Payday 2 – Enforcer Skill Tree

We show you the skill tree for the Enforcer in Payday 2.

Spending the first point in the Enforcer skill tree unlocks the ability to place the ammo bag deployable. The ammo bag can be used to gain ammo.
NOTE: The Tier 6 Enforcer skill Iron Man is required to gain the achievement: Man of Iron – 40gs – Equip the Improved Combined Tactical Vest.

This is a tough tree for me to care about. Most of the skills seem blah to me. It is so top heavy.

Portable Saw – Tier 5 is the first skill I think is really worth anything. The Saw makes Four Stores a 5 second job on even Overkill. One ATM in the grocery store and you’re on your way out. That is huge. There is also an achievement on the Big Oil job that requires a Saw. (I Knew What I Did Was Wrong).
Iron Man – I don’t have this on here for the armor. You don’t need it. It’s on here because there is an achievement for unlocking this skill. (Man of Iron – 40gs – Equip the Improved Combined Tactical Vest)

Overall probably the weakest set of skills in my opinion but I am playing for Stealth and speed and all of the Enforcer skills are for surviving and excelling at combat.

11$4,5003$12,500Enemies are more easily supressed by you.
21$23,5003$69,500You gain more health.
31$44,5003$132,500Enemies are even more easily supressed by you.
44$264,5008$528,500You gain even more heath.
54$356,5008$712,500You do more damage.
64$452,5008$904,500You gain much more health.
OPPRESSOR1Your weapons are more effective at suppressing enemies.Your weapons are even more effective at suppressing enemies.
BULLET STORM1Directly after you deploy an ammo bag, you can fire your weapon for several seconds without depleting your ammunition.You can fire even longer without depleting your ammunition.
TRANSPORTER1You move faster when carrying bags.You can throw bags further.
DIE HARD2You can use your primary weapon in bleedout.You armor recovers faster.
UNDERDOG2When you are surrounded by three enemies or more, you receive an additional damage bonus.When you are surrounded by three enemies or more, you receive less damage from enemies.
PUMPING IRON2Your melee attacks against non-specials do more damage.Your melee attacks against all enemies do more damage.
SHOTGUN IMPACT3Your weapon recoil with all shotguns in reduced.You deal additional damage with shotguns.
STUN RESISTANCE3Reduces the visual effect during duration of flashbangs.Further reduce the visual effect duration.
TOUGH GUY3Reduce your camera shake when you are damaged by enemy fire.Your bleedout health is increased.
SHOTGUN CQB4Increases your shotgun reload speed.Increases your shotgun steel sight speed.
AMMUNITION SPECIALIST4You can now place two ammo bags instead of just one.Your ammo bags have additional charges.
BERSERKER4The lower your health is, the more damage you do in melee.The lower your health is, the more damage you do with ranged weapons.
HARD BOILED5Increases your shotgun weapon accuracy when fire from the hip.Increases your weapon accuracy when firing from the hop with all weapons.
FULLY LOADED5Your weapon magazine capacity is increased.Enemies drop additional ammunition.
PORTABLE SAW5Unlocks the OVE9000 portable saw for you to use.The durability of your saw blades in increased.
OVERKILL6When you usea shotgun or OVE9000 portable saw, you receive an additional damage bonus for a limited time when you kill an enemy.The damage bonus now applies to all weapons. Skill must still be activated by using a shotgun or the OVE9000 portable saw.
IRON MAN6Unlocks the ability to wear the Improved Combined Tactical Vest.When you melee Shield enemies, they get knocked back by the sheer force.
CARBON BLADE6You replace your saw blades with carbon blades, increasing your saw efficiency.Attacking enemies with the OVE9000 portable saw wears in down less than before. Saws gain additional durability and are even more effective.Portable Saw

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