Tom Clancy’s Splinter Cell: Blacklist – Paladin Upgrades

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This is a overview of the upgrades you can buy for the Paladin in Blacklist. You need to complete all of these to earn the C&C Optimized Achievement / Trophy. There are a total of 20 points worth of upgrades and you need to purchase the previous levels in order to see what you are going for next. These provide bonuses in the form of faster regen or new weapons or better radar. Each level 1 upgrade is worth 1 point and each level 2 upgrade is worth 2 points. There are a total of 13 upgrades.

The Holding Cell is unlocked after completing the first mission (Safehouse). The Holding Cell upgrades are what the game means when it tells you, you need to find an arms dealer.

You need a total of $1,378,000 to complete the Paladin. Fully upgrading the Paladin is the FIRST thing you should do in Blacklist. The multiplier you get will make money next to worthless since you will be earning an easy 400k+ per mission.

C&C Optimized – 20gs – Paladin fully upgraded

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Simpsons Tapped Out: Level 33 Guide: General Info

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We have a separate post for the main lvl 33 walkthrough as it is so long: CLICK HERE

The Sunsphere – 750,000c, Req: Lvl 5, Complete the “myPad” quest; Improves Vanity, 3 day build, 6×6 base, +7500xp
New Jobs:
Nelson, Bart, Martin, Milhouse: Celebrate the ‘WOD FIR’ – 16h, 500c, 125xp

Springfield Wax Museum – 276000c, Req: Lvl 33; 10×7 base, +30000xp
Job: Listening to Pins Drop – 12h, 200c, 20xp
NO Quests, NO Animation, NO Character Jobs = BORING

Little Lady Justice – 75d, 7.75% bonus
K9 Officer – 45d, Tap the doggy to make him bark
S.W.A.T. Van – lvl 33, Lou & Eddie, 225,000c, instant, 3×4 base

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Payday 2 – All Skills

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This table includes all skills for all 4 paths (Mastermind, Enforcer, Technician and Ghost). This allows you to use our table search function to pull out all skills that involved pistols or shouting or anything you can think of. Please comment if there is some information you are looking for that we don’t have up yet.

The top achievement is for level 100 so I am going to assume that is top level. That’s 100 skills points. Then add in 20 bonus points since you get an extra 2 every 10 levels. That’s 120 points to spend. Each skill has a Basic and Ace for 4 points per skill, 3 skills per tier, 6 tiers, plus a final point for starting the tree. So it will take 73 skill points (And an ass ton of money) to completely level one tree. That leaves you 47 skill points to spend as you wish.

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