Review: Schrödinger’s Cat and the Raiders of the Lost Quark

Schrödinger’s Cat and the Raiders of the Lost Quark
2.95 GB
Available On
Xbox ONE [Reviewed], Steam
Release Date
Single Player

Schrödinger’s Cat and the Raiders of the Lost Quark (here after referred to as the Cat Game) is a platformer by Italic Pig and Team17 with a bunch of puzzling and a heavy heavy physics background. And not physics like in game shenanigans like Portal, no physics as in physics jokes and puns. Seriously. If you are a Stephen Hawking-aphile you’re going to be laughing your ass off and trying to high five a lot of people who have no idea what the hell that joke even meant. Do you think puns related to the Higgs boson is the absolute top level of comedy? Then you probably have a lot of social issues but at least this game is for you! The story goes that all of these particles have escaped from the Particle Zoo and you need to get them all back. Now I’m not saying that if you don’t get the references you’re not going to enjoy the game. I’m just saying they made a game whose name is based on a experiment that if you put a cat into a box and it has a 50% chance of dying is the cat dead, alive or both?

Physics be funny!

Physics be funny!

So how do you go about finding and capturing these 100s of Gluons and Muons and other particles? Scattered throughout the levels you will start to collect four different Quarks. These are small brightly colored objects and they are EVERYWHERE. After you collect a bunch of these Quarks you combine them, 3 at a time, into 14 different combos. You create things like Copter, that lifts you to areas you can’t directly jump to. Missiles allow you to blast through walls and Dig allows you to, well, blast through the floor. There are a total of 14 abilities and most of these combinations are given to you by the game but a few have to be discovered by you as you play. The Cat has all the typical platformer moves to go along with these abilities like a limited attack move and jumping but you’ll be using the abilities A LOT.

There are two different types of levels you will be playing in the Cat Game. Hub style open area levels are where you are just trying to collect those Gluons and other escaped particles and pretty much just get yourself to the next main puzzle area. In these types of levels Quarks are everywhere. They end up being a non currency because of how easy they are to get. You can just enter and leave levels to load up on quarks. You can easily get 50 or more of each Quark so it’s not really if you are going to be able to get through the level, just how you are going to do it.

Get those Glouns

Get those Glouns

The puzzle levels, by contrast, are the complete opposite. You are typically given only the exact number of Quarks you need to complete a area and then any extra are taken from you before you start the next section. My problem with these sections are they need to be done pretty much perfectly. There is typically no way to backtrack to reacquire Quarks you lose through using your abilities. If you need to Copter up to a area but fail to make the ledge you need to get to, or perhaps you just fall off the ledge, you literally have no way of getting back up there. You need to pause to the menu and restart checkpoint. It takes you out of the game and it would of been more in-game to simply have a place to fall back to that got you the Quarks you needed to re-start that section again instead of having to constantly reload.

The game is also randomly generated so every time you play you’ll get a different layout. I assume this is why the level design is so so boring. The Cat and other NPCs and enemies look really top notch. As you collect more and more Quarks it really fells like this mass of creatures always there when you need them. But the levels themselves are pretty much made from 3 elements that just repeat and repeat and repeat. You have a ground element that you can break, a rock element that you can not break, and the goo element that harms you. That’s about it.

Although you can complete the game without getting all the lose particles there is a achievement for capturing them all. Each level typically has a few signs that point out how many of each are left in the game and how many are left in the particular area you are in. There is no fast travel level select here though. Up until the end of the game you area able to backtrack to previous areas but it is quite the chore to do so. Any game that tasks you will collecting and finding so many objects should by law, Ampere’s Law, (Google physics reference!) have a level select.

The story and acting are top notch, but the repetitive and boring level design are a unfortunate distraction from the solid platform/puzzle gameplay. The difference between “Open Quarks Quarks Everywhere As Far As The Eye Can See” and the “Puzzle Only As Many Quarks As You Need And Not A Single Quark More” levels is such a huge disparity and with how abundant the Quarks are in the open areas it seems like it would of been more enjoyable to play if the player just got unlimited Quarks in these areas. Anyone who enjoys platformers and puzzle games fun should give Schrod’s Cat a chance, especially at the bargain price of just $10. You might also pick up some amazing physics info you can throw out at your next dinner party. Or not. Probably not.

