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There are a total of 50 Spaceship parts to find in Grand Theft Auto V. This mission is started by Franklin in the Strangers & Freaks mission Far Out. You can get this by playing as Franklin after everyone is back from the first main heist. (Trying to stay spoiler free here). The missions starts in the upper section of GTA V’s map.

CURRENTLY FOUND: 50/50 – All Found, All Recorded!

Far Out Mission Starting Location

Far Out Mission Starting Location

I’ve created a PDF checklist, broken down by video, to help you make sure you get them all. You can download it HERE.

This covers 1 – 11 of the Spaceship parts.

#1 – Grapeseed – Out in the open in the middle of a muddy farm by some hay and a circular feed troth.
#2 – Mount Chiliad – In the open wood garage of a house.
#3 – Mount Chiliad – On the bottom floor of a two story barn of a large farm.
#4 – Paleto Bay – In the third story of the fire station’s test house.
#5 – Paleto Forest – In a drainpipe on the side of the main highway. It’s directly opposite a small paved emergency parking area.
#6 – Paleto Cove – On a rock outcropping off the beach.
#7 – Raton Canyon – On the trellis of the bridge on the ocean side. Need a Helicopter to get it. Use Trevor for his near perfect flying skill. TOUGH.
#8 – Cassidy Creek – On a small rock island under the bridge. You can parachute down or swim to the top side. Make sure to go out far if you are swimming as the current will drag you over the falls. Fun, but can be deadly.
#9 – Mount Josiah – On a series of rock ledges near the very top of the mountain. You can drive a bike straight up from the train tracks below right at the small power station.
#10 – Zancudo River – In among the rocks right at the end of the River just past the bridge.
#11 – Zancudo River – Under the covered bridge by it’s support beam.
This covers 12 – 21 of the Spaceship parts.

#12 – Grand Senora Desert – In a small trailer park behind a boat.
#13 – Grand Senora Desert – On the back porch of a busted out destroyed home.
#14 – Grand Senora Desert – At the bottom of a rock face on a winding road.
#15 – Grand Senora Desert – In the back yard of a small home with an American flag.
#16 – Pacific Ocean – In a cave in an inlet. It is underwater to the right as you enter the cave. There is also a grenade launcher and a letter scrap here.
#17 – Grand Senora Desert – On the top left platform of the western most satellite dish.
#18 – Grand Senora Desert – On a rock formation in the small park trail area. It’s behind the one with the picnic benches.
#19 – Sandy Shores – At the top of the space alien park.
#20 – Sandy Shores – Underwater at the small beach inlet area.
#21 – San Chianski Mountain Range / Catfish View – In the shed on the right behind the boat.
This covers 22 – 29 of the Spaceship parts.

#22 – Tongva Valley – Underwater under the waterfall. You need to swim hard to fight the current.
#23 – Tongva Hills – In the top right grape fields. It’s about 4 rows down.
#24 – Banham Canyon – In the back of a private home by a telescope.
#25 – Tongva Hills – In a small cave. Start at the bottom at the road and follow the water stream up. The cave is covered by a bush just to the right a little more that halfway up the mountain.
#26 – Vinewood Hills – Near a large tree right on the right as you enter this private rehab facility.
#27 – Vinewood Hills – As you are facing the Observatory the spaceship part will be on the top left section. Jump the game and climb the stairs to the top.
#28 – Vinewood Hills – On top of a tower in the water near the dam. You need to land a Helicopter on it to get it.
#29 – Vinewood Hills – Underwater. Dive straight off at the support column on the side with all the metal.
This covers 30 – 36 of the Spaceship parts.

#30 – Pacific Ocean – On a rock formation that is shaped like a bridge. It’s on a small sand section on the bottom.
#31 – Tataviam Mountains – In the end of a large series of drain pipes.
#32 – Land Act Damn – Underwater underneath the small dock.
#33 – Murrieta Heights – On the dam water dividers on the city side of the dam.
#34 – El Burro Heights – In a dark green storage container in the main office area of the oil company. There is a blue container right in front of the correct green one.
#35 – Pacific Ocean – On a small island just off the beach.
#36 – El Burro Heights – In a drainage pipe on the beach.
This covers 37 – 50 of the Spaceship parts.

#37 – Elysian Island – In the water to the left of the dock in some metal wreckage.
#38 – Elysian Island – On the top of the large connecting pipe between the two massive oil drums.
#39 – Rancho / Dutch London St – Inside the modern sculpture area.
#40 – Los Santos International Airport – At the very end by a dumpster. If you have NOT purchased the airport this is instant 3 stars.
#41 – Strawberry / Olympic Fwy – In the homeless area. By some stairs going down to nothing.
#42 – Strawberry / Capital Blvd – On the roof by the helicopters! You’ve probably been here a bunch of times by now.
#43 – Textile City / Integrity Way – Down the alley on the left by the coffee shop.
#44 – Downtown – On the roof of the Penris building. Need a copter.
#45 – Downtown – Well the entrance is downtown. You need a bike (or a long walk). This is in the tunnels. Head to the main train depot and it’s over a few cement dividers.
#46 – Alta – Rockford Plaza. Take the left entrance. This is also a Stunt Jump. The spaceship part is up top BEFORE you jump off.
#47 – Burton – In the pool on the roof of this hotel. Helicopter required.
#48 – GWC and Golfing Society – On the small island of the pond. 2 stars if you are not a member / owner.
#49 – Richard Majestic – Another instant star. Take a left as you enter to get to the building scene. Climb the stairs and hop up to the spaceship part.
#50 – Vespucci Canals / Palomino Ave – Climb the ladder in the back to get to the top of the sign.
This shows the final quest section and your reward.

As soon as you have all 50 Spaceship parts Omega will text you to come meet him at Rons Alternative Wind Farm.
You’ll get the achievement / trophy: From Beyond the Stars – 15G – You collected and returned all spaceship parts to Omega.
You will also be rewarded with a custom dune buggy. The “Space Docker, Off-Road”.

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