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The 2013 Halloween event is HERE! You first have a app update (For Android it was 35.88 MB) followed by the in-game update.
The Event ends on November 7, 2013.
This event also adds more land for Springfield!

First thing to note is a detail from the What’s New on the App Store. It says, “Plus, don’t miss Treehouse of Horror XXIV in FOX, Sunday October 6th, for your chance to unlock a unique outfit for Homer.”

Halloween 2013 Log In Screen

Halloween 2013 Log In Screen

Tips and Tricks
Main Quest
Halloween Specific Jobs
Simpson Attic
Kang & Kodos Guide
New Buildings / Decorations / Characters / Etc



You can gain a few extra GOOs per Neighbor visit if you are quick on the Ghost Tapping!



Bart: I think our house is haunted. Last night I heard ghostly moans and shrieks, and I saw a strange figure draped in chains.
Homer: That was me wearing a chain of 50 sausage links. The shrieking was me later realizing I’d eaten them all.
Lisa: As always, there’s a perfectly logical although disturbing explanation.
Homer: Yes. But there were also ghosts.
Marge: What?! Our house really is haunted? We better call in a trained professional.
Homer: We can’t afford that. Let’s go see an unlicensed quack.

The Ghost in the Machine-based App Pt. 1
Build the Gyspy Fortune Teller Shop – 2000c – “Putting curses on Non-paying Customers”: Every 60m Earns 35c, 3xp – 8×8 – 24h

Gypsy: So, you seek the old gypsy’s help because you are troubled by ghosts.
Gypsy: And yet when I ring your doorbell selling herbal supplements, it’s “nobody home, gypsy.”
Marge: Please, just tell us why we’re being haunted.
Gypsy: The spirits are angry, and seek justice for wrongs done to them in their Earthly lives. And ghost justice involves possessing people – it’s neat to see!
Gypsy: I’ll tell you how to get rid of them if you buy 10 jars of my house gingko blend.
Homer: Nobody home, gypsy.
Lisa: What if we were to just pop the ghosts. Then we could collect their “ghostly organofluid outflow”, or GOO.
Gypsy: Very smart, little girl. I foretell that in the future you will have trouble finding a date. How did you learn about GOO, anyway?
Lisa: Google.

Event Info

Event Info

The Ghost in the Machine-based App Pt. 2
Pop Ghosts and Collect their GOO – 0/10

Homer: Man, I popped ten ghosts and they still keep coming. What is there, a ghost bubble machine somewhere?
Marge: We’ll get our friends to help pop ghosts, and make sure they get nice rewards. Maybe some pop-corn! *giggles*
Homer: I get it. “Pop” cause you pop them, and “corn” cause that joke’s corny.


Homer: What is that? It’s simultaneously cute and terrifying, like my daughter Maggie.
Frink: It’s a Gremlin, a creature so unsafe an American-made car was named after it.
Frink: They’re attracted by GOO like a senior citizen is drawn to pureed hamburger.
Homer: Hey, do you think if I set this little guy free in the other Springfields it would steal me some of their GOO?
Frink: Either that or make their school buses crash.
Homer: Worth a try.

Release Gremlins in your friends’ towns to earn extra GOO and possibly destroy their school buses.

NOTE: Before you can drop Gremlins and get GOO from your neighbors they must have started the event. Under their names in the friends list it will show how much GOO they have. If they have 0, it will be a normal visit. More than zero and you can smash ghosts, haunt their houses, and drop Gremlins.

Ned Flanders Starts
Ned: Homer, I hate to be a specter hector, but your ghosts are all over the Flanders homestead.
Apu: And they’re gumming up the Kwik-E-Mart worse than Squishee syrup gums up your intestines.
Bart: Their otherworldly shrieks are so loud I can’t hear my video game, “Ghost Scream III”.

Tap on haunted buildings to pop the ghosts inside!