1) Story is funny and well acted
2) Quarks and their abilities are a interesting new mechanic

1) Level graphics are just so basic
2) Failing puzzle elements require you to restart entire sections



Review: The Swapper

The Swapper
416.05 MB
Available On
Xbox ONE [Reviewed], PS4
Release Date
Curve Digital
Single Player

The Swapper is a clone based puzzle game from Carbon and Curve Digital. In a story as old as time you play a character that is trying to escape something with no recollection of why you are trying to do it. What is it about puzzle stories and amnesia? The Swapper’s universe is a hub world where you acquire orbs to open doors to get to other hub worlds. There are a large number of puzzle rooms to solve to get these orbs. Your ability in The Swapper is the ability to project up to 4 clones of yourself, all of these clones are linked together, so if you move forward, all your clones move forward also. Even if that would send them off a cliff. As long as the personality you are controlling lives, all the other deaths don’t count for anything which in itself is a interesting ethical and morale question I don’t plan to get into here. But if cloning morals is something you are interested in then by all means go rent the movie The Island, or don’t as it’s not that great. If fact many puzzles require you to eliminate old clones to allow new clones to move forward. “Jerry #325! How you doing down there? Don’t mean to be a bother but can you just go ahead and walk off that cliff and fall to a very painful and final death. Here let me give you a little nudge.” I’m sure Jerry #325 would rather just say thanks for creating me and I’ll just retire to the suburbs and live out my clone life if my services are no longer needed, but no, off a cliff with you.

Cloning for profit

Cloning for profit

One of the nice features is that each of the hub areas has a number of orbs required to move on and there are more orbs available then needed. So if one room proves too difficult, and for some reason you are not familiar with a little know website called YouTube to get some help, then you can keep going at other puzzles and come back later. And up to the very last area there is nothing from keeping you from back tracking and getting every little secret completed if you so desire. Puzzles ramp up their difficulty at a steady pace with new ideas and obstacles thrown in all the time. There are lights that stop you from making clones, there are lights that stop you from transferring your consciousness to another clone, there are your typical push plates you need to stand on. All of which is made harder because every step you take, all the clones take also. “Ok, Jerry #785 you need to stand on that plate so step forward, oh god. Jerry #854 not you. You keep still. Just what the hell are you doing Jerry #95425658545754?” It adds a nice depth getting everyone at the correct starting spot so each little jump and push ends up meaning all the clones are just where you need them to be. It’s not uncommon to get to a new room and know right away what you are supposed to do and it still taking you some time to figure out how to get the timing just right so that you can actually do it.

Colored beams are about the only color

Colored beams are about the only color

The areas look nice but besides the colored lights that make up the obstacles the game is a very drab and boring shades of gray. The story plays out as you go through the game in a series of terminal notes that you read and interactions with another NPC that is on their own journey. The actor of the NPC is fine but it’s one of those weird silent protagonist stories that no matter how amazing or horrifying the situation is the hero never says a single word. I can forgive it here as the story to second to the puzzles and the interactions are short and to the point.

Overall The Swapper is a fun puzzler that does some very unique things. The length will definitely be determined by either your amazing puzzle mind or the fact that you leave YouTube open on your computer. And I would say you are doing the game and yourself a disservice if you YouTube your way through The Swapper.

1) Good range of puzzles
2) Unique puzzle experience

1) Fairly short
2) Drab graphics



Review: Sparkle Unleashed

Sparkle Unleashed
242.44 MB
Available On
Xbox ONE [Reviewed]
Release Date
Single Player

Sparkle Unleashed from 10tons is like Zuma; or Zuma is like Sparkle Unleashed. I don’t know which came first or if it even matters. Sparkle Unleashed is a marble triple matching puzzle game. Marbles come at you in a long row and you need to shoot marbles into the mix, creating matches, before the line passes you by and you lose. There are a 107 of these levels to complete.

I’ll be honest and say when I heard this was coming out my first thought was, “This is going to be a crappy Zuma clone. Play for 5 minutes and then trash it a quick review and move on.” But I was wrong. It’s not going to win any game of the year awards (unless there is a Marble Puzzle Game Monthly and if there is please forward me the subscription information), but when you think it’s going to be a 1 trick pony and the pony actually does 3 or 4 tricks, well your expectations just got blown up by 400%!

Shoot those marbles!

Shoot those marbles!

