Sky Adventure – Tips and Tricks

Starting this page as a central location for some tips and tricks I’ve found for Sky Adventure. Please feel free to comment below if you have any yourself to share!

1) If you can afford the Notes, the Workshop is the best Coin farm at 18 coins every 10 minutes. That breaks down to 1.80 per minute. A close second, and only costing 500 coins is the News-stand at 1.72 Coins per minute with a much more lenient schedule of only needing to harvest every hour. The downside is because it’s a Coin item you can only have 5.

2) Starting flights from the World Map and directly clicking a destination starts the flight without having to click to add fuel, passengers, and then launch it. 1 click flights (as long as you have all the needed requirements for the flight)!

Redo of Site

We had a very serious malware infection that destroyed much of the site. I am working to restore the pages and information as quickly as I can but for safety reasons everyone will need to apply for a new username so I can more closely look for security violations in the future.