The Ghost in the Machine-based App Pt. 3
Remove Ghosts from Haunted Buildings – 0/3

Marge: Homer, I’m sorry dinner’s late but two poltergeists were playing keep-away with the pork chops.
Homer: Then we must take drastic action… and see that annoying gypsy again.

Homer Starts
Gypsy: So, you return, just as I foresaw — when I saw you walking up on the security camera.
Marge: Nice gypsy, we need to summon a spirit and ask why it is so angry.
Gypsy: Very well! Hold hands in a circle while I enter my trance.
Lisa: Look! Her eyes are rolled up in her head!
Lisa: *gasp* She’s speaking in tongues! I wonder what she’s saying.
Homer: It better not be that she charges by the hour.

The Ghost in the Machine-based App Pt. 4
Make Homer Listen to the Gypsy’s Babbling – 24h, 10GOO, 150xp

Gypsy: Someone is here! Unquiet soul, what is your name?
Maude: Maude Flanders.
Homer: O unattractive and boring spirit, why are you angry at us?
Maude: You killed me with a T-shirt cannon. Why do you think?
Homer: The spirit speaks in riddles. Send it back and get another one.

Maude is UNLOCKED! Churchy Joes

Maude Unlock

Maude Unlock

Chat with Ned17017NFlanders House (Req: Ned)
Teach Children There's No Halloween417545NSpringfield Elementary
Get Revenge on Homer83 GOO70YGypsy Fortune Teller Shop (Req: Homer)
Attend Church12420100NFirst Church of Springfield
Haunt Springfield2410 GOO150YNONE

Maude Starts
Marge: It’s so nice to see you, Maude. You don’t look a minute older than the day Homer killed you.
Maude: That how it works. Noe hear me! Three ghosts are angry at Homer! I am the first.
Maude: We have raised the an army of the dead to haunt Springfield until Homer makes each one of us a sacrifice.
Bart: What, like giving up beer for 15 minutes? ‘Cause that he can’t do.
Maude: I wish to possess Homer’s body and spend one more day with my beloved Ned!
Homer: Okay, but no taking my possessed body past first base.

The Ghost in the Machine-based App Pt. 5
Make Maude Possess Homer – 12h, 5GOO, 100xp
Make Homer Get Possessed by Maude – 12h, 5GOO, 100xp
Make Ned Spend Time with Possessed Homer – 12h, 5GOO, 100xp

Ned: It was wonderful to spend time with you again Maude. But, don’t you want to see Rod and Todd?
Maude: Eh. Now that I’ve been away from them for a while, they kinda creep me out.

Homer Starts
Homer: Boy, you can tell housing prices have really shot up when people have to live inside giant vegetables.
Lisa: According to the realtor’s brochure, it’s a fairy tale cottage. Although that could just be marketing hype.
Homer: Nutmeg floors, cinnamon fixtures…mmm, edible floorplan!

Pumpkin House
Make Homer Attempt to Eat the Pumpkin House (1st 100 GOO Prize) – 24h, 600c, 150xp

Homer: *burp* Pretty good, although that was a lot of vegetables. I’m ready for some meat.
Lisa: Well, up the street there’s a little old lady who’s selling a shoe.
Homer: Shoe leather… the poor man’s beef jerky. Let’s go!

Homer Starts
Marge: What are all these pesky Gremlins doing here? Shoo! Shoo!
Homer: No, Marge, I brought them here. They love GOO, any GOO. So I’m going to have them clear our stuck drains.

The Ghost in the Machine-based App Pt. 6
Make Homer Use Gremlins to Clean Drains – 24h, 600c, 150xp

Homer: *moan* The gremlins cleaned out my drains, but then they ate my gooey cheese and chocolate pudding.
Bart: On the other hand, a plumber would do the same thing and also charge you money.

Homer Starts
Grimes: Homer Simpson! It’s is me, Frank Grimes… the only man to ever truly hate you.
Homer: Grimsey ol’ buddy! Great to see you, pal! How’re you doing, amigo?
Grimes: Poorly! I killed myself acting like an idiot. And the idiot I was acting like was you.
Homer: Sounds like my best friend is looking to be appeased.
Grimes: I want you to go to the power plant and tell everyone how I was always better than you.