The graphics are exactly what I thought they would be. The marbles are nice and shiny but the backgrounds are dull and static. The music is standard puzzle fare, not something I plan to load up into my iPod and jam out to at the gym. There is a story to all this and it is fully voiced. The story pops up every few levels and is your standard puzzle storyline, something happens to the world and your only hope of fixing it is to shoot marbles!

Every time you complete a series of levels you earn a power-up. Cool things like Fireballs to destroy random marbles and things that will change marble colors for you. The best is that there is a actual tech tree and these upgrades are by your choice instead of just handed out at arbitrary times. There are 6 different paths and 3 upgrades to earn in each path. How you earn the power-ups in game is when you make several matches in a row a power-up will appear. You then need to shoot it to activate it. This adds another level of strategy to as to when you are going to activate a power-up and also that fact that whatever you shoot at it disappears. So if you are on a combo run and a particular color isn’t going to benefit you, you can shoot it at a power-up to get a new option.

Power-ups as far as the eye can see

Power-ups as far as the eye can see

I am color blind and typically these match 3 games are a pain to figure out. For me especially the green versus yellow marbles. Sparkle Unleashed luckily has a color blind option and the quality of it is impressive. It adds a symbol over all the marbles that is really high quality. I can see a lot of people using this as their default view as it really makes the different marbles pop.

Sparkle Unleashed is a game that is great to just start it up and play a few levels at a time and at a $8 price point it get a recommend from me.

1) Lots and lots of puzzles
2) Color blind option

1) Graphics are a little dated



Review: SteamWorld Dig

SteamWorld Dig
241.05 MB
Available On
Xbox ONE [Reviewed], PS4, Steam, 3DS, Vita, Wii U
Release Date
Image & Form
Image & Form
Single Player

SteamWorld Dig is a platformer by Image & Form that presents itself in a mining game style. The game almost entirely does take place in a series of mines and you do dig a lot but instead of crafting together some new gadget deep in the mines everything is brought back to town and simply sold off for money which you then turn around and spend on new upgrades. Things like longer lasting lights and faster and more dangerous pickaxes.

Some of the MANY upgrades

Some of the MANY upgrades

This is a randomly generated world and the exact location of ore and things like that are completely random to your playthrough. The game plays out over a series of mining shafts, each one going deeper than the last, where your job is to get loot and work your way down through a series of challenge caves. There are 3 main caves per level that provide basic starter upgrades like the ability to run and double jump. There are also a series of challenge caves that provide smaller puzzle environments that reward you with orbs and ore when you complete them.

Overall there are around 10 different enemies that you will encounter. Ranging from small beetles that only move in a set pattern in a set area to explosive drones that seek you out. It’s a nice range or types all with different styles of attack and defense. Nothing jumps out as; wow what an amazing concept for a enemy, all of them have their place and unique abilities.

One of the cool things in SteamWorld Dig is the escalation of speed. The further you go down the mine shafts the harder the ground gets to break up, BUT With some good upgrading and use of your abilities you start to cut through the rock like its not even there. What was once a chore to move your way down starts to feel like a hot knife cutting through butter. This is especially prevalent if you go back to the first area from one of the later stages of the game.

The graphics are very well done. Kind of a 16-bit engine with all the shiny abilities of the ONE thrown on top. Not over the top like a lot of “retro” games are doing, just a nice clean look that is perfect for the game. Kind of a retro robot steampunk. It is called SteamWorld after all.



One of my biggest complaints of all of these dig style games is that it’s fun to work your way down, but always a pain in the ass to get back up. SteamWorld Dig solves this problem with a series of placed teleporters that shoot you back and forth to the surface. A extremely nice addition. On top of that you can purchase unlimited personal teleporters. (One at a time only). These are permanently placed just about anywhere in the world. The kicker is they cost orbs which are a rare resource. Get a little too teleporter happy though and you’ll lock yourself out of some upgrades as the number of orbs in the world is a set number.

A thing to note is the game only saves when you go back to town. So a death in the mine is considered a game over, with a money penalty and load back into town with who knows how much progress lost. It’s important to not only think of town as a place to unload loot and get upgrades but as your one and only save point!

One thing that disappointed me was the opening tutorial was a nicely laid out story mode with interaction with other characters that made me think this was going to have a nice in depth story to go with it. Unfortunately as soon as you get to town everyone turns into a standard merchant NPC and your interaction with them for the entire rest of the game is simply a few lines here or there about what you are up to. It was a let down to see so much promise of story go down the drain so fast.

