Call of Duty: Ghosts – Strike Guide

Here is the full list of Strikes available in Call of Duty Ghosts and the point requirements required for them all. We’ll be adding some vids showing all of these off real soon. Note this list is completely sortable and searchable so enjoy.

StrikeSat Com3Satellite communications relay enemy movements. Multiple SAT COMs enhace effects
StrikeI.M.S.5The Intelligent Munitions System detected and eliminates enemy combatants
StrikeGuard Dog5Man's best friend watching your back
StrikeSentry Gun7Place an automated Sentry Gun
StrikeTrinty Rocket7Remote-controlled missile system that fires smart drone projectiles
StrikeBattle Hind9Call in an assault helicopter
StrikeVulture9A companion drone that protects your six
StrikeGryphon10Remote-controlled quadrotor that marks targets for detonation
StrikeManiac10Knife expert with advanced armor that gives up guns for high speed
StrikeJuggernaut11Receive advanced assault armor with a Minigun via Care Package
StrikeHelo Pilot12Pilot the AAS-72X into battle
StrikeLoki15Assault the battlefield from the Loki Satellite
SupportSat Com4Satellite communications relay enemy movements. Multiple SAT COMs enhace effects
SupportAmmo Crate6Deploy an Ammo Crate that supplies weapons and ammo to your team
SupportBallistic Vests8Deploy a bag of Ballistic Vests for your team
SupportMAAWS9Free-fire shoulder mounted rocket launcher. Lase and hold on the target to guide missiles
SupportNight Owl10A companion drone that detects enemies based on proximity and protects you from explosives
SupportSupport Squadmate11Get behind the guy with a Riot Shield
SupportGround Jammer12Disable enemy ground communications and electronics
SupportAir Superiority12Call in fighter jets to destroy enemy aircraft
SupportHelo Scout13Provide sniper support from a controllable helictoper
SupportOracle14Uses GPS technology to detect and display enemies
SupportJuggernaut Recon14Receive advanced defensive armor with personal radar tech via Care Package
SupportOdin16Supply support from the Odin Satellite
Specialistlvl 18Selected Perk

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