receive advanced defensive armor with personal radar tech via Care Package
SupportOdin16Supply support from the Odin Satellite
Specialistlvl 18Selected Perk

XBOX ONE – 100% Challenge – Day Negative 24

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DAY: -24


So I totally forgot about the achievement / challenges portion of the new Xbox One. Where publishers and designers can add achievements pretty much on the fly, even altering existing achievements. Add to that the new challenge style achievements, which although don’t appear to count for any points, are going to be part of any true 100%.

So where does that leave me and this challenge? I still plan to stick to exclusives first (with Xbox One only titles being top priority) and get those covered. But I am adding any game that utilizes the new system will be my overflow area. Meaning when I have time I’ll be working towards keeping track and scoring any challenges. It will be interesting to see how many games make use of this loosey goosey achievement system.

Oh any playing a LOT of Ghosts on Xbox One. A LOT.


Trying to determine games, achievement lists to be ready. Seen NOTHING really concrete so far.

XBOX ONE – 100% Challenge – Day Negative 27


DAY: -27


So we are still 27 days away from the release of XBOX ONE and I had created a new YouTube channel to try to keep up with the latest trailers and news and all that jazz and then immediately got too lazy to do anything with it. SO…. I am giving myself a challenge for XBOX ONE. I am going to work towards 100% completion / 100% achievements for XBOX ONE exclusives (maybe 360 + ONE exclusives). I’m going to try to work daily on both Blog updates here and also Vlog updates on the YouTube channel. Links coming soon.

This will be play throughs, commentaries, guides, messing around videos. Just all kinds of things. Whatever I can come up with. This channel will be more about fun and messing around, but I do plan to continue to do guides also.

I don’t think we’ve seen any achievement lists or even really exact GS numbers yet but this is my list of launch or launch adjacent titles:

Crimson Dragon
Dead Rising 3
The Fighter Within
Forza Motorsport 5
Killer Instinct
Powerstar Golf
Ryse: Son of Rome
Xbox Fitness

Of those so far I have pre-ordered Ryse and Dead Rising 3. And I’ll get Crimson Dragon, Killer Instinct & Powerstar Golf at launch since those are LIVE titles.

My goal is to do these “legit”. No game saving or anything like that but I will definitely be boosting if something is absurd.

That’s really all I have today. I just wanted to get the start up and live so I can start thinking about how i want to track it and all that. If I missed a exclusive launch title or one of these is not exclusive please comment below.


NONE – No games or system to play yet.

Simpsons Tapped Out: Level 36

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Released: 10/23/13

Level 36 is here! Right smack dab in the middle of the Halloween event. This update adds Dolph as a free character and Jimbo as a Premium (120 donuts). The Arcade (Dolph) building and the premium Museum of Natural History (100 donuts). There is also one new docoration, the Stolen Bumper Car at 760 cash. Check out the full quest line for the main level 36 line and also for all premium additions after the break.

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LEGO Marvel Super Heroes – Minikit & Stan Lee in Peril Level Guides

This guide will be a video guide covering all the main mission’s minikit locations and all 50 Stan Lee in Peril locations. We’ll be giving you a pre-video summary so you know what characters you need to bring in to get all 10 minikits and the Stan Lee in Peril completed.


Characters needed:
Hulk (Smash)
Spider-Man (Senses)
Storm or Thor (Electric)
Wolverine (Dig)
Iron Man 47 (Silver and Gold)
Sandman (Sand)


Requires: Finish the main story mode.
Characters needed:
Iron Man (Silver and Gold)
Galactus (Tele)
BONUS CHARACTER: Iron Man (Heartbreaker)


Requires: Less than 20 Gold Bricks.
Characters needed:
Iron Man (Silver and Gold)
Spider-Man (Senses and Pull)
Jean Gray (Tele)
Wolverine (Dig)
BONUS CHARACTER: Doc Ock (Ultimate)


Requires: 20 Gold Bricks.
Characters needed:
Iron Man (Silver and Gold)
Spider-Man (Senses and Pull)
Jean Gray (Tele)
Mister Fantastic (Shapes)
Magneto (Magnet)


Requires: Less than 20 Gold Bricks.
Characters needed:
Iron Man (Silver and Gold)
Spider-Man (Senses and Pull)
Captain America (Shield Throw)
Jean Gray (Tele)


Level 22: Gary’s Misadventures – Guide – World 4

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SAFE: sigma (18), phi (21), omega (24) – (Thanks to L) – Middle office behind a plant. You do NOT need to move the plant to get to it.


SAFE: In World 4-3 safe code is 836773 which is SCI in ASCII code – (Thanks to Erwan)


SAFE: code is 419715 from D-A-I-G-O – (Thanks to Marty)


LEGO Marvel Super Heroes – Achievement / Trophy Guide


Sand Central Station – 20gs – Complete Level 1 – Sand Central Station
Level 1 is versus Sandman and Abomination.
New Characters: Iron Man (Mark 6), Hulk, Spider-Man, Sandman, ROXXON Guard

Times Square Off – 20gs – Complete Level 2 – Times Square Off
Level 2 is versus Doctor Octopus.
New Characters: Captain America, Mister Fantastic, Doctor Octopus, H.E.R.B.I.E.

