Simpsons Tapped Out: Pre-Halloween, Pre-Season Premiere

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Quick update to get ready for the Halloween event and the new Season Tie-In. 9/23/13.

Homer: Oh no! It’s almost the start of October… which due to the scheduling of baseball games on FOX, is when Halloween comes to Springfield!

Lisa: *sigh* I wish we could have it at the end of the month like normal people.

Homer: I just want it to be over. It’s always so scary, with the aliens and movie parodies and main characters dying. All the rules are off!

Lisa: That’s because it’s non-canonical, Dad. Dying doesn’t count.

Homer: I know, but it still hurts. And this year I want to be prepared. Can you find out what’s going to be happening here this year?

Lisa: Hmm, maybe. Let me check online.

Feeding the Trolls
Make Lisa Read the Tapped Out Forums – 4h, 175c, 45xp

Lisa: Let’s see — friend request, friend request, get donuts for cash…

Homer: Isn’t that what donut shops are for?

Lisa: Ah, here we go! “Predictions for this year’s Treehouse of Horror update”…

Lisa: JoshJeerer says it’s going to suck — helpful as always, Josh.

Lisa: Lamezino hopes it’ll be about time travel — it’s always about going back in time with them.

Lisa: And SpAndex had no luck this year with datamining OR datafracking.

Homer: I don’t get any of those jokes.

Lisa: The point is, no one knows what’s coming. We just know that it’s coming soon.

Homer: H-h-h-how soon?

Lisa: Well, we have a season premiere update to do first, but it’s small so I’d guess soon after.

The Treehouse of Horror Update is coming October 1st. Be prepared to be scared!

Homer: Man, nothing happens around here for weeks and then it’s a bunch of stuff at once.

Lisa: I know. Remember this summer? You were building a theme park, running a mini-golf tournament and being in a reality show all at the same time.

Homer: Now that was scary.

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