Level 22: Gary’s Misadventures – Guide – World 4


SAFE: sigma (18), phi (21), omega (24) – (Thanks to L) – Middle office behind a plant. You do NOT need to move the plant to get to it.


SAFE: In World 4-3 safe code is 836773 which is SCI in ASCII code – (Thanks to Erwan)


SAFE: code is 419715 from D-A-I-G-O – (Thanks to Marty)


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  1. Sorry I have been busy lately, came back to try 4-2 as the solutions said by Steve & amine , and yeah it is solved for 4-2 🙂

    Steve, the 4-3 toy is located at the left of the broken glass if im not mistaken.. Well i did accidentally found a secret place right of the janitor but turns out it was just a room.

    • Ah, nice spot! Thanks!

      Also got a funny little bug where being in that top room let me kinda look around beyond the visual boundary of the level. Useless, but neat.

  2. I think I found the safe for 4-2. Near the end of the level there’s a hidden room by the first android. You can move in, and a hand icon appears above your head but I can’t actually open the safe decryption thing. As well I haven’t seen any hints as to what the code could be.

    • Found the safe!

      If you listen carefully when you click the hand icon in the secret room, you can hear something activate or deactivate. I realized that what you’re clicking on is not the safe but the control module for the conveyor belt in the upper right of the level! If you switch the conveyor to the correct direction you can ride it into another secret room at the top of the level that contains the safe.

      However, like you, I’ve spotted nothing that even looks like a clue as to what the combination might be.

    • Use the vents to get the lightsaber. Use the lightsaber to take out the Android guarding the access card. Go in the vent in the locked room and take out the Android across the hall. Go back and use the lightsaber to short the computer by the guy guarding the box. Use the box and the maintenance men to move around to the end of the level. Careful taking out the last android.

      The safe is behind the vending machine by the exit. The toy can be reached from the locked room, but you can be seen in there so be careful.

      I’m stuck on the last level. I can’t find anything to interact with.

    • Correction! Just beat the game!

      Only things I’m missing are the secret from 4-2 because I can’t open the safe, and the toy from 4-3. I’ll see if I can track it down. Thanks for all the help guys.

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