Exploratory Laboratory – 20gs – Complete Level 3 – Exploratory Laboratory
Level 3 is versus Green Goblin and Venom.
New Characters: Black Widow, Hawkeye, Symbiote Scientist (Hazmat), Venom

Rock up at the Lock up – 20gs – Complete Level 4 – Rock up at the Lock up
The start of this mission is really when you can first explore New York and get back to the Helicopter.
Level 4 is versus Abomination, Sabretooth and Magneto.
New Characters: Tony Stark (underwear), Wolverine, Abomination, Sabretooth

Rebooted, Resuited – 20gs – Complete Level 5 – Rebooted, Resuited
Level 5 is versus Abomination, Sabretooth and Magneto.
New Characters: Iron Man (Mark I), Iron Man (Mark 42), Tony Stark, Aldrich Killian, Mandarin

Red Head Detention – 20gs – Complete Level 6 – Red Head Detention
New Characters: Human Torch, Armin Zola, Red Skull

Bifrosty Reception – 20gs – Complete Level 7 – Bifrosty Reception
New Characters: Thor, Destroyer (MiniFig), Frost Giant

Juggernauts and Crosses – 20gs – Complete Level 8 – Juggernauts and Crosses
New Characters: Jean Gray, Cyclops, Storm, Beast, Iceman, Juggernaut, Pyro

Doctor in the House – 20gs – Complete Level 9 – Doctor in the House
New Characters: Doombot, Green Goblin, Invisible Woman, Nick Fury, Thing

That Sinking Feeling – 20gs – Complete Level 10 – That Sinking Feeling
New Characters: A.I.M. Agent, M.O.D.O.K

Taking Liberties – 20gs – Complete Level 11 – Taking Liberties
New Characters: Liberty, Mastermind

Rapturous Rise – 20gs – Complete Level 12 – Rapturous Rise
New Characters: Mystique, Rhino

Magnetic Personality – 20gs – Complete Level 13 – Magnetic Personality
New Characters: Magneto, Magento Acolyte

A Doom with a View – 20gs – Complete Level 14 – A Doom with a View
New Characters: Doctor Doom, Doombot (V-Series)

The Good, the Bad and the Hungry – 20gs – Complete Level 15 – The Good, the Bad and the Hungry
New Characters: Galactus, Loki

I’m Always Angry! – 20gs – Transform into the Hulk 50 times
You can do this in Level 1. As the Hulk you hold Y to transform between Bruce Banner and the Hulk. Do this 50 times.

Falling… with Style – 20gs – Complete first Helicarrier skydive
You will do a Helicarrier skydive at the start of Level 2. All you do is jump off and skydive down to Manhattan. If you somehow glitch out of it, simply start a new game on a different save file and it should unlock.

Stan-tastic – 30gs – Rescue Stan Lee from every peril (Single Player)
There are a total of 50 Stan Lee locations in both main levels, side levels and in the New York area.

Road Rage – 20gs – Destroy 100 vehicles in the Manhattan hub
Iron Man Mark 47 laser or the Hulk jump smash will destroy cars pretty quickly.

Billionaire Philanthropist – 40gs – Collect 1,000,000,000 studs (Single Player)

You Win a No-Prize! – 40gs – Complete game 100% (Single Player)
Main Levels –
1) True Believer
2) 10 Minikits
3) Stan Lee in Peril
Side Levels –
1) True Believer
2) Stan Lee in Peril
3) Red Deadpool Brick
4) Bonus Character
New York –
1) Characters
2) Vehicles
3) Gold Bricks
4) Mini Missions
5) Races

Post-Credit Party – 50gs – Complete House Party Protocol

After the game is over you need to fly to the top of Stark Tower and enter in and complete the 3 sections.

It’s Me Time! – 20gs – Read a comic in Deadpool’s room on the Helicarrier

First you need to get all 10 minikits in a level. At the end of the level screen it will let you know that you have a new comic book unlocked. Head inside the Helicarrier and through left doorway in the main control room. Deadpool’s room is the first on the right. Head to the far right console and hit X. Then select a level you have all 10 minikits for and a small 2 page comic will load. The achievement / trophy will unlock immediately.

Ultimate True Believer – 20gs – Unlock all True Believers (Single Player)
This includes all 15 main missions and also all the bonus levels. You can see which you are missing by selecting a level start area on the main map. There are a total of 26 True Believers to unlock.

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Level 22: Gary’s Misadventures – Guide – World 3

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TOY: Far left just in front of (so kind of hidden) some metal shelves.
SAFE: 321310 – (Thanks to Speedy) – Middle office behind a plant. You do NOT need to move the plant to get to it.


SAFE: 242526 – (Thanks to Speedy)


SAFE: 22,44,45 (periodic table) – (Thanks to L)


SAFE: 13,18,25 (mary, but only use MRY) – (Thanks to L)