The Ghost in the Machine-based App Pt. 7
Reach level 11 and Build the Control Building
Make Homer Praise Frank Grimes – 12h, 5GOO, 100xp

Lenny: No doubt about it, Frank Grimes was a great guy.
Carl: But you know who’s better? Homer. For saying such nice things about Frank.
Grimes: Dammit!

Apu Starts
Apu: These ghosts are driving me crazy. They look into the future and tell everyone tomorrow’s winning scratcher numbers.
Apu: I’m going to reincarnate them as birds. Let’s see what it sounds like when doves cry!
Ned: I’m going to sprinkle holy water on them.
Frink: I’m going to argue them away by pointing out that according to science they can’t exist.

The Ghost in the Machine-based App Pt. 8
Make Apu Reincarnate Ghosts – 24h, 10GOO, 150xp
Make Ned Sprinkle Ghosts with Holy Water – 24h, 10GOO, 150xp
Make Frink Have an Epistomolgical Argument with Ghosts – 24h, 15GOO, 225xp

Homer Starts
Homer: Finally, a ghost with a sense of style.
Bont: My name is Bont. James Bont. British secret agent supreme. At least, I was until you got me killed by Hank Scorpio.
Homer: Yeah, Hank still sends me candies at Christmas for that.
Bont: To appease my fury, you must let me take over your body, fight supervillians, and make love to a beautiful exotic woman.
Homer: Well, I was supposed to work today, but I guess I can call in possessed.

The Ghost in the Machine-based App Pt. 9
Make Homer Get Possessed by Bont and Live Another Day – 12h, 5GOO, 100xp

Lisa Starts
Lisa: Pardon me, Mrs. Gypsy, but my dad appeased Maude Flanders, Frank Grimes and James Bont. How comes we’re still haunted?
Gypsy: I feel the presence of other, older spirits who are also angry at this town. I send unspeakable horror… and a tent.
Lisa: Sounds like my last Girl Scout camping trip.
Lisa: Just kidding. Girl Scouts are great. Please don’t cut off my cookies.
Lisa: Anyway, my only clue is an old tent.
Lisa: Time to do some research in back issues of our town’s longest continuously published newspaper: The Springfield Elementary Daily 4th Gradian.

The Ghost in the Machine-based App Pt. 10
Reach level 12 and Build the Springfield Library
Make Lisa Research Old History – 24h, 600c, 150xp

Bont: I say, Homer, can I possess you one more time? All my missions end with me making love to a beautiful and exotic woman.
Homer: Well, okay. But don’t tell my wife.
Bont: That’ll be tricky. The woman I’m thinking of IS your wife.

The Ghost in the Machine-based App Pt. 11
Reach level 16 and Build the Gilded Truffle
Make Homer Get Possessed by Bont and Romance Marge – 8h, 3GOO, 70xp
Make Marge Spend Time with Possessed Homer – 8h, 3GOO, 70xp

Homer: Marge, how was your date with us?
Marge: Fantastic! Although James Bont has this really weird thing for my hair.

Moe Starts
Moe: Hiya, Lisa. You look down in the dumps. Although that’s still better than I feel at my happiest.
Lisa: I’ve been trying to find out about a tent of horror that used to be in Springfield, but I haven’t learned anything.
Moe: Horrible tent? That sounds like the old Freak Show exhibit, from the 1930s.
Moe: My grandfather was the chief attraction there. I’m named after him: “Repulsive Moe Syzslak”.
Lisa: The Freak Show Tent! It’s so politically incorrect I never thought of it. Moe, you’re a genius!

The Ghost in the Machine-based App Pt. 12
Place the Freak Show Tent – 760c – +vanity – 11×11 – Instant

Freak: We are the ghosts of the freaks — the sword swallower, the bearded lady, the guy who can put his whole foot in his mouth… and others.
Lisa: What must we do to end your anger?
Freak: We will tell you. After you watch the Freak Show performance.
Freak: Please fell free to tip. We’re dead, so we can’t use the money but we appreciate the sentiment.

