Snake Pass – Gatekeeper Coins – Bol-Dor’s Realm

Bol-Dor’s Realm

1. Paradise Path

1 – Right at the starting area there is a tree on the right. Behind it is a series of bamboo sticks and a Gatekeeper Coin.

2 – Underneath the first bridge. Go over the edge on the far left to a series of bamboo sticks.

3 – After crossing the first bridge its directly on your right.

4 – After 3 you drop down and it will be behind you.

5 – To the side of the gate under a bamboo structure. You don’t need to use the bamboo, just use ZL to lock yourself in place and grab the coin with your head.

2. Courtyard Clamber

1 – At the first save point if you drop down by the water and climb the series of bamboo to your right to the top there is a Gatekeeper Coin.

2 – Past the bridge and behind the Green Keystone is another small bamboo series of sticks to climb to a rock platform.

3 – Over the side down below this area is a bamboo stick with a Coin underneath. Use the ZL to lock Doodle in place and use your head to grab the Gatekeeper Coin. Then pull yourself back up.

4 – Behind the Orange Hexahedron Keystone is a series of sticks out over the void with a Gold Coin.

5 – After grabbing the last Keystone continue around the corner for a small series of bamboo to get you to the top of the platform and the final Gatekeeper Coin.

3. Gatekeeper Gardens

1 – As you climb the first wood ladder it will be at the top of the stone arch above you. There is ground underneath you so just coil up and make a mad dash for the coin.

2 – Right out in the open on a small stone platform next to the Yellow Square Keystone.

3 – Just around back on the ledge at top of the top area.

4 – From the save point on the top ledge dash off the platform to the rock platform below to get the Gatekeeper Key.

5 – Around back of the tree stone platform just off the top save point. There is no ground under you so coil around the pole to reach the coin and then climb back to the tree.

4. Creeping Causeway

1 – Just before the water area there is a stick pointing out over the abyss. Might want to go across the water first to activate the save point.

2 – Past the save point you need to climb to the next rock platform. This is on the ground level to the back right hidden behind a plant.

3 – Just past this last Gatekeeper Coin is another save point. And then over the edge is large pole structure with a Coin near the top. This area can be difficult because not only do you need to get the Coin without failing into the void but you also need to do another wood structure to get back to the top safe area.

4 – After getting the Purple Keystone come back over the ledge and jump off to the pillar below. Be careful as there is a lot of void to the sides of the pillar.

5 – Underneath the gate area at the back is a small moss covered opening. The Gatekeeper Coin is inside.


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