Town is slowly growing

Town is slowly growing

The overall game is not that long and can be beaten in under 2 hours and 30 minutes. Which there is a achievement for doing that. In fact each playthrough is rated on 4 criteria. You are trying for 0 deaths, over 20k in loot cashed in, over 150 orbs found and doing the whole thing in under 2:30. There is definitely a speed run type mentality to this game with how fast can you clear the areas and with how few upgrades. And although there is a lot of loot, you will really need to scour the entire game and all the bonus caves to get everything unlocked.

Overall SteamWorld Dig is a lot of fun to play. It would of been nice to see the story more filled out but the gameplay and graphics are top notch. Being a single player game it is a little on the short side with a average run probably taking 3 or so hours but the randomly generated worlds give it a fresh feel each time and speed run type gameplay give you something to keep coming back for. For the $10 price tag I fully recommend it.

1) Graphics
2) Randomly generated worlds give it more replay value
3) Gameplay is tight

1) Short
2) Story is abandoned quickly



Achievement Guide: Steamworld Dig

Fully Loaded – 50gs – Maximise all upgrades.

This is definitely missable. The tough part about this is the amount of Orbs you need. The portal teleporters are 3 orbs each and it’s easy to just keep buying one every time you get to town but be careful you don’t over spend as the top level items can cost 10+ orbs each and most of the minable orbs you find will be 3 orbs.

So the big things to think about are:
1) Deaths cost money. Don’t die.
2) Rebuyables like Ladders, Lamps, Health reloads and Teleporters can eat into your money fast if you don’t keep spending in check.

There is some extra loot out there, but not a whole lot.

You need all of the following items fully upgraded:
– Pickaxe (including both the speed/damage type upgrades and also the base copper/diamond pickaxe style)
– Lantern
– Water Tank
– Drill
– Steam Punch
– Armor

Two Kinds of People – 50gs – Complete the game with more than 20000 gold collected in total.

You can see your total every time you turn in ore in town. 20,000 is past max level but she will still let you know how much you have turned in.

Quicker Than a Tumbleweed – 50gs – Complete the game in less than 2 hours, 30 minutes.
Shine on, You Crazy Round Thing – 50gs – Complete the game with more than 150 orbs collected in total.
Just Like Real Life – 50gs – Complete the game without getting killed once.

This one is actually pretty easy if you know the cheat. The game only saves in town or when you acknowledge a death. So when the death screen comes up, just go to your Xbox Home screen and hit Start and choose End Game. Then reboot in and you’ll be at the last save before you died.

Master Prospector – 200gs – Get all four gold stars in the same playthrough.

This achievement is for doing all 4 of the other ending achievements in one run. 20k gold, 150 orbs, no deaths and under 2 hours 30 minutes.
1) Skip hunting for Ore in the first area Archaea, the value is next to nothing.
2) Blast through the main 3 caves and get to Old World asap and only come back for challenge caves when you have some upgrades.
3) Know where your water is! This is super important. Remembering water near a teleporter or main entrance can save you huge amounts of time.
4) Ignore requests to go to town. These conversations are not needed to continue on to the next cave.
5) Hit B to skip all conversations. Time is money so just ignore any talks. Including the ones in the opening tutorial. Just head over to the get the Pickaxe immediately.

It’s a Secret to Everybody – 50gs – Find all secret areas in the caves.

There are a total of 19 secrets throughout the all 3 areas. The video shows all 19 in the order you will probably be able to get them as some require upgrades and you’ll have to return to previous areas
#1 – Archaea – Cave III – 157m
#2 and 3 – Archaea – Cave I – 32m – Need Dynamite to do this early which is also required for the Sequence Breaker achievement.
#4 thru 7 – Old World – Cave III – 415m – Sequence Breaker 2 cave
#8 – Old World – Cave 80 Proof – 306m
#9 – Old World – Cave II – 334m
#10 thru 12 – Vectron – Cave I – 603m
#13 thru 16 – Vectron – Cave II – 690m
#17 – Vectron – Cave with 7 Bulb Light Above It – 788m
#18 – Vectron – Cave with 3 Light Strip – 859m
#19 – Vectron – Final Cave

Rock Bottom – 50gs – Reach the bottom of the world.

The lowest you can go is 871m deep in Vectron. Just run along the bottom and the achievement will pop.

Sequence Breaker – 50gs – Destroy two generators before entering Vectron.

