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We will be doing Nightfall runs tonight (10/1/14). Exact times and the Twitch feed will be updated later.

Weekly Nightfall Strike

Why do you want to do the Weekly Nightfall Strike? For one, on completion you get Radiant Light until the weekly reset. This give you bonus XP on EVERYTHING you do. This is a 20% bonus that includes Faction and straight up XP, so it really is everything. Second, competition gives you some pretty sweet rewards. Straight up Exotics, Legendaries, 9x Strange Coins, just really nice stuff. The problem is there is no matchmaking and you really need to be level 28 with a good fireteam. Well Bam and I have gotten pretty good at running it and so we are offering a service where we will run through the entire Nightfall event and then invite subscribers right before we finish the final boss. We do the work and you all get the benefits!

Weekly Nightfall Strike Service

Some rules:
1) Only subscribers of on YouTube will be invited.
2) This is only for people who have not completed the Nightfall this week. You get NO rewards for completing it multiple times so anyone asking for invites after already completing it that week will be banned from later Nightfalls.
3) We will be picking via random number generator. Donations are NOT required but you will get an extra slot for each dollar donated.
4) We don’t have set times for when we will be doing this. Most likely on Tuesday so people get most benefit from the extra XP.
5) You must be Live in Twitch and must be in Destiny and ready to go when your time comes.


I’ve been a pretty hardcore gamer since the Xbox 360 came out. I’m was top 10 on TA for all Xbox ONE games for gamerscore. I created this site to house all my YouTube guide videos and everything else video game related we can come up with.

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