Level 22: Gary’s Misadventures – Guide – World 1


SAFE: 010213 – On the column to the right.
TOY: The Dark Bat – On the table on the right by the barrel.


SAFE: 050-886 – On the two posters.
TOY: Clawverine – On the desk on the right side.


SAFE: 22-05-84 – On a poster and two books.
SAFE: Upper right behind the vending machines.
SECRET ROOM: When in the vents continue all the way to the right to the top set of vents. You’ll drop into a secret room.
TOY: Wheel A – bottom left hand office


SAFE: 140-783 – On a poster and a box.
SAFE: Is located in the bottom left. You need to do down just past the sleeping office workers.
TOY: Solid Smack – In the far upper left vent by the exit.


You need to grab a stapler and a explosive. Put the stapler on one of the far side conveyors. Then put the explosive on the next conveyor in timing it so it explodes as Mr. Pepper goes by. After it goes off, hit or miss, run and hide in the open cabinet in the row below you. After the second time Mr. Pepper will start moving and you will need to time it even more carefully. You need to hit him 4 times.

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