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Scheduled dates are 9/23 through 10/6.

The Queen’s Emissary, Petra Venj, is in the Event area straight ahead when you get to the tower. The Queen represents a new faction called simply Queen’s Wrath. Getting to level 1 will requires you to get 1000 reputation. Reputation is earned by completing bounties which are given by the Bounty Tracker. These do not replace your standard Vanguard or Crucible bounties but are represented as a new series of 5. They have the same 24 hour timer as the other bounties so you can only do 5 Queen’s Wrath bounties per day. Every time you successfully complete a bounty you will get a Queen’s Order mission reward.

NOTE: Wearing the Queen’s Shader, Emblem and/or Class Specific Item grant bonus Faction when you turn in bounties!

Rank 1 – 1000
Rank 2 – 3000
Rank 3 – UNK (Earning Rank 3 adds new weapons options to purchase)

Each Queen’s Order Ticket allows you to do one Kill Order mission. Kill Order missions appear at the top of the line on the left side of your orbit screen when selecting a destination. These are standard missions but are rated a level 24. The easiest to do is the Earth mission Restoration. If you get a mission you don’t want to do just go to orbit. You only spend the ticket on completion. Completing these Kill Order missions awards ZERO rep but give a Queen specific Legendary Armor piece. The Tickets are turned in after winning a mission and as soon as it tells you that you have earned your Legendary you can safely go to Orbit and skip any cutscenes at the end. If you have a ticket, you get a Legendary. Anyone can join you but only players with Tickets get a Legendary.

UPDATE 9/25/2014 = Patch – Removed getting Ascendant Shards from dismantling!
Even if you don’t like the gear it’s worth doing the Kill Order missions just to dismantle the Legendaries as that is guaranteed Ascendant Shards.

Queen’s Guard Plate (Legendary) – 306-406 Defense, Light +18, Int +59, Str +65, Carry more ammo for Fusion Rifles & Scout Rifles
Queen’s Guard Helm (Legendary) – 280-372 Defense, Light +18, Int +48, Str +51, Grenade hits restore melee energy & Reduce melee cooldown when you pick up an Orb

Queen’s Guard Vest (Legendary) – 306-406 Defense, Light +18, Dis +64, Str +60, Carry more ammo for Sniper Rifle, Scout Rifle
Queen’s Guard Mask (Legendary) – 280-372 Defense, Light +18, Int +47, Str +47, Increased melee attack speed & Replenish health when you pick up an Orb.

The Supremacy – Sniper Rifle (Legendary) –

Titan #1 – 4x Helm
Titan #2 – 2x Chest, 2x Helm
Hunter #1 – 1x Chest, 1x Helm

With only 2 weeks and not knowing what levels 2 and 3 are reputation wise this could be a hard faction to level up. Doing all the bounties the first day will get you to halfway to Rank 1 with 500 reputation.

Shader – Rosegold – Rank 1
Shader – Prism Dancer – Rank 3
Emblem – Queen’s Guard Crest – Rank 1
Emblem – Crown of the Sovereign – Rank 3
Class Armor – Mark of the Queen’s Guard (Titan) – Rank 2
Auto Rifle – Her Right Hand – Rank 2
Scout Rifle – Vesta Noblese – Rank 2
Hand Cannon – Merciless – Rank 2

By Thy HandDefeat 20 Guardians with Hand Cannon headshotsCrucible
Her Willful GazeDefeat 20 Guardians with Scout Rifle headshotsCrucible
Off With Their HeadsDefeat 20 Guardians with Sniper Rifle headshotsCrucible
For Her HonorWin 3 Crucible Matches with the Queen's Class, Emblem and Shader items equippedCrucible
Warrior of the ReedDefeat 50 Guardians with the Queen's Class, Emblem and Shader items equippedCrucible
Extermination ProtocolDefeat 200 Fallen with headshotsPatrol
Face Your FearsDefeat 3 Fallen WalkersPatrol
No ParleyDefeat 10 Fallen MajorsPatrol
Relic Harvest - FallenCollect 200 Ether Drops from Fallen Enemies on any planetPatrol
Prime TargetDefeat Sepkis Prine, deep within the Cosmodrome on Earth (The Devils' Lair)Strike
A Perfect StrikeComplete a level 26 Vanguard Strike without dyingStrike
A Perfect StrikeComplete a level 28 playlist Strike without dyingStrike
Archon SlayerDefeat Riksis, the Devil Archon, in the Cosmodrome on Earth (Restoration)Story
Last Day of WinterDefeat Draksis, Winter Kell, in the Scourge of Winter on Venus (Scourge of Winter)Story

There are also Bounties for the first two expansions, The Dark Below & House of Wolves, so this event will come back.


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