The Ghost in the Machine-based App Pt. 13
Make Lisa and Moe Watch the Freaks – 0/2 – 24h, 600c, 150xp

Moe Starts
Moe: Okay, we watched all you freaks doing your stuff. Really made me feel better about myself.
Lisa: What do you want, O ghosts, so you may rest quietly in eternal peace?
Freak: That’s what’s gonna happen to us? I thought we got to go on a big spring break party in Ghost Cancun. Oh well.
Freak: We demand… back pay! Our old boss never paid us the money he owed us. And then we all died.
Lisa: Okay. What’s the name of your old boss?
Freak: That mystery you must solve for yourself!

The Ghost in the Machine-based App Pt. 14
Make Lisa Solve the Freak Show Tent Mystery – 24h, 10GOO, 150xp


Mr. Burns – Confess – 6s, 6 DONUTS!, 1xp

Once Lisa’s task is complete you will have missed this opportunity!

Gypsy: The spirits want to help you, Lisa, so they’re sending a message: “CEBCREGL BS OHEAFHZ”.
Lisa: Oh great, she’s speaking in tongues again.

Burns Starts
Burns: So, you’ve discovered the truth.
Burns: My grandfather, Montgomery Burnsum, ran the old freak show, before he changed his name to make it less ethnic.
Lisa: To stop the ghosts all you have to do is give their back pay to their descendants – five bucks.
Burns: Forget it. I already pay enough weirdos and goofballs at the plant as it is.
Freak: Then all the ghosts of Springfield will haunt you!
Burns: These ghosts are picketing my plant day and night. They’re worse than the Teamsters.
Burns: There must be some way to stop them. Smithers, hire a force of magical Pinkerton detectives to bonk them on the head.
Smithers: I’ll do my best, sir.
Burns: In the meantime, I’ll check the Necronomicon!

The Ghost in the Machine-based App Pt. 15
Make Burns Read from the Necronomicon – 4h, 175c, 45xp

Smithers: You’re looking cheerful, sir.
Burns: Yes indeed. I’ve discovered that GOO burns! Who needs expensive uranium when I can power my plant with cheap, stinky, GOO.
Smithers: You do realize you are using the essence of human souls to power light bulbs.
Burns: Hey, I’m a capitalist. Burning human souls is what I do.
Burns: So keep those ghosts coming, and collect all the GOO you can!


MilhouseGo Trick or Treating168125
NelsonGo Trick or Treating168125
BartGo Trick or Treating168125
LisaGo Trick or Treating168125
Marge the WitchTrick-or-Treating168125
MargeTidy up Ghosts125100
NedSprinkle Ghosts with Holy Water2410150
Mr. BurnsEliminate Ghosts125100
MaudeGet Revenge of Homer8370
HomerDeal With Ghosts125100
ApuReincarnate Ghosts2410150
Professor FrinkHave an Epistemological Argument with Ghosts2415225



One of the more hidden features of the 2013 Halloween Event is the Simpson Attic. Tapping the Simpsons House has a new menu: “You have some strange new items among the familiar crap in the attic.” There will be a single item that you need to get from popping ghost Tuesday through Saturday. When I logged in Tuesday the first ghost I popped gave me the Flaming Hoops. I do not know if you can get earlier items on later days. Since these items do need ghosts, unless you hurry the Gypsy Fortune House, you need to have already already started the Event on launch Monday to even have a chance to get the Tuesday item.

Simpson Attic Info

Simpson Attic Info

FLAMING HOOP (Wednesday):
Homer: A Flaming hoop! I better save this in case someday I get poodles that want to jump through things.

Homer has put the Flaming Hoop in the attic and disconnected the smoke detector so it won’t keep annoying him by going off. Collect unique items to unlock a special prize.

