Achievement Guide: How to Survive: Storm Warning Edition

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Dead… Again. – 15gs – Achieve your first instant kill on a zombie.
Close killer – 30gs – Perform 100 instant kills.

This will be your first achievement. When you are attacking a zombie after a few hits a “A to Kill” will be displayed. When you press “A” your character will do a finishing move and kill the zombie. Then do it 100 more times. This gets harder with better weapons as you’ll start to just instant kill zombies without the opportunity to get a kill option.

Mass murderer – 10gs – Kill 1000 zombies
No more room in hell – 15gs – Kill 2000 zombies

These are cumulative. Just keep killing.

Level Up – 15gs – Unlock your first skill

You unlock the ability to earn skills right after meeting Ramon for the first time on the first island. Use B to bring up menu and RT over to skills and unlock Caveman, which gives you the abilities to fire camps and torches. You’ll unlock the achievement and complete your objective.

Discoverer I – 15gs – Enter La Vendida Island

Kovac will take you there after you get the Gas for Ramon.

Discoverer II – 15gs – Enter La Sonada Island

After getting the Engine Starter from Andrew use it on the boat to repair it allowing you to go to La Sonada.

Discoverer III – 15gs – Enter Santa Barbara Island
Discoverer IV – 15gs – Enter Horno Island
Discoverer V – 15gs – Enter Cenizas Island
Discoverer VI – 15gs – Enter Ascuas Island
Wait your turn – 30gs – Perform 5 instant kills in less than 15 seconds.

Head for a group of obviously 5 zombies and hit them and perform instant kills quickly. Best bets are safe zones since you need to clear out all the zombies and you will get flooded with zombies.

Four-handed massacre – 15gs – Complete a local or online challenge with another player.
Herbalist – 15gs – Find the 20 special plants of the Herbarium.

#1 – Los Riscos Island – Roman, there is a small higher area with a plant on a wood plank
#2 – La Vendida Island – Leaving the base to the right while learning Resting head straight up and Machete some bushes to find the plant.

Easy survival – 45gs – Complete the story mode in “Normal” difficulty.
Unbreakable – 60gs – Complete the story mode in “Iron man” difficulty.
Perfect run – 30gs – Complete a challenge with a “S” ranking.
Picky monkeys – 30gs – Complete the 12 secondary quests of Kovac’s monkeys.
Survival veteran – 30gs – Reach “Survival hobbyist” ranking tag (Challenge mode)
Pharmacofobia – 15gs – Complete a challenge in “Normal” difficulty without using medicinal plants nor medikits.
Winners don’t use drugs – 30gs – Complete a challenge in “Iron man” difficulty without using medicinal plants nor medikits.
The weasel – 30gs – Complete a challenge in “Normal” difficulty without losing health.
Untouchable – 45gs – Complete a challenge in “Iron man” difficulty without losing health.
One per sec – 15gs – Kill 5 zombies in less than 5 seconds
Speed killing – 30gs – Kill 10 zombies in less than 5 seconds.
Express cleaner – 45gs – Kill 20 zombies in less than 5 seconds.
Collateral damage – 45gs – Get zombies deer to kill 20 Zombies.
Cheap kill – 15gs – Kill 5 monsters in a row with a bullet or an arrow.
Hot flush – 30gs – Complete “El Diablo” chapter in “Easy” difficulty
Burn out – 45gs – Complete “El Diablo” chapter in “Normal” difficulty
Back fire – 60gs – Complete “El Diablo” chapter in “Iron Man” difficulty
Glass breaker – 30gs – Kill a volcanologist zombie without electricity
Electric skewer – 30gs – Kill 8 monsters in a row using electricity
High voltage – 15gs – Kill 500 monsters with electricity.
Bolts’ master – 15gs – Recharge your electric weapon without using an electric pylon.
God of Rain – 45gs – Complete the special remote
Monkeys on your back – 30gs – Complete all the monkeys’ quests of El Diablo islands.


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