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Skill Based Achievements

These all require you to earn enough SP to unlock them by completing objectives and earning insignias in missions. Then you can spend the SP on skills while at the hideout.

Wrong turn – 15gs – Kill an enemy with a covered kill

Skill KILL – then it’s the first ability, COVERED KILL. It costs 40 SP. Simply use RT to hug a wall, as a guard walks past you will get the option to use X to do a kill.

Goblin-tossing – 15gs – Kill an enemy with an aerial kill

Skill KILL – then it’s the second ability, AERIAL KILL. It costs 60 SP. Then get above an enemy and jump towards them. While in the air hit X to perform a aerial kill.

Dodge this – 15gs – Kill an enemy who was bound by a clone

Skill CLONING – then it’s the first ability, BIND. It’s costs 30 SP.
When you get close to a enemy as a clone you can press X to Bind them. Then switch to Styx and run over and kill the guard while he tries to wrestle your clone off.

Suicide mission – 30gs – Eliminate a guard with a booby trapped clone

Skill CLONING – then it’s the second ability, POUNCE
Spawn a clone and then have them enter a closet or chest. Then either wait for a guard to wander by on his own or alert him and lead him to your clone.

Like looking through a wall – 30gs – Manage to disable three guards, or more, inside a clone’s smoke bomb

The 3rd ability in the Clone skill tree is an Advanced Smoke Bomb that will make this easier to get. Then round up 3 guards, set off the smoke bomb before they can kill your clone. That’s it. I thought you had to eliminate the guards but it unlocks right as you set off the smoke bomb.

Reload Based Achievements

All of these can be accomplished once you find a suitable spot by saving your game, doing the requirement once and then reloading and starting over. All of these will also of course unlock over the course of the game but you wouldn’t be reading an achievement guide if you didn’t want your achievements ASAP.

Army of clones – 15gs – Create 30 clones
Expendable – 15gs – Let 15 clones die
Unquenched thirst – 15gs – Drink 20 vials of amber

You should work on these 3 together. Make sure you have 2 Amber Vials and save the game near a guard. Summon a Clone with LT+A getting 1 create. Run the clone into a guard getting 1 death. Then drink 1 potion for Unquenched. Do that pattern once more, then reload.

Born in the shadow – 15gs – Extinguish 30 torches

Some flames can be extinguished just by walking up to them and pressing Y. You can also use the Sand item to extinguish from a distance. This is not something you need to worry about though. You will get near the entire 30 just in the opening mission if you makes sure to do it every chance you get. There are some flames that can not be extinguished.

Passkey – 15gs – Unlock 20 doors

Lots of doors in the Intro mission. If you really really really want this one bad just save before a door. Unlock and open it, reload, repeat, etc.

Sticky-fingered – 90gs – Pick pocket 15 guards
Sharpshooter – 30gs – Kill more than 40 guards with throwing knives (secret)

You will visually see if a guard has an item you can pickpocket. If they do get close and hit Y to grab it. You have to have room for the item to be able to grab it. Also, if you kill the guard first the item is destroyed.
Near the start of the second mission, Akenash’s Atrium, there is a guard going up and down some long stairs that has a Throwing Knife to pickpocket. He’s on the right side of the level right near a wooden platform you can hide under. Have one on you when you get here so you have room to pickpocket one. Save the game and then use it on him and another nearby guard. 1 Pickpocket and 2 Throwing Knife kills.

Sudden Silence… – 30gs – Kill 50 enemies without making noise (secret)

Only the Muffled Kills you get from sneaking up on an enemy and holding Y count for this achievement.

Serial Killer – 30gs – Eliminate 200 enemies (secret)

Throwing Knifes, Chandeliers, Muffled Kills. Whatever you want to use. Just make sure it adds up to 200.

Outstanding duelist – Kill 20 enemies in duel (secret)

Any open combat is considered a duel. Simply Parry until you get the Kill with X option.

One Time Achievements

All of these are for doing specific requirements at a specific time. We’ll tell you an easy place to do them. You just go there and do it!