This is missable. How you are supposed to do it is get to Vectron and then get the Double Jump, BUT you can do it before then by the old Quake Rocket Jump, except with Dynamite. The two caves in question are Cave 1 in Archaea and Cave 3 of Old World. Exact walkthrough is in the video below but generally you place the dynamite and then jump right before the explosion to send yourself straight up.

Turtle Soup, Yum! – 50gs – Defeat a turtle submerged in water.

The turtles are the large shelled creatures that shoot out spikes. They always move towards you even if it means falling so you can lead them to water. The easiest location is the first Cave but you need Dynamite unlocked to get it early. This is the in same area as the generator for Sequence Breaker.

Scratching the Surface – 50gs – You found Archaea! (Secret)

This is story related and the first achievement you will earn in the game.

Mythical Creatures – 50gs -You found the Old World! (Secret)

This is story related and gotten when you get to world 2. Old World. This is the bottom Cave of the first area Archaea.

It Goes Deeper!? – 50gs – You found Vectron! (Secret)

This is story related and achieved when you get to the bottom of Old World and discover Vectron.

Assimilated – 200gs – Immortalisation of a destructible steambot. (Secret)

This is story related and the last story achievement. This is for beating the final boss. Have all other playthrough achievements you want completed before entering the final cave.

Review: Witcher 3: Wild Hunt

Witcher 3: Wild Hunt
Retail and Digital
25.42 GB
Available On
Xbox ONE [Reviewed], PS4, PC
Release Date
CD Projekt RED
Warner Bro
Single Player

Witcher 3 is a 3rd person action RPG from CD Projekt RED. In The Witcher 3: Wild Hunt you play Geralt a Witcher. This means it’s your job to hunt down rare and dangerous monsters in the world, well at least as long as someone is paying you to do it.

If you are a true completionist then prepare for the long haul. Ideally you already live in your mom’s basement and she is willing to bring you Funyuns on a moments notice because this game is PACKED. It’s hard to describe the shear scope of the game. Games keep talking about making bigger and bigger maps but then they fail to fill them with anything enjoyable to do. Not so with The Witcher 3. There are quests and activities in every nook and cranny of this game. I’m 67 hours into it and not only am I not getting bored but I don’t even feel like I’m halfway done. These are not just go fetch me a crate quests, everything has cutscenes and decisions and you feel like what you did before this moment has helped define what you are doing now and why you are doing it.

Just a small portion of one of the maps

Just a small portion of one of the maps

The combat is very satisfying and very much skill based. Every creature has very specific attacks, defenses and weaknesses. It’s extremely important to make use of all your abilities and a player who is familiar with dodging and parrying during combat can defeat a much higher level opponent through pure skill. Although a monster may be able to 1 hit kill you, the fact that if you use the right equipment with the right Signs you could still win that battle and I really enjoy that aspect of trying to take on a really hard fight and managing to win.

Let’s talk about everything you have at your disposal during a battle. You have 2 swords, one for humans and one for monsters. You have five magical abilities, your Signs, and for me two of these really stood out as amazing. Igni, which is your fire attack, is amazing in battle against 90% of enemies. Burn damage is massive and it creates a stagger effect on enemies allowing you to add on attacks. The other beast Sign is Axii. This is a mind attack. On basic monsters and humans you can stun them in place or even convince them to attack their friends. Against monsters it’s a nice slow down effect. The remaining three are Quen, a shield, Aard, a telekinetic blast and Yrden a trap spell. They all have their places in the game and all are useful.

Toe to toe with a Griffin

Toe to toe with a Griffin

This leads us to Alchemy. Alchemy brings us bombs to throw, potions to take, oils to add to your swords for bonuses and decoctions which are monster specific bonuses. The Alchemy system is both a strength and a weakness. I applaud them for creating this entire system of bonus potions and oils but it’s almost too complex. I fight my first Griffin and get a Alchemy item that allows me to create a potion so that the next time I fight a Griffin I’ll have a little bit of an advantage. They vary but usually something like I do 10% more damage to Griffins. That sounds great doesn’t it! The problem is I also have to find the recipe to actually make the potion, and then I need to find the rest of the ingredients that will make the potion. Then I need to actually find another Griffin to fight and make sure I apply the potion and the oil and the decotition and it just becomes a LOT of work for a minor bonus. I could spend hours getting all the parts and making the items and only ever fight 1 more Griffin the entire game.

