Snake Pass – Gatekeeper Coins – Sog-Gee’s Realm

Sog-Gee’s Realm
5. Crooked Canal

1 – Right behind you at the start just below a pole.

2 – In the room with the first lever so that you can get to the Yellow Keystone you need to slither through the stone grate on the side of the room. Outside on a ledge is the Gatekeeper Coin.

3 – At the save point where you push the boulder down the hill there is a pole system with a Gatekeeper Coin at the bottom.

4 – After getting the Pink Keystone you need to underwater and climb some stairs to get the next switch. After the under water part there will be some poles. The Gatekeeper Coin is way off the back below water area.

5 – Under the bridge right before the gate.

6. Lazy Lagoons

1 – At the top of a pillar in the first real water area. Go up to the small stone arch bridge and jump down to get.

2 – After getting the Green Square Keystone you slide down into the water. There is a path at the bottom to a new area and then keep going underwater until you enter a circle cistern with the coin in it.

3 – After rolling the ball and then climbing the new wood poles you can jump over to the previous area and use the high poles to get the coin.

4 – After sliding down the two tube and use the spin gear you need to cross the new platforms and then head back on the tops of them to a pillar with the coin.

5 – Final gatekeeper coin is under the water at the gate.

7. Risky Reservoir

1 – In the first large water area swim to the end and there is a small opening right before the ramp out of the water to an area with a Gatekeeper Coin.

2 – In the water underneath the Green Square Keystone.

3 – After crossing the small broken stone bridge you need to spin the gear on the top of the ledge. It will open a small area that takes you to a large back area with a Coin.

4 – Starting again from the small broken bridge head to the area with a large spike middle. The Gatekeeper Coin is over the edge by two drums.

5 – After filling the spike pit with water, then pulling the lever that is in the pit, you need to swim through the opened area and head left to a Coin just at the end of the stone path.

8. Fumbling Falls

1 – After crossing the spinning stone block there will be a rotating pole to the right with a Coin at the bottom.

2 – From the same starting save point there is a pool to the left. Dive down and through the small hole to find a Gatekeeper Coin at the end.

3 – The Gatekeeper Coin is at the top of a long angled pole you need to work your way up. Head across to the far side and up the moving blocks and back to the coin.

4 – When you get to the block and move up and down the back left block has a path cut out of it. Enter here to get a coin.

5 – Also at the set of blocks moving up and down go over to the small rock fence at the top and on the other side is the coin.


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