Simpsons Tapped Out: Halloween 2013 Event – Kang & Kodos

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If missed getting Kang at last year’s Halloween event have no fear as Kang is available this year along with Kodos!

Step 1: Earn 3,000 GOO to unlock the Victorian UFO

Kang Unlocked.

Activate the Beacon0.2267YNONE
Crack the Whip110526YNONE
Read How to Cook Humans426070YNONE
Properly Season Humans635090YNONE
8-Hour Evil Laugh8420105YNONE
Exchange Long Protein Strings1000YVictorian UFO (Req: Kodos)
Deploy the Beacon12600150YNONE
16-Hour Evil Chortle16750200YVictorian UFO
Run from Puny Humans241000225YNONE

Kang: Peaceful greetings, puny human!
Lisa: A real live alien! Welcome to Earth, friend!
Kang: Let us live in friendship, and let us not deploy the beacon that summons the Rigelian invasion fleet!
Lisa: Uh… okay.
Kang: That’s one thing I wish you not to worry about. No one is deploying any beacons!

We Come in Pieces! Pt. 1
Make Kang Deploy the Beacon – 12h, 600c, 150xp

Lisa Starts
Lisa: Mr Alien, sir–
Kang: Please, call me Kang the Enslaver of Worlds! How can I help, friend human?
Lisa: There are so many problems with Earth: global warming, polluted water supplies, and, worst of all, gluten.
Lisa: Do you have any advanced technology that could heal the planet?
Kang: Of course! Let me just get it over here.

We Come in Pieces! Pt. 2
Make Kang Activate the Beacon – 10m, 26c, 7xp

Lisa Starts
Lisa: Mr. Kang, according to Salon, the planet is still doomed. I thought you were going to help us?
Kang: Give everyone these alien power crystals. This will protect them from all future calamities.
Lisa: This appears to be common table salt.
Kang: Don’t be idiotic! What would be the point of salting humans?

We Come in Pieces! Pt. 3
Make Kang Properly Season Humans – 8h, 350c, 90xp

Kang Starts
Kang: Bwa-ha-ha! Ha-ha-ha-haaaa!
Lisa: What’s so funny?
Kang: The Rigellian fleet will be here in moments! You are about to become dinner!
Lisa: Seriously? You’d fly all the way across the galaxy just to eat us?
Kang: Of course! In all the universe, there is no food as well-marbled as the American human!

We Come in Pieces! Pt. 4
Make Kang 8-Hour Evil Laugh – 8h, 420c, 105xp

Lisa Starts
Lisa: Excuse me? Your beacon is beeping.
Kang: Huh. It appears my Message of Summoning didn’t go through to the invasion fleet.
Homer: Yeah, reception kinda stinks here in New Springfield. I’m working on it.
Kang: Please, sit patiently while I resend the message that signals your doom.
Homer: No way! Come on, follow puny humans — get him!

We Come in Pieces! Pt. 5
Make Kang Run from Puny Humans – 24h, 1000c, 225xp

Step 2: Earn 4,000 GOO to unlock the Ultrahouse 2

Once you have built the Ultrahouse 2 Kodos will start flying around your city in his spaceship.

Frink: We must construct the Frink Ray Gun immediately!

You can buy a Ray Gun from the Store and startle Kodos out of his complacency.



Kodos: I’m not concerned. Humans are known thoughout the galaxy for being too cheap to spend donuts on ray guns.

Step 3: Build the Ray Gun

Ray Gun – Building – Req: Build Ultrahouse 2 – 3.75% Bonus – 150 donuts – 10×6 size

Tap the Ray Gun to shoot down Kodos.

Kodos: I knew we should have paid for the ray-gun-proof undercoating!


Kodos: Pathetic earthling. Thanks to my top-of-line spaceship armor, it will take at least 100 shots to knock me from the sky. 99 to go…


Kodos: Arg! That armor salesman lied to me. Oh, why did I buy it from Zarkon the Unreliable?!
Frink: Good hoyven moyven! He couldn’t have crashed into a school or hospital instead of my precious Ray Gun?
Frink: I put another in storage, but don’t start thinking I’m made of Ray Guns.

