XBOX ONE – 100% Challenge – Day Negative 24


DAY: -24


So I totally forgot about the achievement / challenges portion of the new Xbox One. Where publishers and designers can add achievements pretty much on the fly, even altering existing achievements. Add to that the new challenge style achievements, which although don’t appear to count for any points, are going to be part of any true 100%.

So where does that leave me and this challenge? I still plan to stick to exclusives first (with Xbox One only titles being top priority) and get those covered. But I am adding any game that utilizes the new system will be my overflow area. Meaning when I have time I’ll be working towards keeping track and scoring any challenges. It will be interesting to see how many games make use of this loosey goosey achievement system.

Oh any playing a LOT of Ghosts on Xbox One. A LOT.


Trying to determine games, achievement lists to be ready. Seen NOTHING really concrete so far.

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