BARBELL (Thursday):
Homer: This barbell will come in handy if I ever have two side-by-side stacks of giant paper that I need to stop blowing away.

LEOTARD (Friday):
Homer: This leotard will be great for attending classes of that new exercise I invested… Pie-lates.

Homer: A circus Ringmaster’s hat. This will be useful next time I need to boss around an acrobat.

You’ve collected all the special items! Return to the Simpson Home!

Phantastic! You found all frightems!
Make sure to watch every terrifying moment of Treehouse of Horror XXIV this Sunday 8/7c on FOX! Come back after the show has aired to claim your reward… if you dare!




Strongman Homer Outfit

Strongman Homer Outfit

Battle Apu's Octuplets17017NKwik-E-Mart
Punch Meat in the Freezer417545NKrusty Burger
Drink Duff Bull827570NMoes
Impress Rubes with his Strength12420100YSimpsons House
Piggyback Mr. Burns24600150YNONE

Homer: Greetings! I am a circus strongman, the 13th most popular sideshow at the circus.
Homer: But the guy who eats glass is retiring soon, so I’ll be moving up the list.
Homer: I have the strength of Hercules! And like Hercules, I have been tasked by the gods to perform Twelves Labors.
Homer: Unlike Hercules, I’ll probably only get through five of them.
Homer: Help me achieve my First Labor: impressing rubes with a feat of strength!

The Lard Of The Rings Pt. 1
Make Strongman Homer Impress Rubes with His Strength – 12h, 420c, 100xp

Homer: What will be the Second Labor of Homercles? If I can earn the gods’ favor, they will grant me a boon…
Homer: Perhaps a leotard that doesn’t bind up in the crotch.
Apu: Strongman, I have an eight-headed hydra that will take all your strength to defeat
Homer: *Gasp* You mean… the octuplets?!
Apu: Yes! My kids broke into the bulk Halloween candy and now they’re going crazy in my store on a total sugar high.
Apu: Do whatever you must. As a loving parent I ask only this: keep the windows closed so I don’t hear them screaming.

The Lard Of The Rings Pt. 2
Make Strongman Homer Battle Apu’s Octuplets – 60m, 70c, 17xp

Homer: I almost had them trapped behind the Squishee machine, but then they beat me up and stole my weight belt.
Apu: Beating up an employee… sometimes my kids make me proud.

Homer: Who’s got a Labor? Looking for a Labor.
Krusty: Hey, strongman! I bought a bunch of horse meat from this Greek guy, Diomedes, for my new signature Krusty Whinniewich.
Krusty: How’d you like to tenderize it by pounding it with your fat fists?
Homer: They’re not fat, they’re full-figured.

The Lard Of The Rings Pt. 3
Reach Level 7 and Build the Krusty Burger
Make Strongman Homer Punch Meat in the Freezer – 4h, 175c, 45xp

Homer: Well, I made a lot of progress. The meat used to be tough as boot leather, now it’s only tough as shoe leather.
Krusty: Another Krustyburger disaster. I guess the moral is, don’t look at Greeks bearing gift horses for the mouth.

Homer: I gotta get one of these labors right, or I’ll never get my boon from the gods. And I want boon! Major boon!
Burns: Strongman, I have lost one of my hounds. For your next task, you must travel into Hell, find him, and bring him back.
Homer: I get finding a lost dog, but what’s the “travel into Hell” part?
Burns: Well, he’ll only come to my voice. So you must carry me pick-a-back while we search…
Burns: And the entire time I’m going to complain about the cost of employee health and pension benefits.
Homer: So cruel! Still, eyes on the boon. Eyes on the boon.

The Lard Of The Rings Pt. 4
Reach Level 11 and Build the Cooling Towers
Make Strongman Homer Piggyback Mr. Burns – 24h, 600c, 150xp

Burns: On, my poor little doggie, you look so tired. Just clamp your jaws on the Strongman’s leg and he’ll drag you home.