Music Lover – 15gs – You looked at the World Tree a bit too long… (secret)

Intro mission Reminiscence. Right after you get your dagger you will come out and face the World Tree. Climb up to the first beam and head out to the edge looking at the World Tree and a song will start. It’s about 2 minutes. Just wait out the song for the achievement to unlock.

Watch out below! – 15gs – Kill two or more enemies by making a chandelier drop on them

Mission 1: Akenash’s Atrium, Section 1. You will be given a sub quest by your friend in the hideout to kill Godebert. You will find him on the way through the mission conveniently standing under a crate. Simply climb the sacks beside him and unfasten the crates. It will kill both Godebert and his friend giving you the achievement but since his friend also dies it will count against No Kills.

Indigestion – 15gs – Kill an enemy by poisoning the food

Mission 1: Akenash’s Atrium, Section 3. As you start to follow Ector you will go up some stairs. At the top is a food bag you can Poison. Then move slowly towards the 2 guards we are talking. When they finish talking one with path around and eat the food and after a bit drop dead giving you the achievement. Reload to a previous save if you are going for no kills.

Dose of His Own Medicine – 30gs – Kill a torturer in a duel (secret)

First one I found was in mission 3, Deliverance in Section 3, Laboratories. You will come to a section that is most definitely a torture chamber. Save the game before engaging the enemies. There was a basic white robed enemy, a black robed torturer and a knight. I throwing knifed the basic enemy and engaged the torturer to a duel. Once he was down the achievement unlocked. Then die to the knight and reload so you don’t have a kill on this mission.

Goblin snack – 15gs – Give an orc one of your clones to eat

Immediately after the torturer area in Deliverance – Laboratories you are introduced to orcs. Simply create a clone and walk it up to a orc in a cell. The orc will reach through and grab it and achievement unlocked.

Mission Achievements

These all relate to finishing missions in specific ways. For the most part you want to try for no alerts, no kills for your first run. Then murder everyone to get them out of the way and search for those tokens.

Reminiscences – 15gs – Finish the introduction
Akenash’s Atrium – 15gs – Finish Mission 1
Master key – 15gs – Finish Mission 2
Deliverance – 15gs – Finish Mission 3
The creator – 15gs – Finish Mission 4
The architect – 15gs – Finish Mission 5
Conflagration – 15gs – Finish Mission 6
Renaissance – 90gs – Finish Mission 7 (secret)

These all will unlock at the ending stat screen for the missions.

My precious – 90gs – Gather all the treasures

This is for getting all the Relics in the game. Each mission contains one Relic. Under the Pause menu you can tab over to the Relic section and get a visual clue as to where the Relic is in the level.

Tidy up your room! – 15gs – No body found during a mission

This is fairly simple on any mission because you can save and reload as much as you want. Very easy during the Intro mission. Obviously if you are going for a no kill run then you get this since there were no bodies to be found. If you do have to kill someone just make sure to hid the body in any of the billion hiding spots that are everywhere.

Great power… – 90gs – Unlock all skills

You will need ALL of the available SP for this. 1330 SP to fully unlock the first 6 sets of skills. The Predator set unlocks by completing 2 complete sets of skills. This set contain 4 really powerful abilities but cost you another 990 SP. You must complete ALL side objectives and ALL Insignias for this. Every single point is required.
Check out our separate page for Insignia Video Guides right here: Insignia Guide: Styx: Master of Shadows

Pretentious – 30gs – Do not use any item during a mission

I did this on Mission 2, Master Key. Just don’t use any items. You can call your Clone, but don’t drink any Amber, don’t drink any Life, etc, etc.

Unseen, unknown – 100gs – Unlock the Insignia of the Shadow for each mission

There are 4 Insignias you can earn at the end of each mission. This includes Reminiscences, the intro. Shadow is for have no alerts triggered. Only RED alarms matter. You can go Yellow and Orange all you want. You can use a TON of saves and just reload if you get seen. If you miss it on the first playthrough of a mission when you replay in the pause menu you can see how many alerts you have set off. Only Human and Elf alarms matter and alarms for your clone don’t count against you. Although not mentioned, Clone alerts on The Creator and Renaissance count against you also.


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