Xbox ONE – Powershot Golf


Fore! – 5gs – Achieve an Amateur rating in a career event.

Clubhouse Regular – 20gs – Reach level 25.
Tour Master – 30gs – Reach level 50.

Level 25 is 117,600 XP.

In the Hunt – 20gs – Achieve an Amateur rating in all career events.
On Fire – 30gs – Achieve a Pro rating in all career events.
Bringing the ‘A’ Game – 50gs – Achieve an Elite rating in all career events.
Zen Master – 30gs – Unlock Laoshi by winning the ‘Great Wall Meet’ career event.
Illusionist – 10gs – Unlock Henry by winning the ‘Monorail Meet’ career event.
Bring Me Luck – 20gs – Unlock Kiara by winning the ‘Cliffhanger Meet’ career event.
You Spin Me Round – 40gs – Unlock Dominique by winning the ‘Uphill Meet’ career event.
Nest Egg – 20gs – Achieve total earnings of 250,000 credits.
Valuable Commodity – 10gs – Equip three different boosters in a single round.
A Rare Thing Indeed – 20gs – Equip an Extreme piece of gear.
In Full Gear – 20gs – Equip new gear in place of all five ‘Greenheart’ items.
Rack ‘em Up – 20gs – Equip a full set of gear to earn the set bonus.

CaddieUp – 10gs – Equip a caddie with three perks.
You need to level up to unlock the 2nd and 3rd Perk spot. 2nd is unlocked at level 15.

The Long Game – 20gs – Complete a round under par with long tees and hard pins.
You can do the Par 3 or the 5s depending on which you prefer. Just need one birdie and the rest par for this.

City Slicker – 5gs – Complete any round on the City Park course under par.
Mountain Ranger – 10gs – Complete any round on the Rocky Ridge course under par.
Coastline Comber – 20gs – Complete any round on the Emperor’s Garden course under par.
Jungle Adventurer – 30gs – Complete any round on the Burning Sands course under par.
Chip & In – 20gs – Chip the ball into the cup from off the green.
Ace – 30gs – Hit a hole-in-one.
Sureshot – 20gs – Hit 3 perfect strikes on a par 5 hole, scoring par or better.
Pin-Seeker – 30gs – Complete a round of at least 9 holes without stopping off the fairway, fringe or green.

BFF – 10gs – Complete a round of golf using a friend’s caddie.
Your friend needs to share their caddie first. You do this in the Round Confirmation screen. Hit Y to edit your Caddie. Then hit the Guide button and the game will ask you if you want to share your caddie. Get your friend to do this also so you can each get the achievement.

The 19th Hole – 10gs – Complete a local multiplayer game with two or more players.
You will need 2 controllers. Just select match play and then City Park and the Par 3s. Finish the 3 holes with one player winning all 3 and you will unlock the achievement.

Rival Rouser – 30gs – Beat an opponent’s round in Rival mode.
From the main menu choose Rival Mode. It will first search for your friends. If they haven’t placed a score yet it will randomly choose 3 scores to beat. Beat at least one of them to get the achievement.

Tweet Tweet – 10gs – Score a birdie.
Soaring – 20gs – Score an eagle.
One for the Collection – 25gs – Score a double eagle.
Hedge Your Bets – 20gs – Land within three feet of the pin using Henry’s Illusion Ball ability.
Lucky – 20gs – Land within 10 feet of the pin using Kiara’s Lucky Clover ability.
Fully Focused Flourish – 10gs – Hit full power, perfect shot using Laoshi’s Zen Focus ability.
Rule of Attraction – 20gs – Sink the ball from over 150 yards away using Reiko’s Tesla Field ability.
Ballistic – 10gs – Hit the ball over 300 yards using Frank’s Rocket Launcher ability.
Super Spinnin’ – 30gs – Sink the ball using Dominque’s Super Spin ability.
Reading the Green – 20gs – Sink 5 putts from at least ten feet away using Astrid’s Putt Prediction skill.
Positive Approach – 20gs – Play five approaches that stop within 5 feet of the pin using Kirby’s Shot Prediction skill.
Record Breaker – 30gs – Set a new shot record on the City Park, Rocky Ridge, Emperor’s Garden and Burning Sands courses.
In a Spin – 10gs – Play ten shots using backspin, stopping within 5 feet of the pin.
Curveballs – 10gs – Play ten draw or fade shots, stopping within 10 feet of the pin.
Hop, Skip and Jump – 20gs – In one shot, skip the ball twice on water and land on solid ground.

Best Friends Twice – 25gs – On any specific record, earn the top spot among your friends, lose it, then gain it back again.
Easiest way is to get a crappy drive on a hole no one has played before getting the record the first time. Then have a friend out drive you getting the record. Then go back and out drive them to take it back and get the achievement.

Movie Star – 25gs – Hole out spectacularly, triggering an automatic game clip.
If you pitch it in from off the green it will automatically record it for you.

Super Putt – 30gs – Sink a putt from at least 60 feet away without using any golfer abilities or caddie abilities.
High Roller – 5gs – Play a shot that rolls more than 50 yards after it has stopped bouncing.

Trial by Fire – 20gs – Complete any round on the Burning Sands course under par using six different golfers.
Burning Sands is unlocked at level 22. You only get 2 golfers to start so you will have to unlock the other 4 by beating them in Career mode.

Sleeping Giant – 20gs – Earn XP when not playing the game.
No Contest – 10gs – Complete 3 Powerstar challenges.

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