Achievement Guide: Steamworld Dig

Fully Loaded – 50gs – Maximise all upgrades.

This is definitely missable. The tough part about this is the amount of Orbs you need. The portal teleporters are 3 orbs each and it’s easy to just keep buying one every time you get to town but be careful you don’t over spend as the top level items can cost 10+ orbs each and most of the minable orbs you find will be 3 orbs.

So the big things to think about are:
1) Deaths cost money. Don’t die.
2) Rebuyables like Ladders, Lamps, Health reloads and Teleporters can eat into your money fast if you don’t keep spending in check.

There is some extra loot out there, but not a whole lot.

You need all of the following items fully upgraded:
– Pickaxe (including both the speed/damage type upgrades and also the base copper/diamond pickaxe style)
– Lantern
– Water Tank
– Drill
– Steam Punch
– Armor

Two Kinds of People – 50gs – Complete the game with more than 20000 gold collected in total.

You can see your total every time you turn in ore in town. 20,000 is past max level but she will still let you know how much you have turned in.

Quicker Than a Tumbleweed – 50gs – Complete the game in less than 2 hours, 30 minutes.
Shine on, You Crazy Round Thing – 50gs – Complete the game with more than 150 orbs collected in total.
Just Like Real Life – 50gs – Complete the game without getting killed once.

This one is actually pretty easy if you know the cheat. The game only saves in town or when you acknowledge a death. So when the death screen comes up, just go to your Xbox Home screen and hit Start and choose End Game. Then reboot in and you’ll be at the last save before you died.

Master Prospector – 200gs – Get all four gold stars in the same playthrough.

This achievement is for doing all 4 of the other ending achievements in one run. 20k gold, 150 orbs, no deaths and under 2 hours 30 minutes.
1) Skip hunting for Ore in the first area Archaea, the value is next to nothing.
2) Blast through the main 3 caves and get to Old World asap and only come back for challenge caves when you have some upgrades.
3) Know where your water is! This is super important. Remembering water near a teleporter or main entrance can save you huge amounts of time.
4) Ignore requests to go to town. These conversations are not needed to continue on to the next cave.
5) Hit B to skip all conversations. Time is money so just ignore any talks. Including the ones in the opening tutorial. Just head over to the get the Pickaxe immediately.

It’s a Secret to Everybody – 50gs – Find all secret areas in the caves.

There are a total of 19 secrets throughout the all 3 areas. The video shows all 19 in the order you will probably be able to get them as some require upgrades and you’ll have to return to previous areas
#1 – Archaea – Cave III – 157m
#2 and 3 – Archaea – Cave I – 32m – Need Dynamite to do this early which is also required for the Sequence Breaker achievement.
#4 thru 7 – Old World – Cave III – 415m – Sequence Breaker 2 cave
#8 – Old World – Cave 80 Proof – 306m
#9 – Old World – Cave II – 334m
#10 thru 12 – Vectron – Cave I – 603m
#13 thru 16 – Vectron – Cave II – 690m
#17 – Vectron – Cave with 7 Bulb Light Above It – 788m
#18 – Vectron – Cave with 3 Light Strip – 859m
#19 – Vectron – Final Cave

Rock Bottom – 50gs – Reach the bottom of the world.

The lowest you can go is 871m deep in Vectron. Just run along the bottom and the achievement will pop.

Sequence Breaker – 50gs – Destroy two generators before entering Vectron.

This is missable. How you are supposed to do it is get to Vectron and then get the Double Jump, BUT you can do it before then by the old Quake Rocket Jump, except with Dynamite. The two caves in question are Cave 1 in Archaea and Cave 3 of Old World. Exact walkthrough is in the video below but generally you place the dynamite and then jump right before the explosion to send yourself straight up.

Turtle Soup, Yum! – 50gs – Defeat a turtle submerged in water.

The turtles are the large shelled creatures that shoot out spikes. They always move towards you even if it means falling so you can lead them to water. The easiest location is the first Cave but you need Dynamite unlocked to get it early. This is the in same area as the generator for Sequence Breaker.

Scratching the Surface – 50gs – You found Archaea! (Secret)

This is story related and the first achievement you will earn in the game.

Mythical Creatures – 50gs -You found the Old World! (Secret)

This is story related and gotten when you get to world 2. Old World. This is the bottom Cave of the first area Archaea.

It Goes Deeper!? – 50gs – You found Vectron! (Secret)

This is story related and achieved when you get to the bottom of Old World and discover Vectron.

Assimilated – 200gs – Immortalisation of a destructible steambot. (Secret)

This is story related and the last story achievement. This is for beating the final boss. Have all other playthrough achievements you want completed before entering the final cave.


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