Destiny – Vault of Glass Raid Guide

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Step 1 – Entrance

Need to activate and hold 3 “Sync Plates” from L 26 Praetorians so that “The Spire is forming” completes opening the vault. When you complete it you will get a “The Spire has been activated” message.

Step 2 – The Trial of Kabr

You will get a chest at the end of the cave system.

Step 3 – Templar’s Well – Defend the Confux

Starts with a large jumping parkour section. When you get to main area you just need to eliminate enemies. L 25 Fanatics spew green goo on death that needs to be cleaned in the one cleansing pool in center area if you get hit.

Step 4 – Templar’s Well – Defend the Left and Right Conflux

Split into 2 teams and you need to defend a construct from the Vex coming and sacrificing themselves. As the Vex succeed you will see “A Vex has sacrificed itself to the Right/Left Conflux”. Kill enough Vex to completed the section.

Step 5 – Templar’s Well – Destroy The Oracles

There are a total of 6 possible spawn points, 3 per side. You need to destroy the Oracles as they spawn. They appear as green glowing orbs. If you get “Marked by Oracle” you need to jump into the middle cleanse to clear it. You will earn a reward for finishing this section.

Step 6 – Templar’s Well – Kill The Templar

Someone must get the Relic. The Relic’s super removes The Templar’s shield, this locks everyone, destroy the bubble and attack The Templar. The Relic’s grenade will cleanse Guardians of Oracle marks. One person needs to get into the red telportation circle when they appear to stop Templar from re-shielding, it will turn white when you’ve cleared the circle and you can look for the next one. Templar will get “ENRAGED” causing temporary difficulty increase. Watch for “The Templar calls for its Minotaurs” also. Finishing this section will give you a reward.

Step 7 – The Gorgons’ Labyrinth

Right before starting this section double jump your way up the left side mountain to a hole and follow that some ways to a chamber with a chest. If anyone is spotted your get the “Gorgon’s Gaze” and then “A Gorgon has found its prey” and the entire Fireteam dies.

Step 8 – Vault of Glass

This is another platforming section where the platforms quickly spawn in and out and you need to be ready to go to the next one immediately.

Step 10 – Vault of Glass – Awaken the Glass Throne

First off eliminate the Gatekeeper. From the entrance you then need to activate the Timegate by capturing the Sync Plate on the right. You’ll see “A Vex Timegate is active”. 2 or so Guardians enter the Time Gate and kill the Descendant Gatekeeper and then grab the Relic. Everyone inside will be “Marked by the Void” and will have their screen slowly go blind until Cleansed by the Relic. When the Guardian who has acquired the Relic comes out a central section will activate and Minotaurs will spawn at the far top end trying to sacrifice themselves to the pillar, someone needs to stop this at all costs. The second (left) side portal must be activated and the Relic carrier needs to enter the Timegate and kill the Precusor Gatekeeper inside. A second Relic needs to be picked up and everyone needs to go back through the portal to the main area. Then wipe out the remain Minotaurs.

Step 10 – Vault of Glass – Destroy Atheon

Atheon, Time’s Conflux – Atheon will teleport the farthest Guardians to a portal area (“Atheon opens the timestream”) and the other Guardians will need to open the portal, defend it, and help the teleported team get out. Inside the portal areas all of the Oracles need to be killed. Once all the Oracles are dead the Guardian with the Relic will have Time’s Vengeance active for :30 which gives your whole team a damage buff. Keep cycling through the portals until you destroy Atheon.

Possible Final Rewards:
Chatterwhite – Shader
Atheon’s Epilogue – Auto Rifle (Bonus damage to Oracles)
“Glass Minuet” – Ship
Vision of Confluence – Scout Rifle (Bonus damage to Oracles)


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