Homer: I’m so sick of doing labors! Who’d’ve thought they’d be like work!
Moe: I’ve got a job for you. I need you to kill a bull in my tavern.
Homer: Kill him yourself. The next feat of strength I’m doing is thunder farts.
Moe: Nah, I mean killing a “Duff Bull”, the new beer from Duff. “There’s no bull about Duff Bull.” or some such.
Homer: Finally a labor that involves getting drunk, like my regular job.

The Lard Of The Rings Pt. 5
Reach Level 15 and Build Moe’s Tavern
Make Strongman Homer Drunk Duff Bull – 8h, 275c, 70xp

Moe: Well, counting up the empties on the bar, I’d say you finished the Twelves Labors of Homercles.
Homer: Let’s go for forty-seven.



Homer: Hey! There’s no ghosts in Krustyland!
Krusty: Even the dead are terrified by our walkaround characters.

6,500 GOO – Twirl ‘N’ Hurl – Krustyland ONLY
One of the rewards does start a questline in Krustyland!

Bart: Cool! The “Twirl ‘N’ Hurl,” a brand new Krustyland ride. High speed spins, over-the-top loops…
Bart: Time to give it the Bart barf baptism.
Kang: The juvenile Earthling has fallen for the oldest trick in the boo: a trans-neuronic brain enslaver disguised as an amusement park ride.
Kang: Each lopp-de-loop will erode his will, until he must obey any command I give.
Kang: Even cleaning my excretion pores, which believe me, I cannot pay people enough to do.

Twirl ‘N’ Hurl
Build the Twirl ‘N’ Hurl – 12×12 – instant build
Make Bart Ride the Twirl ‘N’ Hurl – 16h, 166t, 125xp

Krusty: You monster! Set that child free! He still have money to spend here.
Kang: You are too late to stop me. Bart is in my power and will obey my commands.
Krusty: Really? Can you make him buy the crappy souvenirs at my gift shop?
Kang: That’s going to take a lot more rides on the brain enslaver.
Krusty: I got time.

Twirl ‘N’ Hurl – 24 hours – 120 tickets / 40 xp
Bart, Comic Book Guy, Milhouse, Kearny, Nelson = 16h, 166t, 125xp


NOTE: If you pay for a Reward with Donuts you are automatically given the full amount of GOO. Meaning: You have 600 GOO and pay Donuts to instantly unlock the Vacuum Tool. You would then instantly get 1,250 GOO as your total. So you are not always behind. A nice touch.

5,000,000,000 – First Church of Lard Lad – 11×10 – Worshipping the Holy Donut (4h, 90c, 10xp)
10,000,000,000 – Clawing Zombie
13,000,000,000 – Ghost Bomb Tool
20,000,000,000 – Frog Prince
30,000,000,000 – King Homer’s Skyscraper

The First Church of Lard Lad does have a quest. Check out our reward quest page HERE.

Frink: The Ghost Bomb is the latest product of my laboratory, guaranteed to blast ghosts to the kingdom of Kingdom Come.
Frink: I was actually trying to develop an automatic coffeemaker, but oh the kaboom and the coffee grounds on the wall and the scraping and the staining.
Ned: I don’t mean to be a Negative Neddy but will Maude’s spirit be in any danger?
Frink: According to theses calculations, as a Heavenly visitor she will merely be returned gently to the Pearly Gates.
Frink: OR, she’ll be utterly destroyed and to you it will be as if she never existed.
Frink: You know, quantum mechanics, uncertainty principle, SHROOOEdinger’s equation.
Frink: Only one way to find out.

Use your new Ghost Popping tool to dispose of the departed! Maude will actually survive the blast.

1 Ghost Bomb – 3 donuts
12 Ghost Bombs – 20 donuts

Frog Prince: Once I was an innocent frog, then an incompetent boy wizard turned me into this nightmare of agony.
Frog Prince: Please don’t tap me. It just makes it hurt worse.

After a few taps:

Frog Prince: I’m going to barf on you.


Frog Prince: Hey, I don’t tap you, and you’re no looker yourself.

