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This page will cover any quests or extra info that comes with the Premium buys for the 2013 Halloween Event.
You can see the quests for the GOO rewards HERE.
Overall great event but kind of disappointing that most of the premium stuff has no quests. Haven’t clicked everyone to see if they added JOBS for Bad Dreams House or the House of Evil.

100 Donuts – B-List Celebrities
Milk Cletus's Cow110526NCletus's Farm
Work at The Dungeon217540NAndroid Dungeon
Host a Children's Show426070NChannel 6
Sell Peanuts From Her Street Cart8420105YPeant Cart
Burn at the Stake12600150YNONE
Serve Time for Unlicensed Peanut Vending241000225NSpringfield Penitentiary

Booberella: I used to host “The Matinee of Blood and Commercials” at Channel 6. But they canceled my show because I used my catchphrase too often.
Booberella: They are such BOOOOOBS!
Booberella: Pardon me, Cletus. Do you have any work around the farm?
Cletus: Um… you could milk the cow.
Booberella: I see. Pray tell, what about me made you think of milking?
Cletus: Well, you ain’t dressed for stabbin’ possums.

The Girls Just Want to Have Fun Pt. 1
Reach Level 8 and Build Cletus’s Farm
Make Booberella Milk Cletus’s Cow – 60m, 105c, 26xp

Comic Book Guy Starts
Comic Book Guy: Miss Booberella, you are almost as attractive in person as the life-sized Booberella figurine I have in my bedroom. Almost.
Comic Book Guy: Would you like a job bending low to reach things?

The Girls Just Want to Have Fun Pt. 2
Reach Level 13 and Build the Android’s Dungeon
Make Booberella Work at The Android’s Dungeon – 2h, 175c, 40xp

Comic Book Guy: Tell me, Booberella, who is your favorite Cosmic Wars character?
Booberella: That would be Patmi, the princess of naBOOOOB.

Booberella: If you want to get ahead in the world, you have to start your own business.
Booberella: That’s why I’m here with my new “Street Cart of Horror and Peanuts.”
Booberella: Goobers for sale! GOOOOB-ers!

The Girls Just Want to Have Fun Pt. 3
Place a Peanut Cart – Cost 520 cash
Make Booberella Sell Peanuts from a Peanut Cart – 8h, 420c, 105xp

Apu Starts
Apu: Chief Wiggum! A lawless gang of teenagers just attacked my store!
Apu: They stole candy and Squishees and read my magazines without buying a single one… just as if I were a library!
Wiggum: Sorry, Apu, I’m dealing with something much more dangerous… an unlicensed peanut vendor.
Booberella: Please, Chief Wiggum, it’s a mistake any vampire-themed horror hostess could make.
Wiggum: I’m sorry, but I have to throw the boob at you. I mean throw the book at boob. I mean boob the boob boob boob.

The Girls Just Want to Have Fun Pt. 4
Reach Level 19 and Build the Springfield Penitentiary
Make Booberella Serve Time for Unlicensed Peanut Vending – 24h, 1000c, 225xp

Wiggum: Booberella, you’re free to go. I’ll just get these handcuffs off you… Darn it, why do they always stick?
Booberella: Maybe they need LUUUUBE.

Booberella: Great news! I have a new show — “The Bloodcurdling Hour of Children’s Educational Programming!”

The Girls Just Want to Have Fun Pt. 5
Reach Level 23 and Build Channel 6
Make Booberella Host a Children’s Show – 4h, 260c, 70xp

Booberella: Today’s show was brough to you by the emotion “fear”, the animal “Snake”, and the geometric shape… CUUUBE!

75 donuts – 4×4 – Marge the Witch Outfit for Marge – JOBS, NO QUESTS
Trick-or-Treating168 GOO125YNONE
Buy Eye of Newt110526NKwik-E-Mart
Speed Up a Crop426070YPlant a Crop
Do a Victory Lap8420105YNONE
Stir the Pot12600150YCauldron
Relax with Book of Spells241000225NSimpsons House
75 donuts – JOBS, NO QUEST
Show his Wrath17017YNONE
Check in with the Minions417545NControl Building
Emergency Satanic Bible Study827570NFlanders House
Sign Up New 'Clients'12420100YNONE
Inspect the Hell Labs24600150NHeck House

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