On the flip side, if I really want to do all that Alchemy work then the Skills Tree just adds and adds and adds bonuses. There is a skill called Refreshment that at max skill level heals 25% of HP on each potion use. So not only get the potion’s benefits, but also do a major heal. There are a load of skills that do a load of great things. But don’t think you are just going to get every skill and be a god among men. First off you get 1 skill point per level and levels do not come easy. Experience is really earned in the Witcher 3 and it take a lot of time to develop your character. Then there is the fact that abilities are only helping you if you place them in active slots on your character of which there are only a few places.

So you’ve made all these potions and just used them in battle against a Rock Golem. Do we have to search the land for more ingredients to replenish our stock? NO. You Meditate. When you meditate in Witcher 3: Wild Hunt you replenish all your bombs, potions, etc (and heal on anything but the highest difficulty) for the cost of just 1 alcohol. Yes, if you have a beer in your inventory when you Meditate you get everything back. 1 beer equals 3 bombs, 2 potions and whatever else you used up to this point. It’s a pretty big stretch immersion wise and meditate’s story problems don’t stop there. The process is, Geralt sits down wherever he might be and you select how much time will pass. Meditate is also used to speed up time if you need to meet someone at a specific time. Like it’s mid morning and your contact only shows up at Midnight. So I select 6 hours to pass. As I sit down there is a dwarf walking in front of me. Now I get up 6 in-game hours later and that dwarf is exactly where he was when I sat down right in stride. NPCs that would arrive or leave during that time do so, but anyone who is valid for the full range doesn’t appear to have passed any time at all. Just a immersion problem.

Game looks amazing

Game looks amazing

There is a full card game to play also called Gwent. Apparently its only the rage with merchants and traders as they are willing to play with you but no one on the street seems interested. It’s a valid sales strategy that they are willing to demo a game they want to sell you cards for but it’s reach so far appears to be Barons and Witchers. It’s a fun little game that carries the major problem with any game made to be simple. There is no cost to play a card so the game is just about getting the best, most powerful cards which in itself is probably the longest and most time consuming quest in the game.

The problems on the Witcher 3 are minor annoyances that really only come up because the game is so huge you are bound to find things that just don’t feel right to you. Swimming in 3rd person games is one of my top pet peeves in the world and Geralt is just as bad a swimmer as every other game in the history of the world. Getting out of the water is a insanely frustrating exercise where you the player are trying to figure out what 1×1 pixel on the shoreline that CD Projekt RED wants you to get out at.

Overall CD Projekt RED has made an amazing game where even a straight main quest only playthrough is going to net you a LOT of content. Try to take in everything, and that time played counter is going to skyrocket. All of the game’s issues are cosmetic and Witcher 3 has one of the most advanced and varied combat systems I’ve played in a while.

1) So much to do
2) Great varied combat
3) Great story, great acting

1) Swimming
2) Mediate as a game mechanic seems not quite done



Witcher 3: Wild Hunt – Mad Money Making Tips!

This entry is part 5 of 5 in the series Witcher 3: Wild Hunt

We’ve found two pretty awesome money making tips for the Witcher 3: Wild Hunt. The first can be done immediately in White Orchard and makes you some decent cash for little effort. The second one can be done when you get to Novigrad and makes some MAD cash for pretty much no work. Read up on these options below:


As you enter the main town after crossing Woesong Bridge there are 2 cows to the left in a small fenced in area. Use Igni to kill both cows and loot them. They may have nothing, they may have meat or cow’s milk or if you are lucky they have cow hides. Cow hides sell directly to vendors for 24 to 50 orens each depending on the vendor. The real trick here is to kill the 2 cows and then move to the side of the area. Face away from the where the cows spawn and then mediate for 1 hour. 2 more cows! Continue until you get bored. The local Merchant doesn’t have a lot of cash on him but there are plenty more around the area and any little bit of case is good at this point.


NOTE: This has been patched out of the PC version. Still works on consoles as of 5/22/15.
At the Heirarch Center in Novigrad there is a Merchant in front of some fish that will sell you unlimited Shells and Sea Shells for 7. Buy out his stock and the back out to the Show me your wares screen and you go can right back in and buy more Shells. You then take them to the Armorer who is about 10 feet away and Dismantle them into Pearls and Black Pearls that sell for over a 100. You are only limited by the amount of Oren the Armorer has to buy the Shells with. You can Meditate for 7 full days so he gets more cash, or as I do just hold on the Pearls and sell them to any Armorers or Blacksmiths you run into. Alternately you can travel to the Loan Shark by the Oxenfurt Gate. He only has about 1000 Orens at a time, BUT it is instantly replenished when you back out to the choice menu and come back in!