Kodos Unlocked!

Demonstrate Superior Technology110526YNONE
Read Grade 4 Science Books426070NSpringfield Library
Impersonate Kang8420105YNONE
Get Tentacles Waxed12600150NJake's Unisex Hair Palace
16-Hour Evil Chortle16750200YVictorian UFO
Act Harmless241000225YRay Gun

Ray Gun After

Ray Gun After

Kodos Starts
Kodos: PUNK HUMANS! There is still the devastating power of our single, steam-powered, flying saucer!
Lisa: Oh no! So with that you can defeat Earth’s thousands of nuclear missiles and millions of jets, tanks and soldiers?
Kodos: Um… PUNY HUMANS! I come in peace.

The Day Springfield Stood Still Pt. 1
Make Kodos Act Harmless – 24h, 1000c, 225xp

Kodos: Worthless human, can your ignorant mind recommend a good place to hibernate?
Cletus: Why it’s the Giant Octosquid What Fell From The Sky! If I help you, will you grant me three wishes?
Kodos: My replicator will produce anything you desire, except donuts. That would ruin the in-game economy and make it not fun — trust me.
Cletus: Well, when I need a nap, usually enjoy me the quiet of the big book building.
Kodos: A building full of books? You store your knowledge in one place?
Kodos: Why I can absorb all of your Earth knowledge and use it to DESTROY YOUR PLANET!
Cletus: You’re need one of them fancy library cards first.

The Day Springfield Stood Still Pt. 2
Reach level 12 and Build the Springfield Library
Make Kodos Read Grade 4 Science Books – 4h, 260c, 70xp

Kodos Starts
Bart: So how are you going to terrify us this time? Laser whips? Ultraprobes? Space karaoke?
Kodos: DO NOT MOCK SPACE KARAOKE! It’s something to do when you’re stuck in hyperwarp watching the same 15 DVDs over and over again.
Kodos: Now, you will learn to fear the impressive majesty of Rigellian technology. Behold THIS!

The Day Springfield Stood Still Pt. 3
Make Kodos Demonstrate Superior Technology – 60m, 105c, 26xp

Bart: That’s a baby toy. And it’s been boring babies since it was invented.
Kodos: Well…we had them first!

Kodos Starts
Kodos: Kang, you must hide me. I have been embarrassed… in front of a child.
Kang: We stick out on this planet. There is only one person you could disguise yourself as and not be recognized. Me!
Kodos: Very well.
Kodos: But if this is a trick to get me to pay your gambling debts again, I shall not be pleased.

The Day Springfield Stood Still Pt. 4
Make Kodos Impersonate Kang – 8h, 420c, 105xp

Kang Starts
Kodos: You know Kang, it’s starting to feel like we might be here for a while.
Kang: Such a statement of truth. At least, Kodos, we have each other.
Kodos: Yes. Now let us begin the disgusting and laborious process of feeding on each other!

Just the Two of Us
Make Kang and Kodos Exchange Long Protein Strings – 10h, 0c, 0xp

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  1. I´m totally stuck without 150 donuts for the Ray gun! This sucks. None of the other quests have required real money to complete them once started as far as I can remember.

  2. It’s ridiculous that you need donuts to unlock kodos. The only people that have donuts like that are people that have used glitches in the past or people who spent like $20 on donuts. I’m not gonna pay for fake currency. We should be able to get everything without donuts. Is it not enough that I’ve been watching the simpsons since I was born and that I buy every season when it comes out on dvd? They just wanna milk you for cash even more.

  3. Hi, is anybody else having trouble with getting the Kang quest starting.
    I got the Vicotiran UFO already and Lisa is free but she doesn’t prompt the quest to start.
    I already had Kang from last year so thought that might have to do with it. I stored Kang and the crashed ufo but nothing.
    Any help would be greatly appreciated.

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