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One of things, well really the only thing, premium decoration do in Simpsons Tapped Out is provide bonuses to your XP and Cash outside of the Comform-o-Meter. This table’s purpose is to help you get the most bang for the buck (meaning Donut). For best overall you want to sort by Per SQ. This calculates how much of a bonus you are getting per 1 grid piece in Tapped Out.

Example: Robby The Automaton is 2×2 which equals 4 total grid squares. It provides an overall bonus of 2%. That equals .5% per grid square. What this helps you figure out is which pieces are packing the most bonus in the smallest package. The Springfield Sign gives out a massive 4.5% bonus. BUT it’s 400 squares making it only .01% per square.

I also have the SQ per Donut calculated. This is kind of a meaningless figure as are really going for the biggest bang per square. If you money is tight you can use this field to find some deals but this does not equal BEST in the same terms that the Per SQ field equals.

Currently the Miniature Nuclear Warhead gives a .75% bonus per square, and at 45 donuts you are paying a pretty fair price for that bonus. Long term you are going to make more money and XP from having her than any other Decoration piece if you can afford the extra premium. Flower Planter at just 10 donuts give a decent return of .25% per square at a much cheaper .025 ratio of Donut to SQ bonus.

Check out the full table after the break. Note this table is fully sortable and searchable so check out all the fields before making a purchasing decision.

TABLE UPDATED THROUGH LEVEL 35 & Season 25 Tie-In ON 9/30/2103

Miniature Nuclear Warhead4532.250.750.017
Little Lady Justice7542.750.690.009
Burning Bush2010.500.500.025
Robby The Automaton4042.000.500.013
Channel 6 News Van4062.000.330.008
Flower Planter1010.250.250.025
Worldwide Broadcast Dish3040.750.190.006
Radioactive Man Billboard3040.750.190.006
Boardwalk Fountain (SQUID)75162.750.170.002
Left-handed Roadster40122.000.170.004
Hot Tub60162.500.160.003
Police Car40152.000.130.003
Burns Limo40152.000.130.003
Basketball Game (SQUID)40152.000.130.003
Orange Tree1540.500.130.008
Apple Tree1540.500.130.008
Tree Swing2040.500.130.006
Hotdog Stand (SQUID)20120.500.040.002
Piece-of-crap Car30240.750.030.001
Tire Fire40642.000.030.001
Picket Fence120.050.030.025
Homer's Hammock5100.250.030.005
Mount Carlmore1201443.500.020.000
Popcorn Stand (SQUID)10120.250.020.002
Springfield Sign1704004.500.010.000
DMV Limo50242.250.090.002
Hi-Glow Waste Barrels (LIMITED TIME)

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