Witcher 3: Wild Hunt – Witcher Gear Set Guide

This entry is part 4 of 5 in the series Witcher 3: Wild Hunt

There are 3 main sets of Witcher Gear in the Witcher 3. Griffin, Cat and Bear. And then each of those sets have 3 extra levels of upgrades to find and craft. Enhanced, Superior and Mastercrafted. Here are our guides to starting these quests and then crafting and upgrading each set.


This video shows you were to find all the diagrams for the Griffin Witcher Gear Set. All the pieces are found in Velen. To start you begin it at the top of a peninsula in Velen at Lornruk. It’s above Blackbough. There is a chest with the first diagram above the room and then you also need a journal from climbing the tower to the top.
Level Requirements: Swords – 7 | Armor – 8


All of the Enhanced upgrades can be found in various locations around Velen. There is no quest to help you locate these pieces you just need to find them in the world. Here is our video showing all 6 locations.
Level Requirements: Swords – 14 | Armor – 15


Level Requirements: Swords – 22 | Armor – 23


Level Requirements: Swords – 30 | Armor – 31


Witcher 3: Wild Hunt – Bestiary Guide

This entry is part 3 of 5 in the series Witcher 3: Wild Hunt

Here is our list for the weaknesses of various enemies in Witcher 3: Wild Hunt.


Bears :: Beast Oil, Quen
Dogs :: Beast Oil
Wolves :: Beast Oil


Bersekers :: Devil’s Pufball {Bomb}, Cursed Oil, Quen, Igni
Botchlings :: Cursed Oil, Axii
Ulfhedinn :: Moon Dust {Bomb}, Devil’s Puffball {Bomb}, Cursed Oil, Igni
Werewolves :: Moon Dust {Bomb}, Devil’s Puffball {Bomb}, Cursed Oil, Igni


Basilisks :: Golden Oracle {Potion}, Grapeshot {Bomb}, Draconid Oil, Aard
Cockatrices :: Grapeshot {Bomb}, Draconid Oil, Aard
Shrieker :: Grapeshot {Bomb}, Draconid Oil, Aard
Wyverns :: Golden Oracle {Potion}, Grapeshot {Bomb}, Draconid Oil, Aard


Gargoyles :: Dimeritium Bomb, Elementa Oil, Quen
Golems :: Dimeritium Bomb, Elementa Oil
Hounds of the Wild Hunt :: Dimeritium Bomb, Elementa Oil, Igni, Quen


Griffins :: Grapeshot {Bomb}, Hybrid Oil, Aard
Harpies :: Grapeshot {Bomb}, Hybrid Oil, Aard


Endrega warriors :: Golden Oracle {Potion}, Insectoid Oil
Endrega workers :: Golden Oracle {Potion}, Insectoid Oil


Alghouls :: Necrophage Oil, Quen
Drowners :: Necrophage Oil, Igni
Foglets :: Moon Dust {Bomb}, Necrophage Oil, Quen
Ghouls :: Necrophage Oil
Grave hags :: Black Blood {Potion}, Necrophage Oil, Yrden, Quen
Mourntart :: Black Blood {Potion}, Necrophage Oil, Yrden, Quen
Rotfiends :: Necrophage Oil, Necrophage Oil, Yrden, Quen
Water hags :: Northern Wind {Bomb},


Nekkers :: Northern Wind {Bomb}, Ogroids Oil


Crones :: Relicts Oil, Quen
Fiends :: Samum {Bomb}, Devil’s Puffball {Bomb}, Relict Oil
Godlings :: PEACEFUL


Devil by the Well :: Moon Dust {Bomb}, Specter Oil, Yrden
Jenny O’ the Woods :: Moon Dust {Bomb}, Specter Oil, Yrden
Nightwraiths :: Moon Dust {Bomb}, Specter Oil, Yrden
Noonwraiths :: Moon Dust {Bomb}, Specter Oil, Yrden
Plague Maidens :: Specter Oil, Yrden
Wraiths :: Moon Dust {Bomb}, Specter Oil, Yrden, Quen


Ekimmaras :: Devil’s Puffball {Bomb}, Vampire Oil, Igni
Higher Vampires :: Vampire Oil, Igni