Frog Prince: Kill me, please.

100 GOO – Pumpkin House – Violating Every Building Code (Every 3h Earns 70c, 7xp) – 6×5
500 GOO – Ancient Burial Ground – Can have multiples – Every 12h Ghosts 4
1,250 GOO – Vacuum Tool – You hold your finger to the screen and it will suck all the ghosts on the screens to the vortex
2,000 GOO – Shuffling Zombie – One of 5 Zombies for the Zombies collection
3,000 GOO – Victorian UFO – Gives you Kang CHARACTER (Alien)
4,000 GOO – Ultrahouse 2 – Every 8h Earns 135c 15xp – 9×8 – Unlocks ability to get Kodos
5,250 GOO – King Snorky – Character (Treehouse of Horrors XXIV) 1 of 3 – No JOBS, QUEST
6,500 GOO – Twirl ‘N’ Hurl – Krustyland Ride
8,000 GOO – Burns Coffin – 4×3 – Count Burns COSTUME
10,000 GOO – Gingerbread House – 6×7 – Suzanne the Witch CHARACTER (Treehouse of Horrors XXIV)

See all the Quests for the Reward Items HERE.

After all are unlocked:
Spooktacular Bonus!
Collect GOO – 0/2000

You get donut rewards for every 2000 GOO past 10,000 you get. This is styled the exact same way as the bonus donuts for extra levels. 1, 2 or 3 donuts. If you don’t get 3, you can pay 50,000 to try again.


Check out our coverage of Jobs and Quests for new Premium Items HERE.

Ancient Burial Ground – 40d – Every 12h Ghosts 4 – One is given as a GOO reward – QUEST
Mausoleum – 60d – Every 8h Ghosts 5 – NO QUEST
Springfield Cemetery – 75d – Every 10h Ghosts 8
Pet Cemetery – 70d – Every 10h Ghosts 8
Wailing Wall – 50d – Every 12h Ghosts 6

Ghost Zapper – 60d – One tap to pop all ghosts – 5×4 – Not all, there is a range
Gremlin Trio – 2d – 3 gremlins
Gaggle of Gremlins – 10d – 20 gremlins
Ghost Bomb – Community Prize – 3 donuts
Dozen Ghost Bombs – Community Prize – 20 donuts

Spooky Tree – 325c – +Tree-hugging
Pumpkin Patch – 450c – +Tree-Hugging
Dead Tree – 270c – +Tree-Hugging
Peanut Cart – 520c – +Vanity
Jack-o-Lantern – 135c – +Vanity
Freak Show Tent – Quest – Quest Pt 12

Snarling Zombie – 50000c
Crazy Zombie – 12d
Senile Zombie – 12d
Shuffling Zombie – 2,000 GOO Personal Prize
Unk Zombie – Community Prize

Booberella – 100d – B-List Celebrities – JOBS & QUEST
Cauldron – 75d – Req: Level 15, Is There an Al Coholic Here Pt 1 – Marge the Witch Outfit – JOBS, NO QUESTS
The Raven – 30d – Tap the raven to make it fly – Treehouse of Horror XXIII – NO JOBS, NO QUESTS
Devil Flanders – Outfit – 75d – JOBS, NO QUESTS
Talking Krusty Doll – 60d – Treehouse of Horror XXIII – NO JOBS
Burns Monster – 25d – Treehouse of Horror XXIII – NO JOBS

Ray Gun – Building – Build Ultrahouse 2 – 3.75% Bonus – 150d – 10×6
Bad Dreams House – 85d – “Scaring Unsuspecting Guests” Every 24h Earns 500c, 45xp – 9×10
House of Evil – 45d – “Selling Evil and Cursed Frogurt” Every 12h Earns 300c, 30xp – 4×5 – NO QUEST
Heck House – 40d – Demonic facade for First Church of Springfield – NO QUEST

Freakmobile – 35d – 4×6 – .75% bonus
Spooky Wall – 1d –

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